XKMS Implementation Report

This implementation report will document the interoperability of multiple implementations of the features of XKMS Candidate Recommendation. It will be created by the XKMS Working Group during the Candidate Recommendation phase. A pre-CR implementation report is available.

In order to exit the Candidate Recommendation phase, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. Message processing mechanisms

    For each of the services defined by X-KISS and X-KRSS:

  2. Message syntax
  3. X-KISS protocol set
  4. X-KRSS protocol set
  5. Bindings
  6. The WG will create an interoperability matrix for documenting which implementations support which XKMS features. The matrix will ennumerate each feature of the XKMS protocol, provide test cases and document whether implementations satisfy those tests. The resulting matrix will provide proof of satisfaction of the exit criteria.
  7. A minimum of six months (October 1, 2004) of the CR period must be elapsed to ensure that enough time is given for providing implementation feedback.

Jose Kahan, W3C Team Contact for the XKMS Working Group
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