Tag Soup Integration

1 TagSoup Integration

See F2F Minutes (morning) and F2F minutes (afternoon) and HTML Visionfor background discussion.

This document will explore the issues that rise at the intersection of the TAG Soup and XML Web. As TagSoup evolves to enable incremental transition to XML, we identify individual differences in traditional XML 1.0 serialization and TagSoup, and for each such instance, enumerate the pros and cons driving that issue, how it affects various issues of deployment, and who might benefit from us writing down such a document. In addition, it would be useful for the TAG to arrive at a pithy conclusion for each topic.

2 Topic List

  1. Quotes around attributes.
    1. Example use cases.
      • Major Web sites drop the quotes for efficiency.
      • End-authors drop the quotes for readability or ease of
      authoring --- social norms within communities.
      • Commonly seen on the Web: <body background=white>
    2. Understand why people do this -- pragmatics to religion.
    3. Situations that justify deviation.
    4. Possible drawbacks with use of this deviation.
    5. Suggested best practice.
  2. Some tags are special img doesn't need close tag.
  3. XML or HTML serialization from show source
  4. Cut and paste between HTML and XML
  5. Points on the HTML TagSoup <-> XML continuum.
  6. Impact of serialization choice (XML vs HTML) on extensibility
  7. Distributed Extensibility As a language that evolves from the grass-roots level based on community experience, HTML on the Web needs to be resilient and robust with respect to enabling distributed extensibility --- see Sam Ruby's points with respect to Facebook as an example.

3 Integration Scenarios That Are Relevant

  1. Integration of HTML into RSS, ATOM.
  2. Integration of SVG, MathML etc into Web pages
  3. Should show source and save as fix up the markup?
  4. Deploying new vocabularies on the Web.
  5. Relationship between core HTML vocabulary, language extensions and plugins.
  6. Interaction of non-well-formed markup and document.write.
  7. Connection and impact on one-web.

Author: T.V Raman, Dan Connolly <raman@google.com, connolly@w3.org>

Date: 2007/08/20 10:46:29