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Topic and Question Ideas

Is RDF stable?

raw materials: fromRDF Core WG charter:


Deployment Considerations

Backwards compatibility with existing RDF applications is a priority for the RDF Core Working Group. Since the web is in continuous operation, it is the responsibility of this working group to ensure graceful deployment of corrections to the RDF specifications by carefully considering both the impact of new RDF documents on extant software, and the impact of revised software on extant documents.

At the same time, since the web is growing rapidly, it is the responsibility of this group to not let near-term deployment considerations grossly increase the future costs (to implementors, authors, users, etc.) of new features.


Yes, RDF is stable. RDF Core is clarifying and fixing bugs, not re-inventing RDF.

Example: rdf:about rather than just 'about' was decided upon by RDF Core as a clarification of the older M+S REC.

@@discussion about whether this is as stable as we might hope, since it made some old RDF docs into non-RDF docs. take to www-rdf-comments?

What RDF parsers are available?

raw materials: see Dave Beckett's resource guide

Where do I find a vocabulary that covers XXX?

@@dig out list of schema registry tools, including:

How Do I Build A Semantic Web Page?

(draft reply from danbri@w3.org)

HTML is a Web page format designed primarily for sharing documents that humans might read. RDF is a Web page format designed for sharing documents that machines will process. There are tools for creating both kinds of document, and for converting and linking between them. To create RDF content for use on the Semantic Web, you can use an RDF authoring tool (@@list) or instead, create special kinds of HTML document that can be automatically converted into RDF. (@@stopping here, not sure this works.

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