2.2 TAG Issues Grouped by Topic

2.2.1 Media-Types Issues

  1. RFC3023
  2. putMediaType-38: Relation of HTTP PUT to GET, and whether client headers to server are authoritative.

  3. mediaTypeManagement-45: What is the appropriate level of granularity of the media type mechanism?

2.2.2 URI and Fragment Issues

  1. httpRange-14 : What is the range of the HTTP dereference function?

    ACTION DC: with Norm, develop a finding on httpRange-14 starting with the HashSlashDuality text

  2. IRIEverywhere-27 : Should W3C specifications start promoting IRIs?

  3. fragmentInXML-28 : Use of fragment identifiers in XML

    ACTION CONTINUES: Chris: Write up a summary of the resolution

  4. metadataInURI-31 : Should metadata (e.g., versioning information) be encoded in URIs?

    ACTION Stuart revise finding (well overdue).

    ACTION Paul find out what happened to DaveO's action item there.

  5. siteData-36 : Web site metadata improving on robots.txt, w3c/p3p and favicon etc.

    ACTION2003-01-12 DC Propose example of a site description.

    Input for a finding "There is no such thing as a Web site"

  6. abstractComponentRefs-37 : Definition of abstract components with namespace names and frag ids

    30 Oct 2003 draft finding "Abstract Component References"

  7. rdfURIMeaning-39 : Meaning of URIs in RDF documents

    Any news of the Task Force?

  8. URIGoodPractice-40 : What are good practices for URI construction?

    ACTION 2003-10-20 RF Draft a finding on this issue.

  9. DerivedResources-43 : How are secondary resources derived?

    Proposal send by NDW. Are we ready to close this on?

2.2.3 Format Issues

  1. namespaceDocument-8 : What should a "namespace document" look like?

    ACTION 2004-05-14 PC: Prepare finding to answer this issue, pointing to the RDDL Note. See comments from Paul regarding TB theses. Per 23 Feb 2004 teleconf, modified into an action to produce a bulleted list of points.

  2. xlinkScope-23 : What is the scope of using XLink?

  3. contentPresentation-26 : Separation of semantic and presentational markup, to the extent possible, is architecturally sound.

    30 June 2003 draft finding "Separation of semantic and presentational markup, to the extent possible, is architecturally sound"

  4. xmlProfiles-29 : When, whither and how to profile W3C specifications in the XML Family.

    ACTION Norm: Get XML Core WG to take on XMLProfiles-29.

  5. binaryXML-30 : Standardize a "binary XML" format?

    ACTION Norm to add xbc use cases to binaryXML-30

    ACTION Chris: Review the connection between the use cases and the taxomony on Chris's note

  6. mixedUIXMLNamespace-33 : Composability for user interface-oriented XML namespaces

    Done: ACTION Norm update the issues list to point to "The W3C Workshop on Web ApplicatDoneions and Compound Documents"

  7. xmlFunctions-34 : XML Transformation and composability (e.g., XSLT, XInclude, Encryption)

    ACTION timbl take another stab at specifying the problem

  8. RDFinXHTML-35 : Syntax and semantics for embedding RDF in XHTML.

    Update on SWBP-WG Task Force

  9. XMLVersioning-41 : What are good practices for designing extensible XML languages and for handling versioning?

  10. xmlChunk-44: Chunk of XML - Canonicalization and equality

    Draft Finding "XML Chunk Equality"

  11. xml11Names-46 : Impact of changes to XML 1.1 on other XML Specifications

2.2.3 Interaction Issues

  1. HTTPSubstrate-16 : Should HTTP be used as a substrate protocol? Does W3C agree with RFC 3205?

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