LX Logic Exchange


LX is an abstract language for exchanging logical expressions or representing knowledge. It is designed to help explore the foundations for the Semantic Web. In essense, it is classical first-order logic with the addition of quotation and URI-Refs.


I don't do major/minor versioning; each relatively-stable development plateau is a new version, identified by sequence number. Using typical open-source versioning to encode a sense of "doneness", version 3 might be called version 0.7.

Version 3 is under development.

Version 2 was never really packaged. There was a tentative posting with bits of code scatted around, including a version of --flatten in cwm.

Version 1 was just an ontology.


Try our CVS Repository.

LX development work is being done as part of the MIT/LCS DAML Project under the MIT/AFRL cooperative agreement number F30602- 00-2-0593. This work is not on the W3C recommendation track and is not the product of a W3C working group or interest group.

Sandro Hawke
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