minutes con cal 18th May 2004

Role Call: 

Regrets: Jeff, Greg, Yves

Mayilraj Krishan, Cisco
Abbie Barbir, Nortel
Charlton Barreto, WebMethods
Steve Ross-Tallbot, Enigmatec
Martin Chapman, Oracle
Tony Fletcher, Choreology
Carine Bournez, W3c

Martin scribes.

Previous meetings:

Minutes 4th May approved at F2F. Need to check.

F2f minutes not yet available

Action Items:

Action items skipped until f2f minutes available

Overview of F2F

Everyone except Carine was at the f2f, so a very brief summary was given by Steve:
   . Guys from twist and fpml provided some valuable input
   . most triage issues recommended as closed were agreed to be closed.
   . solid example being worked on by group, unveiling interesting discussions
     (Steve raising potential issue on the record function)

Issues categories

Martin went thru triaged issued and defined topic areas and allocated each issue to a topic
The only topic that looked alone is coordination, but since it represents coordination and state alignment 
is possibly worthy of its own topic. List will evolve as we triage remaining issues.

Issue triage

issue 626: CDL - Collaboration Types. the three levels do not exist in 03 apr draft. Resolve/wontfix
issue 627: CDL - MEP support. still and issue, assign(deafult)

issue 628: CDL - Definition of Choreography Transaction. Already done. Resolved/fixed

issue 629:      CDL - Variable definition. probably editorial. Accept (default)

issue 630: CDL - Editorial - Editors List. fixed in public wd 27-apr 04

issue 631: CDL - Editorial - 4th paragraph of Introduction section. accept and assign to editorial team

issue 632: CDL - Editorial - figure 1. figure removed in 27-apr 04 wd. resolved fixed

issue 633: CDL - Editorial - section 1.4. fixed in 27-apr 04 wd. resolved fixed

issue 634: CDL - Editorial - Section 3. example not in latest, 27 apr 04 wd. resolved fixed

issue 635: CDL - Editorial - WSDL example. example not in latest, 27 apr 04 wd. resolved fixed

issue 636: CDL - Editorial - Section 4. fixed in 27-apr-04. resolved fixed.

issue 661: Adding partnerType and roleType to the language model. accept/default

issue 662: specify at least two levels or types of Choreography description. accept, assign

issue 663: The specification should contain the basic underlying model of the language (uml). accept, assign/default.

issue 664: Add UML diagram to primer along with textual description. Primer issue accept, assign/default

issue 665: Concrete WSDL defined by each participant must built on this abstract WSDL? seek clarification from issue raiser.

issue 666: Why specify a message type in the interaction? needs to be verified. accept and assign default.

issue 667: No Notification and Solicit-Response will be needed/allowed? dupl of 627.

issue 668: The granularity at which isAligned() can be used is too big. accept and assign default.

issue 677: proprietary terminology used. assign to editors.

issue 678: If you are going to use a registry reference you should specify. assign to editors.

issue 679: application integration in Figure 1. fixed in 27 apr 04 wd, resolved/fixed.

issue 680: No explicit references provided for abstract and concrete. dupl of 662

issue 681: Import and overwritten objects. dupl of 561

Martin to organize a (hopefully) final triage meeting on Thursday 20 may, 04 at 6:30 BST. Start from issue 682



Meeting adjourned.