SKOS: Standards and Best Practises for Using Knowledge Organisation Systems on the Semantic Web

Preview of NKOS 2004 Presentation

Introduction to SKOS

SKOS is an open collaboration developing specifications and standards to support the use of knowledge organisation systems (KOS) on the semantic web. The SKOS community includes the Thesaurus Task Force of the W3C Semantic Web Best Practises Working Group, the SWAD-E Thesaurus Activity and many KOS experts from outside the domain of the W3C Semantic Web Activity.

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SKOS Core RDF Vocabulary

The SKOS Core RDF vocabulary supports the RDF description of language-oriented knowledge organisation systems (KOS) such as thesauri, glossaries, controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and classification schemes.

Current SKOS Core documentation -

SKOS Core Phase 2 Development

SKOS Core is currently undergoing an open development iteration, leading to the publication of working group notes via the SWBP-WG. See the public mailing list archives for an overview of recent work.

Members of NKOS community are active in this development, and we hope to be able to discuss open development issues at the NKOS Wokshop in Bath.

SKOS Web Service API

The SKOS API is a draft proposal for a standard web service interface to a terminology service. The API is in an early developmental stage, and we hope to build interest in an ongoing open-source style development.

A reference implementation of the SKOS API service is available, and a running demo client is online.

SKOS Mapping RDF Vocabulary

The SKOS Mapping RDF Vocabulary supports the RDF description of inter-thesaurus mappings. This vocabulary is at an early stage of maturity.