Minutes WS Choreography WG conference call 17 October 2006

IRC log 

1. Roll Call
	Attendees were Charlton_Barreto, MChapman, Yves, m2, Gary, SRT,

2. Scribe:	

3. Agenda changes

4. Previous Minutes

	8th August 2006 ???	
	irc log at http://www.w3.org/2006/08/08-ws-chor-irc
	NEW ACTION: SRT to generate minutes from that irclog

5. Action item review
	1. ACTION: Provide examples in primer for issue 1503 of how to use lists/arrays - bounded and unbounded  
	2. ACTION: Add text in primer to explain interaction lifecycle, and that exchanges are only guaranteed if align=true.
	3. ACTION: SRT Describe Connectedness/Strong Connectedness design patterns in CDL
	4. ACTION: MC to chase CB on test examples
	DONE Charlton to publish soon
	Charlton: all scenarios that IMHO are ready are implemented, once readme is done i'll email to the member list
	5. ACTION: SRT to follow up with Cambs Univ impl. 
	6. ACTION: SRT keep primer up to date with CR issue resolutions/schema changes.
	7. ACTION on MC to sort out the bugzilla issue. Email from Gary issue 3108 8th August 
	9. ACTION: CHAIRS Respond to Jing Li. Response is it does block/wait for the enclosed finalizer block to complete. 

6. Primer status
	Steve: Target is to have a full draft for review at the end of November 2006

7. Exit Examples 
	SEE action item 4 above
	Due next week

8. Formal semantics status
	Paper received. issues tranforming to html and working with Marco.
	Martin requests to publish intermediate form in pdf while awating the html
	NEW ACTION: Yves to put pdf of formal semantics onto choreo web page

9. Implementations status

possible that these are two features at risk.

	1. Pi4 Tech
	Pi4tech: aligment and coordintaed choreo still not supported, and not likely to change.
	2. Imperial 
	Imperial: request for status put out and an eta a new release has been issued
	Awaiting a response
	3. Others ....
	None other

10. Issues

	Issue: The working mode for the enclosed choreography while executing the

	Wait for minutes from 8th to be published to check status

	Issue: Participants without roles, roles without behaviour

	This issue will close unless there is a proposal.
	Steve: When will it close?
	Martin: do we want to set a date?
	Gary: lets not close until close to having the implementations finished

	Issue: Redundant 'initiate' flag on interaction

martin: have you seen it be used, does it get in the way
gary: confusing, not needed to use it, and couses confusion with the equiv in bpel
monica: alternative is to clarify
gary: can do but still can't see its purpose
I'm in agreement - do we really need it?
charlton: seems ok to get rid of flag
monica: not opposed but would like to know what it was intended to do
martin: give until next meeting for people to remind themselves of intentions and decide then

11. AOB
Steve : Steve and Gary more-or-less completed FpML encoding.
	ISDA is awaiting the encoding of FpML in CDL for FpML 4.3. This work is nearly done. 
	Should be done end of Nov as a draft and then adoption will follow if all is okay
	When ISDA adopt then ISO T68 WG 4 will also look to adopt for the unification of the financial 
	service stds (FIX, TWIST, SWIFT, FpML)
	There is an ISDA conf in Dec in London at which this will be showcased.
	ISO have asked for a liaison person to attend Choreo meetings (Matthew Rawlings)
	This has now been agreed by TBL

	Martin: we planned a f2f and of sept but time has slipped by
	Charlton: november is busy
	Martin: december would work provided we do have the primer
	Martin: target first two weeks of december
	Scribe: first two weeks of december would work
	Scribe: London looks possible as likely venue
	NEW ACTION: chairs to decide f2f dates/location

12. Next meeting
	Meet next 2 weeks time