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Minutes 2001-05-25

Present: Brian McBride(Chair), Dan Brickley, Art Barstow, Dave Beckett, Dan Connolly(Scribe), Bill dehOra, Jan Grant, Frank Manola, Stephen Petschulat, Aaron Swartz, Mike Dean, Eric Miller,

Regrets: Ron Daniel Jos De Roo Graham Klyne

Absent: Frank Boumphrey Rael Dornfest Martyn Horner Renato Iannella Yoshiyuki Kitahara Michael Kopchenov Ora Lassila Satoshi Nakamura Pierre G. Richard R. V. Guha

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meeting call with proposed agenda (archive)

  1. 00 Welcome, Roll Call, volunteer scribe, Agenda Review Minutes of previous meeting @@disp
  2. 15 re issues: #rdf-containers-syntax-ambiguity #rdf-containers-syntax-vs-schema @@disp
  3. 30 re issue: #rdf-ns-prefix-confusion @@disp
  4. Format for expected results of test cases @@disp
  5. Adjournment @@disp


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00 Welcome, Roll Call, volunteer scribe, Agenda Review Minutes of previous meeting

minutes recorded by EricM approved as corrected in 0124, 0125 @@links. DanBri: intends to meet with Guha next week in IRC and to get a brain dump from him. McBride solicits folks with test cases to send them to him. McBride reminds all that ftf is scheduled for 1,2 Aug. agenda request: discussion of communicating resolutions to developer community.

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15 re issues: #rdf-containers-syntax-ambiguity #rdf-containers-syntax-vs-schema

postponed. @@make this a class.

30 re issue: #rdf-ns-prefix-confusion

Connolly: so the language doesn't contain these documents. Good. that's clear. Connolly: licensing processors to accept documents that aren't in the language is risky... the user community learns what the language is by what the tools do. [... scribe is discussing too much to do a good job recording; help? ] EricM: there's a requirement for syntactic inclusion in HTML. BillD: I think we need to fix productions 4, 5, and 9 DaveB: I listed a bunch of productions in item2 of the proposal... BillD: let's make it clear that folks MUST NOT use unprefixed resource/about/.. attrs. em notes that he may have overstated earlier requirements as there is no specified requirement of syntactic inclusion in M&S Specification. item 7 is withdrawn; change is incorporated into item 2. ArtB: so you're changing production 6.19 so that the prefix is not optional? DaveB: yes. ArtB: do folks realize there might be a lot of RDF out there in this form? several: yes. BillD: this looks like an erratum then; the grammar had a typo. EricM: let's note this in both places: the errata and the developers page. BrianM: DaveB's proposal should be couched in terms of 'namespace qualified' rather than 'namespace prefixed'. scribe note: "prefixed" doesn't occur in the RDF 1.0 spec. DaveB: I have 7 tests.

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Format for expected results of test cases

jang: we have an evolving convention for test case input; I have a suggestion for "expected results" format. that I intend to send.

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