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Web Services Directories

What are Directory Services?


Characteristics of Directory Services

Characteristics of Directory Services (cont.)

Why XML and directories?

Directory Services: A Web Services Proposal for DSML 2.0

DirXML Example:

What is the proposal?

What is the proposal? (cont.)

Two types: Input vs. Output

Input/Output DTD Fragments

<input> <add> Example

<output> <status> Example

Events vs. Commands

<input> Events and Commands

<output> Responses

Common Attributes

Common Elements



<value> (cont.)


<value> Example


<status> DTD Fragment

<status> Example

<add> Example

<modify> Example

<rename> Example

<move> Example

<query> Content

<query> Example 1

<query> Example 2

<query> Example 3


<instance> DTD Fragment

<instance> Content

<instance> Example

<delete> Example

Some Practical Applications

Some Practical Applications (cont.)

Login Experience: Before

Login Experience: After

Slide 45

Today&#-110;s Typical Environment

iChain Solution

Summary: Web Services Directory

Summary: Web Services Directory (cont.)

Author: Scott Isaacson

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