Minutes 8 June 04 Con Call

W3C WS-Choreography group

Teleconference Notes for 8 June 2004

Roll Call

Tony Fletcher (Choreology), Steve Ross-Talbot (Co-Chair - Enigmatec), Abbie Barbir (Nortel), Greg Ritzinger (Novell), Martin Chapman (Co-Chair - Oracle), Nickolas Kavantzas Jeff Mischkinsky (Oracle), Monica Martin (Sun), Carine Bournez & Yves Lafon (W3C staff)

Regrets: Mayilraj Krishnan (Cisco), Charlton Barreto (webMethods)

Scribe:  Tony agreed to scribe.

Approve minutes

Minutes for the 1st June were approved with the correction that Tony was not actually present. 

Action Item Review

ACTION 1: Tony: to look at element choreography notation to see how we may be able to roll up transaction features into it.

ACTION 2: (SRT, 0525, 0601): Take the TWIST example we're working on, add part of the flow what can go wrong, see what happens when things go wrong.  We can see in front of us the choreography being executed, what we do today with current language, what we can do with transaction.
Steve is starting to add exception handling.  Nick and Steve have corresponded on “perform” which revealed some errors in the specification to be corrected - ON GOING.

ACTION 3: Code banana calculus examples in CDL (SRT, 0316, 0323, 0407,0413, 0420, 0504, 0511, 0525, 0601)
Steve has sent in a paper.  He was pleased to report that he cannot see anything in CDL at present that prevents handling of exceptions and faults at the required granularity level.  DONE.
Put on agenda to discuss next week

NEW ACTION:  Chairs to put Steve’s contribution on ‘Banana Calculus’ on agenda to discuss next week.

ACTION 4: (NK, 0511, 0525, 0601): to prepare a list of tasks for editing, and at the next editing conference call, will ask those present to help with them.
Editors met this Monday and have made a list of to dos.  Maybe meet again Thursday.  They think that there are about 40 editorials and 20 issues that require more thought.

NEW ACTION:  Nick/Dave/Greg to send a list of to dos to the mailing list by the end of Friday.

ACTION 5 (CHAIRS, 0525, 0601):  Chairs to ensure that the main group approve closure of issues recommended for closure by the issues triage sub-group.
Chairs to check minutes to see if already done. NO PROGRESS (PROBABLY 12 or so new issues)??

ACTION 6(ALL, 0525, 0601):  Everyone to consider whether they can volunteer to own an issues category or two.  PLEASE SEND EMAILS TO CHAIRS NAMING ISSUES OR CATEGORIES YOU ARE PREPARED TO OWN.
Volunteers for issue categories.  Monica - import, Steve - exceptions (with Greg) Charlton – Binding.  Martin to keep this list up to date on his spreadsheet.

NEW ACTION:  Martin to keep list of category owners up to date on his spreadsheet.

ACTION 7(SRT, 0601) to send summary of who owns which issues categories asap.
DONE (Martin has sent a spreadsheet with this information to the list.

Issues management

This week there were no new proposals for the resolutions of issues.

Prioritisation suggestions have been sent in by Charlton and Monica.
Monica's prioritisation suggestion:
* Interacts
* Variables
* Import
* Concrete information/bindings/QoS

Monica suggested looking through group of issues together according to their categories.

Look at proposal on Banana calculus for next week.

Any Other Business

Need to make a report to the forthcoming WS BPEL face-to-face meeting.  It was agreed that progress since the last WSBPEL face-to-face meeting included the formation of an examples sub-group, the generation of some examples, second rev of draft of CDL, and a categorisation of issues.

It was noted that both Matthew Arrott and Bill Specht have offered to help on TWIST.  Steve said that Gary Brown (Enigmatec) is working on the FIX protocol example and he hoped to involve Kevin (from FIX).  Steve agreed to invite all these folk to the next WS-Choreography face-to-face meeting (FIX is much more important TWIST).

NEW ACTION:  Steve to invite Matthew Arrott, Bill Specht, Gary Brown (Enigmatec) and Kevin Lochrie to the next WS-Choreography face-to-face meeting.

Nick said that analysts are picking up on CDL and the fact that it complements BPEL, and helps to complete the Web Service stack.  Lot of momentum in Oracle.  Also customers are getting excited about CDL even when Oracle is selling them their BPEL product.

I suggested that we discuss some of the issues on calls, to clarify and motivate people to put in proposals for resolution.  Steve and Martin said that they need to receive an e-mail asking them to have an issue discussed and suggested sending these to the chairs and / or the public list.  Get owners to talk through their issues.  Martin will reproduce his list of categories /issues and add owners.  Nick expressed concern about timescales and the fact that no real issues had been closed yet.  Need a flowing a pipeline of issue being resolved.  Steve emphasised need to actually use CDL to code examples to understand the language and find out the real issues and how to resolve them.  Again it was agreed to do Banana calculus next week and first category owner in two weeks' time.

Nick suggested raising the priority of binding/QoS as there is very little about this in the specification at present.  I suggested that perhaps Nick concern was rooted in the possibility of taking a long time to get through all the categories.  I suggested taking a category each week so that we rotated around them all within six to eight weeks.  Chairs to think about how to best progress.

NEW ACTION:  Chairs to think about how to best progress from now on.

Action on chairs to get consensus on priorities at next conference call.  Proposal to consider and vote on.  Nick to put in his proposal priorities in an e-mail to the chairs/a group.  I suggested that Nick checked that there were issues in the log that addressed all his concerns.

NEW ACTION:  Chairs to put together a proposal and attempt to gain consensus on priorities at next conference call.