Composable WS-Transfer and Fragment Support

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Composable WS-Transfer and Fragment Support

Goal: Find a way to have a Transfer spec and a separate Fragment spec that can compose together in a way that is acceptable to the WG. The solution should:

 * Limit changes to WS-Transfer 
 * Provide effective composability

We think we need to at least try to agree on:

 1. Text in WS-T that indicates that WS-Frag should be used
    for fragment support (normative or not normative) 
 2. Whether (or not) we need to change the mechanism for
    providing composability to to be something different from
    the dialect attribute 
 3. Text in WS-Frag to indicate that it's part of a larger picture

Initial Documents

 * Issue 6413 WS-Transfer_v1
 * Issue 6413 WS-Fragment_v1

And now the fun begins...