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Closed Threads

  1. typo error in (normative) appendix B of OWL Reference
  2. "lastname" and "firstname" are not culturally neutral
  3. OWL Questions!
  4. Several Documents moved to Last Call
  5. Some comments on OWL Reference
  6. Some comments on OWL S&AS
  7. search feature
  8. S&AS comments
  9. Remarks on OWL Guide and question about AS&S
  10. Naming convention in OWL
  11. Case for Reinstatement of Qualified Cardinality Restrictions
  12. OWL WD comments
  13. Language Guide Comments
  14. OWL Language Reference Comments
  15. QA Review of owl-semantics
    • 2003-04-30T20:14:21Z from karl
    • 2003-05-01T15:08:10Z from connolly
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Dan Connolly
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Frank van Harmelen
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Guus Schreiber
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Jeff Heflin
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Jeremy Carroll
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Jim Hendler
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Mike Smith
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Peter Patel-Schneider
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z minute:
      38. QA Review of owl-semantics 
      Sandro sent proposed reply.
      ACTION: Dan, Jim, Guus to review reply.  
      ACTION: Guus to send proposed words re xrefs to all docs.
      ACTION: Peter, Guus, Frank, MKS, Jeremy, Jeff. 
      All editors add link from their document to ALL others.
    • 2003-07-08T18:16:01Z from karl
    • 2003-07-16T02:09:42Z from hendler
    • 2003-07-16T14:20:42Z from sandro
  16. rdf:about and owl:sameIndividualAs oddities
  17. Language Ref Appendix D editorial comments
  18. OWL and Published Subjects
  19. OWL Guide comment
  20. Owl abstract syntax, equivalent classes
  21. OWL abstract syntax: -lite, -dl restrictions
  22. Non-global Keys
  23. "sameAs" error in OWL Language Reference 31 March 2003
  24. "sameIndividualAs" error in OWL Language Reference 31 March 2003
  25. TransitiveProperty missing from App. C OWL Langugae Reference 31 March 2003
  26. AnnotationProperty missing from App. C of OWL Language Reference 31 March 2003
  27. Nothing in App. B of OWL Language Reference 31 March 2003
  28. DAML Program Last Call Comments
  29. Restriction, DeprecatedClass in OWL Language Reference 31 March 2003
  30. OWL comment - language subsets and complexity
  31. OWL Comment: have long CR period for OWL, or move owl:oneOf, owl: have Value to OWL Full
  32. OWL comment - owl:OntologyProperty
  33. OWL Abstract Syntax and Semantics review comments
  34. Review section 4.1 of OWL AS&S
  35. OWL S&AS comment - owl:imports
  36. OWL S&AS comment - owl:Ontology mapping to/from RDF triples
  38. daml:item
  39. comments on wording in AS&S
  40. Semantics and Abstract Syntax (and some general OWL Lite, CR, & implementation) comments
  41. Missing AllSame
  42. imports error in App. B of OWL Language Reference 31 March 2003
  43. Fwd: Jena comment: Syntax Checker Implementation Report]
  44. Turismo Rural - promoções fantásticas / promociones fantásticos
  45. missing RDF & OWL classes
  46. Problem with PET of sections 7.1.5 and 7.1.6 of OWL test cases
  47. Semantic Web Services for Enterprise Application Integration and e-Commerce: extended deadline - June 30
  48. Layering the SW! Problems!
  49. Presentation Syntax - why?
  50. How to include Non-OWL elements?
  51. owl:imports and xml namespace!
  52. FW: Tiny mistake in "OWL Web Ontology Language Reference " docume nt
  53. Review comments on OWL Test Cases from RDFCore.

Open Threads

  1. typo error in (normative) appendix B of OWL Reference
  2. Language Overview Document editorial comments
  3. Could owl:sameAs reference non-OWL resources?
  4. about/base and Free to implementations
  5. RDFCore Comments on OWL Reference
  6. Re: privacy in OWL
  7. unspecified domain,range in App. C of OWL Language Reference 31 March 2003
  8. OWL comment - blank nodes in OWL DL
  9. Comments from RDFCore on S+AS
  10. Another RDF Comment on the OWL Reference Doc
  11. Comments on Owl REF document
  12. OWL S&AS: Translation to RDF Graphs
  13. OWL Reference comment - RDF Schema for OWL
  14. OWL S&AS Comment - owl:imports
  15. comments on OWL Last Call drafts
  16. Missing AllDisjoint?
  17. inadequate reference in Owl REF
    • 2003-05-15T09:01:00Z from bwm
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z ACTION:
      Jeremy Carroll
    • 2003-06-19T16:00:00Z minute:
      26. inadequate reference in Owl REF 
      Guus had a link to S&AS built-in datatypes that are problematic.
      Now in the RDF semantics.  S&AS points to that.
      ACTION: Jeremey Carroll to send RDF link to Guus, Peter, Mike S.
    • 2003-06-22T14:42:57Z from schreiber
  18. "ObjectProperty" and "DatatypeProperty"
  19. Anonymous Instances & Use of rdf:Resource as a class
  20. unsupported datatypes
  21. Fwd: RE: Proposed response to Dave Reynolds - questions from HP
  22. Comment about OWL Test Cases