GRDDL WG Monthly

  1. Convene GRDDL WG meeting of 2008-01-16T11:00-0400
    • chair: HarryH
    • scribe: ??
    • roll call, comments on the agenda.
    • regrets: murray,jjc
    • PROPOSED: to approve GRDDL WG -- 17th Oct 2007 as a true record
    • Next Meeting? Put on Hiatus?
  2. Atom (GRDDL Outreach)
    • ACTION: HarryH and Danja to set-up meeting with Kanzaki and Henry Story over ATOM, possibly in Dec, alert list when meeting scheduled
    • ACTION: danja and john-l to test and see if any XSLT is mature enough to add to ATOM namespace doc and has proper licensing (W3C Software license), as well as canvass all candidate XSLT authors for their opinion on ATOM/RSS 1.0 namespace.
  3. hReview
    • Danja has updated the hReview RDF for review
    • ACTION: HarryH to e-mail Danja Docbook vocabulary mixing.
    • ACTION: DanC to ask OT and Karl D to invite Danja to contribute his hReview experience to the "story telling and test cases" work
  4. Social Networking and OpenID
  5. hCard
    • ACTION:HarryH To finish vCard mapping and publish as SWIG note, update profile URI with slightly tweaked GRDDL transform.
  6. Other GRDDL Outreach opportunities
    • Let's make a list of working GRDDLs and ones that are "pretty close"
  7. Updating Spec
    • Thanks to translators, we've noticed a number of minor errors in the Spec and a broken link in the Primer. Shall we fix them and ask to republish in accordance with W3C Guidelines on this?
  8. W3C GRDDL Service
    • ACTION: DanC to e-mail about HTML (OlivierT) and RDF and OWL Validator (EricP) linking to GRDDL.
  9. GRDDL Wrap-Up
    • Due to some hold on patent policy, it appears that W3C would prefer to put the group into "suspended animation" (i.e. still exist formally but no necessary further work or telecons) until patent policy issues are resolved.


This document contains RDF data following the Zakim agenda schema; weekly-agenda.rdf is an RDF variant of this document. It has the same data as the RDF data you get via the GRDDL service. An XSLT transformation, agendaData, relates the HTML dialect used here (which uses some hCalendar and hCard markup) to RDF/XML.

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Harry Halpin and the GRDDL WG
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