Test Results for DOM Level 3 Validation

X-Hive Corporation

Name Result
allowedAttributesTest Ok
allowedChildrenTest Ok
allowedFirstChildrenTest No
allowedNextSiblingsTest No
allowedParentsTest No
allowedPreviousSiblingsTest No
canAppendChildFalseTest Ok
canAppendChildTrueTest Ok
canAppendDataTest Ok
canDeleteDataTest Ok
canInsertBeforeFalseTest Ok
canInsertBeforeTrueTest Ok
canInsertDataTest Ok
canRemoveAttributeFalseTest Ok
canRemoveAttributeNodeTest Ok
canRemoveAttributeNSTest Ok
canRemoveAttributeTrueTest Ok
canRemoveChildFalseTest Ok
canRemoveChildTrueTest Ok
canReplaceChildFalseTest Ok
canReplaceChildTrueTest Ok
canReplaceDataFalseTest Ok
canReplaceDataTrueTest Ok
canSetAttributeFalseTest Ok
canSetAttributeNodeTest Ok
canSetAttributeNSTest Ok
canSetAttributeTrueTest Ok
canSetDataTest Ok
contentTypeTest Ok
defaultValueTest Ok
definedElementsTest Ok
enumeratedValuesTest Ok
isElementDefinedNSTest Ok
isElementDefinedTest Ok
nodeValidityTest Ok
requiredAttributesTest Ok
validateDocumentTest Ok

allowedFirstChildren, allowedNextSiblings, and allowedPreviousSiblings will be implemented shortly. allowedParents will be implemented but not in a short time.

W3C DOM Working Group,
$Date: 2003/12/04 02:39:23 $