W3C XML Protocol Working Group teleconference, 14 November 2001

Minutes of XML Protocol Working Group telcon, 14 November 2001.

1. Attendance

Present 30/25 Excused Regrets Absent

2. Agenda review; no changes to the agenda


3. DavidF proposes not approving previous minutes at this time due to short

notice, and to give WG members time to look for possible discrepancies.
WG agreed with no objections.


4. Action Items


5. Status Reports

Can Canon allow external participants to join their videoconference?
Question is still unanswered.
DavidF wants to spend much of the f2f tackling issues.

Nilo; rewrite is almost done with new examples. Should be available (in
time for the f2f) by end of week or on Monday morning at the latest.

Action taken by MarcH to prepare useful spec snapshot in time for f2f,
preferably end of week.

Work is proceeding, its results are seen as proposals for issue resolution
appearing in the agenda.

Document is to be updated soon, and a snapshot (though maybe not the final
one) will be provided by Friday.

Usage scenarios.
New version should be available by the end of the week.

DavidF has told the XML Co-Ordination Group that XMLP plans to include S+A
work in a new charter for XMLP. The XML CG is generally favorable towards
this idea although they are going to look over the S+A Note before passing
final judgement.


6. Meta Issues

Marwan will generate and send resolution text (to xmlp-comments) for any of
these issues that are resolved. For all the issues listed as "closed" in
the following list, the WG agreed without objection to accepting the
proposed resolution.

60 - Closed (resolution of the form "SOAP 1.2 Part 2 provides such a
36 - Postponed until the XMLP WG produces a Conformance document.
58, 50, 33 - Postponed. Ownership of these issues is assigned to TBTF which
is also asked to provide resolutions.
38 - Closed (resolution of the form "the XMLP WG believes SOAP makes it
easy to exchange one way and two-way messages")
39 - Closed (resolution of the form "SOAP 1.2 makes use of XML standards
where appropriate. Such standards include XML namespaces and XML Schemas.")
54 - closed, pending submission of resolution text from MarkB (which will
include suggestion from Dug about minimal apriori info) to be submitted to
57 - postponed, believed that the associated requirement 604 relates to
message, of which the SOAPAction header is not a part. Ownership of this
issue is assigned to TBTF which is also asked to provide a resolution.
40 - open; issue with non-testability of this issue's requirement (309) as
originally written.  PaulC proposes we change R309 to "XMLP should be
designed to minimize the difficulty of running applications on resource
constrained devices."
WG agreed to this change without objection.
Editors will change the Requirements document accordingly.  MarkB to draft
resolution text for issue 40 based on the revised 309 requirement.
32 - open; original resolution proposed noting the number (~46) of
implementations provided the evidence that SOAP is indeed simple. MarkB
suggests that the number of SOAP 1.1 implementations has little to do with
SOAP 1.2 simplicity. StuartW will propose new resolution text.
34 - postponed; issue recategorised as an "AM" issue awaiting review of the
AM document

ChrisF/Sun asks that people register for the F2F ASAP!

Meeting ended