W3C XML Protocol Working Group teleconference, 27 March 2002

1. Roll call

Present 26/23 Excused Regrets Absent

2. AOB

    -Review of telcon time change to accommodate Daylight savings time.
    -Summary of Implementations posted to member page. Will be posted to 
      public page shortly.
    -Charter expires end of April. Temporal extension requested through the
      end of December.

3. Minutes of March 20 approved as posted


4. Action Items

    - Proposal accepted by WG group to move forward and not split the spec.
      Paul Prescod's comment will be noted.


5. Status Reports

    Primer - nothing to report
    Spec - 
    DF reported that Editors put out revised copy with major revisions. It was intended 
    to be the penultimate draft before last call, but issues are still outstanding. 
    Everyone is encouraged to review the draft and make issues known in the next week.
    HFN Reviewed the Editors to-do list which contains 3 items to-do and 2 pending items.
    The latest Editors copy implements a resolution to issue 110. 
    No objections were raised to closing issue 110 in this manner.
    TBTF - 
    Noah described two approaches that the TBTF discussed taking with
    regards an Attachment architecture.

     (1) Broaden the HTTP binding to explicitly say that it must
         recognize the SOAP content type and may recognize others
         (e.g. a content type that supports attachments). This
         broadening is sometimes referred to as a "hook".
     (2) Publish an "Attachment Feature", either as part of the core
         spec, or as a separate document, for example a Note. This
         feature description would not contain a concrete attachment
    HFN suggested that it would take significant thought process
    and work to get (2) right and that it would be nice to introduce
    such a feature in conjunction with a mechanism description.

    One member noted that the current spec precludes attachments. The hook (1)
    would involve only minor changes to the HTTP binding, and so should go
    in before Last Call.

    Noah stated that the HTTP binding must include some refinements.
    TBTF should finish and make a formal proposal to the WG.

    The WG decided to ask the TBTF to make a formal proposal for (1), i.e.
    to extend the HTTP binding. No objections to this decision were raised,
    and PaulC commented that "nothing should stop us going this far".

    The WG also discussed that a proposal for an "attachment feature", i.e.
    (2), might be worked on in parallel, perhaps independently of the TBTF,
    and at a "low priority" (PaulC). If such a proposal was to be made,
    the WG would later have to decide whether it would be included in the
    spec or published as a separate spec/note (DavidF).
    Discussion of the second feature will be moved to email.
    Conformance -
    Oisin reported  that a new version is posted. 
    Input from Paul and Noah incorporated.
    Mark Jones is writing tests along with others.
    Reconciliation of links to the new version of the spec is left to do.
    Requirements - Nothing to report.
    Email Binding -
        Highland reported that four new proposals came out of their last meeting.
        1) Change the title to "Template For SOAP Email Bindings"
        2) Add note explaining why SMTP and POP3 commands are not addressed or referenced.
        3) Take out last sentence in motivation Paragraph.
        4) Document will be introduced as an information only document.
    Glenn argued that there is a reduction in value because the email binding is declared
    non-complete just because the underlying implementation is not referenced.
    Discussion followed. It was decided by the WG that instead of the word "Template"
    in the title the word "Experimental" should be used. The WG asked that the task force
    revise the document in that spirit.
    Highland asked if they should talk about linkage and not specifics. The WG was in favor.

6. Issue 195 -

    This issue was discussed but not resolved. Discussion will be moved to email.


7. Issue 192 -

    This issue was skipped because the interested party was absent from the telcon.

8. Issues gleaned from xmlp-comments and xml-dist-app

   Part 1, (b): Status Quo - issue removed
   Part 2, (b): Postponed, WG will wait to hear from MG.
   Part 2, (a): The resolution to this comment is embodied in the revised spec.


9. Issue 190 -

    WG adopted proposal to close issue because the resolution is addressed by 183 
   Issue 187 - HFN reviewed the proposal.
               Noah suggested taking the edge off of the feature emphasis.
               WG closes the issue with the proposal.
   Issue 163 - Jacek reviewed the proposal.
               No objections from WG.
               WG closes the issue with the proposal.
   Issue 191 - Noah explained why this error is not a SOAP level error but a binding level error.
               WG closes the issue with the proposal.