AWWSW task group

The AWWSW task group is a highly informal discussion group that investigates the expression of Web architecture in RDF, with particular attention to the HTTP protocol and the Semantic Web. It was formed by the W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) and reports to it, and as such is subject to the TAG charter. "AWWSW" is an acronym standing for "Architecture of the World Wide Semantic Web". This name is not meant to imply the existence of something called the "World Wide Semantic Web" but rather to reflect that the group investigates the intersection of Web architecture and the Semantic Web.

The task group was created by a decision taken at joint meeting of the W3C Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group and the TAG on 5 November 2007 (minutes).


This statement about the group was prepared by Jonathan Rees and has not been approved by the TAG or by the task group.


The task group aims to prepare an annotated RDF ontology covering aspects of HTTP and the Semantic Web that are of general concern to the TAG. The ontology is intended to be descriptive, not normative. The group is charged only with reporting on current practices, not instituting new ones.

Work approach

AWWSW communications are publicly visible. Communication mechanisms include:


Due to the very difficult conceptual nature of the subject matter and limited time available to group members, the task group, like the TAG as a whole, is not operating under definite deadlines.


The AWWSW TG is open to active participants from W3C member organizations, and to others by application to the chair. Participants must agree to the terms of the W3C patent policy.


The AWWSW TG operates without W3C staff support. The TAG staff contact as of March 2011 is Yves Lafon.


  1. David Booth
  2. Michael Hausenblas
  3. Jonathan Rees (chair)
  4. Nathan Rixham
  5. Tim Berners-Lee (occasional)
  6. Harry Halpin (occasional)
  7. Pat Hayes (occasional)
  8. Alan Ruttenberg (occasional)
  9. Henry Thompson (occasional)