validates rdf and/with schemas.

The following simple RDF:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="" 
   <rdf:Description about=""> 
   <dc:creator rdf:resource=""/> 

Validates, as...


Number Subject Predicate Object

:SiRPAC dc:creator :janne


Uses of SiRPAC

Not just standards please

Behaviour matters

It is hard to test software for conformance if there is no idea what it "should" do when a user tries to.

This also shows up assumptions or errors in the spec (e.g. tabindex).

Tools aren't everything...

For a lot of things there are various improvements that can be made.

Tools don't often detect or solve all problems

...but they help.

Tools are used to find information.

They provide support for the necessary thinking.

Different people, different expertise

example scenario

It's about the user (STUPID!)

Accessibility Evaluations

Web Content evaluations

More evaluation

Authoring Tool Evaluations


dummy to get more in later?

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