Pending GRDDL Tests

STATUS: These tests are no longer in development; and are not likely to progress further. All are subject to change without notice.

Jeremy Carroll
$Revision: 1.48 $ of $Date: 2007/08/06 10:41:18 $

The aboutTests transformation is intended to be applied to this document.

Tests related to comments

Dropped ideas for tests:

This section was a scratch area for notes, during the development of the tests. It is no longer planned to move any of these ideas forward.

Notes from the spec on pending tests

The example in the well-formed XML section is taken from #title_author in the GRDDL WG tests, part 2. It would be nice to have a mechanical check that it stays in sync.

The protocol trace discusses, which should probably perhaps move to the WG test suite or sync with it somehow.

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