Minutes WS Choreography WG conference call 18 January 2005

IRC Log at http://www.w3.org/2005/01/18-ws-chor-irc#T20-14-39

1. Role Call
Barbir, Barreto, Chapman, Martin, Lafon, Ross-Talbot, G. Brown

2. Confirm scribe
Monica Martin

3. Agenda Changes

4. Approve minutes

	11th January http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-ws-chor/2005Jan/att-0002/2005-01-11_WS-Chor_Notes.txt


5. Action item review 

1)  Chairs to make exit and implementation criteria proposal for the group.

2)  SRT to draft initial sketch of primer with intro and table of contents and getting started for meeting 18th January 2005
Steve hopes to send something out by the end of this week for review on the 18th January, 2005 teleconference.

3)  Martin to do UML diagram from scratch for CDL

4)  Chairs to send out requests to review the CDL specification to:
    Greg Meredith, JJ Dubray, Jean Baker, Yaron Golan
The current list as confirmed as Greg Meredith, Jean-Jacques Dubray, Jeanne Baker, Yaron Goland as individuals.  Steve will draft an e-mail, run past Martin as co-chair and then send off 

SRT: Sent to three of four suggested parties. Need Baker email address.
Martin: Sent to SRT: Jeanne_Baker@stercomm.com
PARTIALLY COMPLETE (Jeanne Baker to do)

5)  Chairs to ensure proper documentation and tracing of decisions for resolved issues, and to inform the submitters.

6. Primer


SRT: Open comments for the primer.
Fletcher: Sent private comments.
a. Tips and techniques suggested to show how to apply through examples.
b. Section 1.3: Notational Conventions. First paragraph is relevant to a specification not a primer.
c. Editorial comments
d. Diagram: Flip.

Brown: Also put title in different boxes with different layers.
Chapman: Build up an example using the specification. The example is interesting for the primer.
Section 2.4 Methodology should be in example section in Section 3.1.
Does this answer your request, Martin?
Chapman: Yes.
Brown: What is relevance to Section 5? Don't think primer will be related to these bindings at least right now.
SRT: They are interesting to CDL.
Brown: But is that a primer issue (related to bindings)?
SRT: What is important is how they are generated.
Chapman: This is an advanced topic.
Fletcher: Put guidelines in for endpoint projection. May be relevant to put more re: BPEL. Also what about security?
Uncertain if primer should deal with endpoint projection or monitoring. The primer's purpose is enable folks to create
Lafon: Primer is so the specification can be understood in an easy way and understanding the picture.
Chapman: Agree. Need to talk about pitfalls (such as race conditions) that relate to this section.
Martin: Lessons Learned section
SRT: Should we have a tools or endpoint projection section? Doesn't fit in advanced topics section.
Brown: Add new section 5 - Application of CDL
 - Modeling checking, advanced type checking system
 - Endpoint projection
 - Monitoring and semantics
Remove replace existing Section 5.
Chapman: Where do we talk about binding issues?
SRT: Shouldn't be in Section 2? Replace this description for Section 2.4, and add any further technical detail
in new Section 5.
SRT: Delete first paragraph only in Section 1.4, notational conventions.
Fletcher: Describe informal XML notation.
SRT: Fletcher and I review the TOC and give the group a plan to do the primer.

7. AOB
Chapman: Hope to receive more comments as WSDL and WS-Addressing meeting this week.



There were no new action items.