Agenda of 3rd July 2008 Joint W3C TAG and OASIS XRI TC teleconference.

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Date: 3rd July 2008
Time: 18:00 UK, 13:00 Eastern US, 10:00 West-Coast USA

Chair: Stuart Williams
Scribe: Ashok Malhotra

Overall goals of this meeting and any subsequent follow-up:

  1. To develop a shared understanding of the motivating use cases that XRIs are designed to address.
  2. To help the TAG understand any significant changes in the design of XRI's since its review on 2005
  3. To develop a shared understanding of the adequacy/inadequacy of existing URI schemes to address those needs.
  4. To put on the public record points of mutual agreement or disagreement, particularly those that either party believes to be unresolvable
  5. To clarify licensing concerns with respect to XRI TC outputs


  1. Convene

  2. Summary of XRI Position (XRI TC)

  3. Summary of TAG Position (Henry Thompson for TAG)

  4. Discussion

  5. Next-Steps (last 20 minutes of the meeting)

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