W3C XML Protocol Working Group teleconference, 5 September 2001

Minutes of XML Protocol telcon, 5 Sept 2001.

1. Roll call

Present 29/23 Excused Regrets Absent

2. Agenda review

   No AOB 


3. Approval of minutes from Aug 29 [1] telcon



4. Review action items

   Editors - pending
   ChrisF & EricJ - pending
   Editors - done
   Editors - done
   Hugo - done
   David - done
   Gudge - done
   Editors - done
   Editors - pending
   PaulC - pending 
   Noah - done
   Hugo - done
   Hugo - done
   Hugo - done


5. Status reports

Frank - agenda item for discussion at f2f.

-- Transport binding task force
Item 24 is an agenda item for presentation/discussion at f2f.

-- Editors
Mark & JJ: made various editorial changes to spec.

-- Evaluation of Primer proposal
Nilo gave overview of second rev. of the Primer proposal.
This was accepted as a better 'weight' for a Primer.
Nilo will be editor of Primer, and is chartered to generate a primer 
as outlined.  He may borrow text from output of various internal
documents of the XML WG.  Chuck & Mark will help.


6. Issue list

134: Support of XMLBase and relative URI's. 
Noah gave a summary of his proposed text.
This was followed by discussion on possible pushback for not 
"aggressively supporting a published W3C recommendation".
Concerns were raised on interoperability and whether there would
be pushback should XMLBase become part of W3C's core XML spec.
Another concern was whether many existing SOAP implementations and 
XML parsers supported XMLBase.

To resolve this issue, 3 steps were decided:
1) To ask W3C XML Core group to clarify their intentions on the support of XMLBase.
2) To conduct a survey of XMLBase support in SOAP implementations, 
 XML parsers, and within SOAPBuilders.
3) As a fallback option, we may use Noah's proposed text (with suitable
 editorial change to last paragraph). The WG was generally in agreement with
this text as a reasonable option (no one said they could not live
with it).

David Orchard will do (1), Chuck (2).

62: mU for extensions. Oisin absent, so not discussed.

63: standard failure for extensions.  Oisin absent, so not discussed.

14: SOAP versioning
Issue effectively resolved at Dinard f2f by changing the SOAP namespace 
URI and providing a description of how 1.1/1.2 versioning should be achieved.
Martin will send email to Larry Masinter (issue originator), xml-dist-app, and
xmlp-comment. The WG considers this issue closed.

66:  XMLP revision mechanism
This issue is also resolved via the SOAP namespace versioning mechanism.
Martin will send email to Oisin, xml-dist-app, and xmlp-comment.  The WG considers this issue closed.

19: namespace of Fault children
Henrik and Bryan had some mail exchanges and concluded that both
mechanisms are reasonable.  He proposed to stay with status quo 
to not break things unnecessarily and to close issue.  Had things
started from scratch, it could have gone either way.
Henrik will send email to Bryan, xml-dist-app, and xmlp-comment.  The WG considers this issue closed.

45: faultcodes for RPC
Issue resolved.  Marc will tighten text to say "when describing faults
in Part 1 of this specification".
Hugo will send email to Vidur, xml-dist-app, and xmlp-comment.  The WG considers this issue closed.

122: Missing reference link
Hugo failed to reproduce/identify the issue. He has tried contacting the issue originator who has
not responded thus far.  Hugo will wait another week for a response, and will close the issue if
he receives no response.

Issues 71 and 107 not discussed due to lack of time.