Cwm release of 2003-04-08 - Datatypes and math: and time:

This release can be identified as:

$ cwm --revision
cwm= $Revision: 1.7 $ llyn= $Revision: 1.7 $  

In this note the following prefixes are assumed.

@prefix math: <>.
@prefix maths: <>.
@prefix time: <>.
@prefix times: <>.

This release has significant changes which may affect back-compatability.

Datatypes have been introduced. Datatypes are based on the XML Schema datatypes.

The last pont is the only one which SHOULD cause any problems with existing rule files. You may find that the calculations are correct, but that the output format is not what you expected.

If this is a problem in your system, then you can use a special string-oriented versions of these two functional libraries, using the maths: and times: (note the traiuling 's'). These libraries deliberately generate string versions of their output.

Note the previous release had partial integration of datatypes. They were parsed but not (officially) implemented in the built-in functions. Unfortunately, from some bug reports it seems there was some accidental generation of new integer types, which then caused errors. So a solution is to upgrade to 1.129 and let me know of any incompatabilities.

Let me know of any other problems

timbl+n3bugs at w3 dot org