W3C XML Protocol Working Group teleconference, 24 september 2003

1. Roll call

Present 10/7 Excused Regrets Absent

2. Agenda Review and Additional Suggested Agenda Items

DaveF: Note to WG members the poll on f2f dates for November/December

       1 AOB Item: Nilo Mitra,Ericsson is retiring from the WG, he
       will continue as editor of Primer. If we decide to put
       Attachments into the Primer, we may need another Primer

       no questions


3. Approval of September 17 minutes

    Minutes are appoved without objection


4. Review of Pending Action Items

    ACTION items complete except for the following

    MarkN: not present, media-type registration report pending
    MarcH: N14N requires updates, pending
    DaveF and MarkN: content type name issue pending


5. Status reports

    DaveF:Phillipe Hegaret's mail to the WG on Attachments; AI to MarcH to describe
          the features in more detail in the Attachment document

    MarcH: on Normalization; MarcH made a comment that SOAP header element to
          Envelope element connection will provide some problems with Signatures

    DaveF: Normalization document will be published; AI to DaveF + MarcH + W3C

    DaveF: f2f planning; 4 replies, target week December 1, no questions,
           hosting still open


6. Attachments

    TonyG: gave a short update

    DaveF: Text in SOAP Optimized Serialization Reqs needs updates/finishing,
           contact TonyG and Yves/Carine with finishing request for editors

    Use Cases
    See DavidF's summary document(http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/xml-dist-app/2003Sep/0051.html):

    UC-1 Comment from MarcH: More an example than a UC, problem for sending
    from receiver to sender mentioned; decision UC-1 is covered by UC-9 without

    UC-2 is in progress, text from last telcon seems to fix it, accepted

    UC-3 dropped

    UC-4 reformulation required, open

    UC-5 dropped

    UC-6 is open, Jacek's reformulation caused a discussion

    DaveF: Question from NoahM on streaming

    JohnI: Comment on this for xb:Include for streaming

    DaveF: e-mail to authors of streaming subject; AI to Yves for e-mail
           Summary: UC-6 needs more focus

    UC-7 dropped

    UC-8 dropped

    UC-9 needs notice; MarcH + JohnI aggreed; no objection ; accepted

    UC-10 no 64binary; MarcH + JohnI agreed; accepted

    UC-11 intermediary + peak message handling; accepted

    DaveF: Are there any other UC's?
           We will plan to finish open UC's next week

    Decision: UC's are going in the requirements document
    AI to TonyG with list of accepted UC's for update COB Sep 29th

    Issue discussion, DaveF asked for status of each open issue:

    432 Part of MTOM properties discussion

    435 MarcH thinks this issue might be solved by MTOM properties/binding

    436 MarcH explained differences to 431; 431 is closed

    DaveF: AI to PeteM to look for resolution of 431 in combination with 436
           COB Sep 26th

    437 MarcH comment about packaging with base64; no decision

    438 Summarize comments in a e-mail to the WG; AI to TonyG; COB Sep 29th