1. Roll call, assign scribes for minutes & action items (5 minutes)

   Andrew Eisenberg - minutes
   Mark Needleman - action items

2. Agenda review, call for AOB (5 minutes)

   no changes to agenda

3. Approval of minutes from last week [1] (5 minutes)

   Silence was taken as assent, the minutes are approved as written.

   Review of action items from 25-OCT-2000:

      ACTION: XP members who are in other WGs should send info, including
      alternates to David F.


      ACTION: DavidF will talk with other group leaders and submit proposed
      agendas or areas of crosstalk.

         DF considers this item is abandoned until such time that the WG
         has concrete items to discuss with other WGs.

      ACTION: On invitation to collaborate with XML Schema WG on datatypes.
      DavidF: will send a reply saying it's a good idea, it's
      early, more specifics needed, and that PaulC will represent XP in
      any collaboration with the schema WG.


      ACTION: Dave Cleary - add XP's use of use cases to public list msg.


      ACTION: DavidF will proceed with time change ASAP.


4. XP Requirements (40 minutes)

-- status report from section leads

   General (John Ibbotson):
      - Submitted final first draft to Henrik.
      - 7 general requirements in this draft.

   Simplicity (David Ezell):
      - The latest results were included in Henrik's draft earlier today.

   Encapsulation (Oisin Hurley):
      - Added extra wording based on comments from Henrik and others.
      - This text is in section 3.3 of today's draft.
      - Revision will be done by end of day tomorrow.

   Intermediaries (Henrik on behalf of Mark Nottingham):

      ACTION (Henrik) check with Mark on status of this section

   Data Representation (Paul Cotton):
      - There was some discussion, but network connectivity problems slowed
        down the work.
      - Paul will roll these in by end of tomorrow.

   Protocol Bindings (Rich Martin - ABSENT):
      - no report

      ACTION (DavidF): will contact Rich on his status

   Convention for RPC (Vidur Apparao):
      - Modified wording was posted last night.

   Henrik - status of today's document:
      - Interim document, subset of our draft requirements, complete with
        respect to section 3.
      - 400 series are in progress.
      - New revision will be posted on Friday. This is a good time
        for members to make comments.
      - Stable requirement numbers will help the comment process.
      - We discussed of the possible use of a bug tracking system. Further
        discussion on this will take place via email.

-- process for reqs.

   - Section leads have been asked to make their text available, so that
     a new document can be produced for Friday.
   - DavidF would like to move requirements from DR status to R status.
      - Identify those DR's that are stable, then open an email ballot
        for them.
      - Ballot period is not yet determined, DavidF will send out his
        this afternoon.

ACTION: DavidF to send out details of ballot procedure this afternoon,
especially describing voting procedure, timing, and process
for dealing with negative votes.

      - Henrik intends to assemble the draft requirements without editorial
      - We will publish our initial requirements without W3C staff review,
        as it will not be a formal Working Draft or a Note.
      - Should ebXML have early access to the document? No, not until it is
        published to our public email alias.

-- Simplicity Requirements [2 and subsequent]

   - not discussed ... out of time

5. Any Other Business (5 minutes)

   - none.