EARL Background Material

EARL is largely the result of a substantive amount of excellent work from people such as Dan Brickley, Charles McCathieNevile, Daniel Dardailler, Len Kasday, and Aaron Swartz. This document has been provided so that links to this work are not lost, and so that people can understand much of the background to EARL, and hence gain a better understanding of its nature.

This is mainly an anthology of the ERT list archives, as well as some related resources. Rooting around in the ERT archives will provide one with much more information on the subject, but trying to find individual issues is like looking for a needle in a haystack (hence this document).


Note that EARL 0.95 is becoming a lot like this...


ADL Miscellaneous

Announcement of an ADL overview
Accessibility Description Language - Overview
Lists of background URIs to follow up
Recommended Readings - William Loughborough
Short List of URIs - Sean B. Palmer

Main Issues


Er... so what shall we call it?

ADL - Accessibility Description Language
Requirements for Accessibility Description Language (ADL?) - Len Kasday
EDL - Evaluation Description Language
minutes from 4 December 2000 F2F (joint w/PF) - Wendy A. Chisholm. Contains the text "Resolved: we will call it EDL"... in ten days time it was to change to EARL!
EARL - Evaluation And Repair Language
evaluation AND REPAIR Language? (EARL) - Len Kasday
EARL vs. EDL - Sean B. Palmer. EDL is becoming EARL at this point
EARL - Evaluation And Reporting Langauge
Re: EARL Announcement - Daniel Dardailler

Scenarios and Implementation

EARL Springs Up

EARL 0.9

EARL 0.9 Issues (Changing 0.9 into 0.95)

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