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Agenda-2010-05-18Ahmed's UCR ReviewAll Cases for Default Mapping
An XML Schema for SQL-based RDB2RDF MappingAn XML Schema for SQL-based RDB2RDF Mapping (Revision 1)Ashok's UCR Review
DM TCDatabase-Instance-Only and Database-Instances-and-Schema MappingDefault Mapping
Default Mapping DescriptionDefault Mapping to RDFS/OWLDirect Mapping in RIF
Draft of Use Cases
Example of SQL-Query based ApproachExample of SQL-Query based Approach (Part 1: Schema): RDB Schema, RDB2RDF Mapping, and generated RDF SchemaExample of SQL-Query based Approach (Part 2: Data): RDB (relational) Data and corresponding (virtual) RDF Graphs
Example of SQL-Query based Approach (Part 3: Query): SPARQL Query and its SQL translationExample of SQL-based RDB2RDF MappingExample of SQL-based RDB2RDF Mapping: Revision 1
Example of SQL-based RDB2RDF Mapping: Revision 2Example of SQL-based RDB2RDF Mapping: Revision 3F2F1
F2F2GeneratedSQLIdentifier re-use
ImplementationsInitial Round of PresentationsInvalid R2RML
Last CallLast Call Changes to R2RMLLiaisons
LinkedDataAspectsLists of generic names for use in examplesLogicalEquivalences
Main PageMapping SQL datatypes to XML Schema datatypesMedia resources
MeetingsNon-unique TablesNote on Blank Nodes
Post-CR Changes to R2RMLPotentialSQLIssuesR2RML Last Call planning
R2RML SQL View AnnotationR2RML Schema in TurtleR2RML TC
R2RML Test CasesR2RML Test Cases v1R2RML in Turtle
R2RML in a custom syntaxRDB-to-RDF mapping: A SQL-based ApproachRDB2RDF Publicity
RDBNullValuesRDB to RDF mapping aspect of R2RMLRequirements
Revised Example of SQL-Query based ApproachSQL Version IRIsSQL to XSD Type Mappings
ScribeListSemTech2010questionsSemantics of R2RML
Semtech 2011 ProposalSouri's UCR Review
Submitting Test ResultsTestCasesTestHarness
Translating Database Values to RDF TermsTranslation Table ProposalUse Cases and Requirements
Use Cases and Requirements/ReviewsUse of Direct Mapping in R2RML