GRDDL Schedule/Plan
Duration (days)
Resource Task Start Min Plan End
spec editor LC candidate (address remaning @@s) 18-Apr-2007 1 6 24-Apr-2007
WG ppl test suite actions 18-Apr-2007 0 2 20-Apr-2007
test editor LC candidate 20-Apr-2007 4 24-Apr-2007
chair draft CR request 18-Apr-2007 5 23-Apr-2007
WG LC decision (no open issues) on grddl-tests 24-Apr-2007 0 1 25-Apr-2007 proposal in agenda at T-24hrs
WG CR decision (no open issues nor comments) on /TR/grddl/ 23-Apr-2007 0 2 25-Apr-2007 draft Monday 23; proposal in agenda at T-24hrs
editor publication request for /TR/grddl-tests/ 25-Apr-2007 0 1 26-Apr-2007 note 2 May deadline for publication requests before AC/WWW2007
Harry CR request 25-Apr-2007 0 1 26-Apr-2007 @@if the spec cites the tests normatively, the plan breaks here
webmaster Last call WD publication of /TR/grddl-tests/ 26-Apr-2007 0 1 27-Apr-2007
chair announce /TR/grddl-tests/ LC to chairs 27-Apr-2007 0 0 27-Apr-2007
Director Candidate Rec / call for implementations 26-Apr-2007 7 8 4-May-2007
public Last call comments 27-Apr-2007 21 28 25-May-2007
public implementation reports 27-Apr-2007 0 14 11-May-2007 @@ not sure about the rest
chair/editor implementation report 11-May-2007 0 7 18-May-2007
WG decision to go to PR (issues, deps, impls) 25-May-2007 0 7 1-Jun-2007
chair PR request 1-Jun-2007 1 2-Jun-2007
Director Proposed Recommendation / call for review 2-Jun-2007 7 14 16-Jun-2007 7 day minimum is actually relative to comment due date
AC membership reviews 16-Jun-2007 28 28 14-Jul-2007
Director Recommendation 14-Jul-2007 7 14 28-Jul-2007
cutting roomf floor: IETF dependency
editor Spec text for HTTP header links 0.25 19-Feb-2007
mnot re-issue Profile internet draft 8-Feb-2007 21 1-Mar-2007 8 feb is when Danny A. asked
mnot request Proposed Standard for profile 1-Mar-2007 14 15-Mar-2007
IESG decision to approve HTTP Profile header 15-Mar-2007 42 26-Apr-2007 hmm... provisional? or standards track?