Embedding RDF [and other XML vocabularies] within an XHTML Document

Semantic Web Architecture

discussion, 7 March 2003

irc log

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  1. Share perspectives
  2. Identify some some requirements
  3. Identify path[s] forward

Introductory Remarks

Steven Pemberton

Jeremy Carol

Eric Miller

Some Excerpts from History

Possible Desiderata

  1. DTD validation (customer: W3C pubrules checker)
    required to use entities
  2. XML Schema validation
  3. OWL validation

See Also

"Re: reminder: RDF Core specs in Last Call" Steven Pemberton (Thu, Feb 13 2003)
(proposes new RDF syntax)

Yesterday's XHTML+MATHML examples


"XML Schema for RDF", Rick Jelliffe, February 2000
... and Dan Connolly's derivative XML Schema for RDF and RDFS, July 2000

"RDF in HTML", Tim Berners-Lee, April 2002

"RDF in HTML: Approaches", Sean Palmer, June 2002

"Metadata for Grandma", Micah Dubinko, September 2002