Minutes WS Choreography WG conference call 25 October 2005

IRC: http://www.w3.org/2005/10/25-ws-chor-irc

Agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ws-chor/2005Oct/att-0003/Agenda20051025-0.txt

1. Role Call: Steve, Abbie (IRC), Monica, Yves
Note: We may not have a quorum to decide on things.

2. Scribe:

3. Agenda Changes:

4. Minutes of last meeting:
	18th October 2005

5. Action item review:
	1. ACTION: Steve to do plan for primer
		DONE (http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-ws-chor/2005Oct/0005.html)
	2. ACTION: Steve to sort out venue and hotels with Oracle (ask Jeff)
		REASSIGN to Martin

6. CR status:
Yves: 	Call happened on Monday.
Yves:	First main issue is patent declarations from Nortel and Choreology.
Yves:	Second change namespace to shorter version
SRT:	WG needs to discuss and then each some consensus on this issue
NEW ACTION: SRT to get an IP declaration from choreologies Alastair Green
Abbie:	we will address the IP statement very shortly, when is the deadline for it?
Yves:	31st Dec (projected end CR)
Abbie: 	No problem

Yves:	Third in entrance for PR needs two implementations showing interoperablity

Yves:	Meaning that the output from a Pi4Tech implementation would need to be consumed by another implementation
Yves:	For example an implementation might take a cdl defn and generate code in some form to show it works.

SRT: 	What constitues a code generator asks Steve?
SRT:	If we cannot demonstrate the PR pre-conditions then we remain at CR until such time as we do have two.
SRT:	e.g. workunit (guard = 2 implementations blocking true) do PR

7. Primer plan:

Monica: 5 (ii) possibly need to keep it small so people will be able to understand at a higher level as opposed 
Monica: to having a full blown system described.
Yves: 	Maybe Abbie has an example from the telco space that applies to a lower level than a normal BPM workflow
Charlton: Break out example by perhaps breaking out shipping from order processing.
Chartlon: Perhaps using sub-choreos which can then be strung together.
Abbie: 	yes, i do we can use the parlay example
Monica: It would be good to have urls to working examples in th eprimer.

8. Next F2F:
NEW ACTION: SRT to add Examples to the F2F agenda

9. AOB:
Barros paper on CDL
Monica, Charlton: Barros response - should be a +ve response that describes what we can do.
(above from Monica and Charlton)

Summary of Actions:
1. NEW ACTION: SRT to get an IP declaration from choreologies Alastair Green [1]
2. NEW ACTION: SRT to add Examples to the F2F agenda
3. ACTION: Martin to sort out venue and hotels with Oracle