The W3C XML Protocol WG held a teleconference on 25 October 2000. The
meeting began at 8:00a PDT.


1. Roll call, assign scribe (5 minutes) (6 minutes)

2. Agenda review, call for AOB (5 minutes) (4 minutes)

3. Approval of minutes from last week (accept DavidO's change? [1]) (5
minutes) (2 minutes)
      f2f minutes updates have already been posted. They will be

5. Response to XML Schema, see [2] (5 minutes) (7 minutes)
   Schema WG looking to create libraries of types and is soliciting XP
   collaboration. What is the XP group's response to this?

   HenrikFN: in general yes. what's not clear is what is the context and
   timeline and deliverables? how to deal with dependencies?

   PaulC: this overlaps with data representation, PC will take on XP
   representation on these issues.

   Some agreement that it would be good for Schema to define a type
   library, and for XP to transfer our types to that activity.

   ACTION: DavidF: will draft a reply saying it's a good idea, it's
   early, more specifics needed, and that PaulC will represent XP in
   any collaboration with the schema WG.

6. XP Requirements (25 minutes) (28 minutes)

-- status report from section leads
     - programming model and transport merged req't based on charter
     - multiple msg patterns and scenarios
     - others are rewording of existing req'ts

   Simplicity: David Ezell
     - meaning in our context; possibly the primary constraint
     - meaning for users
     - meaning for technology
     - avoid conflation of terms (ease of use and simple design)

   Data Encapsulation and Evolvability (Oisin Hurley)
     - condensed req'ts into 4 larger req'ts with possible subparts
     - mechanism and definition of extensibility
     - what's extension w/ intermediaries (inside and outside the
     - envelope concepts and extensibility
       e.g., mime parts? SOAP msg? inside or outside the envelope?

   Intermediaries (Mark Nottingham)
     - strawman proposal presented; replies needed
     - 2 subsections
       intermediary type (proxy or gateway)
       intermediary functions
                 routing, targeting, tracking, reporting
                 caching? is it appropriate

   Data Representation (Paul Cotton)
     - need help - send mail to Paul
     - will get started today

   Protocol Bindings (Richard Martin) ABSENT

   Convention for RPC (Vidur Apparao)
     - posted condensed version; replies needed
     - overlap with other req'ts in other areas (e.g., data

   Participation needed on many groups.
   Current timeline is the end of October.

   Each group's process for discussion and work is up to the leader.

-- DR900 [3] Some discussion of DavidF's proposed req't. on use cases,
   which was expanded from the discussion at the f2f. General group
   agreement on David's wording.

   ACTION: Dave Cleary - add XP's use of use cases to public list msg.

   Ed Mooney: Use cases for interoperability lab? testability? What's
   the objective?

-- Simplicity Requirements [4] NO TIME ON THIS CALL

7. Any Other Business (5 minutes) 11:56AM
   - suggested change time for telcon to 3PM EST to accomodate
   Australian members. Europeans seem amenable.

   ACTION: DavidF will proceed with time change ASAP.