Minutes for the W3C XML Protocol Working Group teleconference: Wednesday, 14 February, 2001, noon PST.

See also new action items.

1. Roll call, scribes for minutes/action items

Active Data Exchange     Richard Martin  principal      y
Akamai Technologies Mark Nottingham      principal      y
Allaire   Glen Daniels   principal y
AT&T Mark Jones     principal y
Canon     Herve Ruellan  alternate y
Cisco     Krishna Sankar principal y
Commerce One   David Burdett  principal  y
Data Research Associates Mark Needleman  principal      y
DataChannel    Brian Eisenberg     principal  y
DevelopMentor  Martin Gudgin  principal  y
Engenia Software    Eric Jenkins   alternate  y
Epicentric     Bjoern Heckel  principal  y
Ericsson Research Canada Nilo Mitra      principal      y
Hewlett Packard     Stuart Williams      alternate      y
IBM  David Fallside chair     y
IBM  John Ibbotson  principal y
Intel     Randy Hall     principal y
IONA Technologies   Eric Newcomer  alternate  y
Library of Congress Ray Denenberg  principal  y
Lotus Development   Noah Mendelsohn      principal      y
Microsoft Corporation    Henrik Nielsen  principal      y
Microsoft Corporation    Paul Cotton     alternate      y
Mitre     Paul Denning   alternate y
Mitre     Marwan Sabbouh principal y
Netscape  Ray Whitmer    alternate y
Oracle    David Clay     principal y
Philips Research    Amr Yassin     alternate  y
Philips Research    Yasser alSafadi      principal      y
Rogue Wave     Patrick Thompson    alternate  y
SAP AG    Volker Wiechers     principal  y
SAP AG    Gerd Hoelzing  alternate y
Sun Microsystems    Marc Hadley    principal  y
Tibco     Frank DeRose   principal y
Unisys    Nick Smilonich alternate y
Unisys    Lynne Thompson principal y
Vitria Technology Inc.   Waqar Sadiq     principal      y
W3C  Hugo Haas alt team contact    y
W3C  Yves Lafon     team contact   y
WebMethods     Randy Waldrop  principal  y
Xerox     Tom Breuel     primary   y

Active Data Exchange     Eric Fedok      alternate      x
Allaire   Simeon Simeonov     alternate  x
AT&T Michah Lerner  alternate x
Canon     Jean-Jacques Moreau principal  x
Commerce One   Murray Maloney alternate  x
DevelopMentor  Don Box   alternate x
Engenia Software    Jeffrey Kay    principal  x
Epicentric     Dean Moses     alternate  x
IBM  Fransisco Cubera    alternate x
IONA Technologies   Oisin Hurley   principal  x
Library of Congress Rich Greenfield      alternate      x
Netscape  Vidur Apparao  principal x
Rogue Wave     Murali Janakiraman  principal  x
Sun Microsystems    Mark Baker     alternate  x
Vitria Technology Inc.   Richard Koo     alternate      x

Bowstreet Alex Ceponkus  alternate r
Calico Commerce     Rekha Nagarajan      principal      r
Compaq    Yin-Leng Husband    principal  r
Compaq    Kevin Perkins  alternate r
Fujitsu Software Corporation  Kazunori Iwasa  principal      r
Fujitsu Software Corporation  Masahiko Narita      alternate      r
Group 8760     Dick Brooks    ebXML contact   r
Hewlett Packard     David Ezell    principal  r
Interwoven     Mark Hale principal r
Matsushita Electric Ryuji Inoue    principal  r
Novell    Scott Isaacson principal r
OMG  Henry Lowe     principal r
Oracle    Jim Trezzo     alternate r

Bowstreet James Tauber   principal a
DaimlerChrysler R. & Tech     Mario Jeckle    principal      a
DaimlerChrysler R. & Tech     Andreas Riegg   alternate      a
Informix Software   Soumitro Tagore      alternate      a
Informix Software   Charles Campbell     principal      a
Interwoven     Ron Daniel     alternate  a
Jamcracker     David Orchard  principal  a
Progress Software   Peter Lecuyer  alternate  a
Software AG    Dietmar Gaertner    alternate  a
Software AG    Michael Champion    principal  a
XMLSolutions   Kevin Mitchell principal  a
XMLSolutions   John Evdemon   alternate  a

Scribe for Minutes - Krishna Sankar

2. Agenda review, call for AOB

3. Approval of minutes from 7-Feb-2001 Telecon

4. Review action items

5. Spec Document & Issues List (Hugo,Henrick)

Issues List
Henrick : Has the issues list. Plans to make it available as a separate
issues list document which will describe and track the issues

Paul suggested an XML based issues list and using XSLT to embed this.
XMLQuery and Schema folks are using this method.
Paul to demo this to Henrik. Editor and Chair decision.

A question was raised about the timeframe for this issues list
David Fallside : It should be ready for review at the f2f which means it
must be ready by next Monday (to be on the f2f agenda)

6. Include SOAP Issues in our issues List (David F)

David Fallside proposed that we include the current issues list from SOAP
into our issues list. We will deal with them appropriately as other issues.
There are about 25 issues - some editorial and others technical.

Krishna : What happens to the SOAP list after we add it to our issues list
David : We will close that list and replace it with a a pointer to our
issues list (which will be available on xml-dist-app).
Krishna : Are we taking ownership of the issues ?
David : Yes.
Poll of the WG indicated unanimous agreement
Henrick to append the SOAP issues, close the SOAP list and add a pointer to
our issue list

List of New Action Items

Include rewording of DS805 and 807 in the requirements document.
Include the SOAP issue list to the issue list generated by the comparison to the XML Protocol requirements.
Make a note on the SOAP issues list that it is now being maintained by the XML Protocol WG and refer to the new list. Also point out that the mailing list is xml-dist-app.