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W3C DRM Workshop 2001 - Position Papers



Author(s) Title Download
1 AccessTicket Kilho Shin, Craig A. Schultz Digital Qualification - direct deployment of PKC in the access control of diverse content and services HTML
2 AFB-American Association for the Blind Janina Sajka Position Paper (Surpassing Gutenberg) HTML
3 Archimuse David Bearman Functional Requirements for IP Management HTML
4 Artesia Technologies Sebastian Holst Position Paper HTML
5 Cloakware Spencer Cheng, Paul Litva, Alec Main Trusting DRM Software HTML
6 CNRI Larry Lannom Position Paper HTML
7 Compaq Mark S. Manasse Why Rights Management is Wrong (and What to Do Instead) HTML
8 ContentGuard Brad Gandee, Xin Wang Position Paper HTML
9 DAISY Consortium
George Kerscher, Hiroshi Kawamura DRM For Persons Who are Blind and/or Print Disabled HTML
10 Dentsu Nicholas R. Givotovsky, Takahito Iida Position Paper HTML
11 Digital Goods Jonathan Schull Position Paper HTML
12 Digitale Hanse Frank Reichwein Why DRM cannot protect copyrights HTML
13 DMDsecure Nickel van der Vorm Position Paper HTML
14 FSU Judie Mulholland Digital Rights (mis)Management HTML
15 GEMPLUS Pierre Vannel Position Paper HTML
16 Hewlett-Packard John Erickson, Matt Williamson, Dave Reynolds, Poorvi Vora, Peter Rodgers Principles for Standardization and Interoperability in Web-based Digital Rights Management HTML
17 Hewlett-Packard Poorvi Vora, Dave Reynolds, Ian Dickinson, John Erickson, Dave Banks Privacy and Digital Rights Management HTML

Version 2

18 Hewlett Packard
KPMG Consulting
Mark Rowe, Zachary Coffin Position Paper HTML
19 IFPI Philippa J.K. Morrell Position Paper HTML
20 Indecs Godfrey Rust Indecs Framework LINK
21 Intel Vaughn Iverson Position Paper HTML
Revised Edition
22 International DOI Foundation Norman Paskin Position Paper HTML
23 IPR Systems Renato Iannella Open Digital Rights Management HTML
24 IrdetoAccess Wim Mooij Position Paper HTML
25 McGraw-Hill Robert Bolick Position paper on Publishers' Requirements for Digital Rights Management HTML
26 Metarights JhongGeon KIM Transaction Information Management in DRM process HTML
27 Microsoft Tom McMahon Position Paper HTML
28 MPEG Rob Koenen Intellectual Property Management and Protection in MPEG Standards PDF


Julian Durand Position Paper HTML
30 NTRU Jeremy Wyant Establishing security requirements for more effective and scalable DRM Solutions HTML
31 Philipps Gérard Lokhoff Internet Digital Rights Management for Consumer Electronics Applications HTML
32 Phocis Andy Barlow Position Paper HTML
33 Pye Brook Stephen Mooney Digital Object Identifiers for ebooks: What are we identifying? HTML
34 RealNetworks Jeff Albertson Position Paper HTML
35 Reed Elsevier Jeff Honious Position Paper HTML
36 Reuters David Parrott Position Paper HTML
37 RightsCom Chris Barlas Position Paper HTML
38 University of Helsinki Viveca Still Legal challenges for the development of Digital Rights Management Systems HTML
Final Version
39 University Paris Michel de Rougemont Digital Rights Infrastructures HTML
40 Versaware Jonathan D. Hahn Position Paper HTML
41 Xamax Consultancy Pty Ltd Roger Clarke DRM Will Beget DCRM HTML

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