Minutes of RPC Task Force telcon, August 6, 2001


1. Discussion on issue 45

Jacek posted his proposal to dist-app and sopa-builders last week as promised. No responses yet from either list.

The TF discussed the proposal, approved some small changes, and approved sending it to the larger WG as a proposal for resolving issue 45.

Action: Jacek will change (i) syntax of proposal to make it more obvious that his proposed faultcode additions are part of a new (rpc) namespace, (ii) make the faultcode names consistent with the TF's decision to use "service" and "procedure" instead of "object" and "method". Changed proposal to be posted to dist-app.

Action: David to put revised issue 45 proposal onto WG agenda

ActionACTION: David to add a new issue "should there be a faultcode for encoding errors?"

2. Discussion of ChrisF's CorrelationID proposal

Initial discussion centered around thr format of the correlation identifier itself. Two views:

  1. (i) it should be a URI because this is web-centric
  2. (ii) no format should be specified because it only has to be understood by the sending application

A second discussion was on the purpose of the proposal. Several views expressed:

  1. (i) a correlation mechanism is needed therefore XMLP should specify one
  2. (ii) while a correlation mechanism is certainly useful and probably needed, there are many other useful/needed mecahnisms, and we should be looking to specify all such mechanisms in some other venue
  3. (iii) the correlation mechanism is a useful test-bed extension for RPC and Transport Binding TF's. If there is not a large cost in finishing the proposal, we should seriously consider so doing.

There was general agreement that the proposal as it stands is good quality, and will not actually take much effort to finish up. Therefore, Chris and Henrik volunteered to each make a round of comments on the existing proposal and bring it back to the RPC TF in time for its next telcon.

ActionACTION: Chris and Henrik to post a new/commented version of the Correlation proposal by EOB tuesday.

Next telcon will be held Thursday Aug 9, details TBD.

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