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The query [[Category:Tool]] [[SW Technology::OWL]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0137 seconds.

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  • AllegroGraph RDF Store (triple store programming environment reasoner development environment rdfs reasoner). Directly usable from Java LISP Python Prolog C Ruby Perl
  • Apache Jena (triple store programming environment reasoner rule reasoner owl reasoner rdfs reasoner parser). Directly usable from Java
  • FRED (rdf generator tagging knowledge graph extractor).
  • Mobi (programming environment development environment). Directly usable from Java Javascript
  • OpenLink Virtuoso (triple store reasoner rdf generator sparql endpoint owl reasoner rdfs reasoner rdb2rdf). Directly usable from C C++ Python PHP Java Javascript ActionScript Tcl Perl Ruby Obj-C
  • Oracle Spatial 11g (triple store reasoner owl reasoner). Directly usable from Java
  • GraphDB (triple store reasoner sparql endpoint rdfs reasoner owl reasoner). Directly usable from Java C
  • Altova's SemanticWorks (editor development environment).