SWAP tests

This directory contains tests data from the SWAP project.

It can be checked out of the public CVS on dev.w3.org (though is cannot be edited there. The master CVS is that of the www.w3.org web site, and is not currently publically accessible)

The test harness is as follows:

Test harness. Runes cwm in command line, driven by test descriptions from cwm test ontology or rdf test ontology.

python retest.py --help for command line args. RTFS for more details ;-).

Definitions of tests which we run befroe checking in a new version of cwm, using

python retest.py -n -f regression.n3

A local n3 version of the rdf core test manifest. (local in case ytou want to test it offline). Run with

python retest.py -f rdfcore-tests.n3

A directory containing reference output for the regression test.
A temp directory, made as necessary, for outputs of regression tests. Compared against ref/*

See test-before-you-code in the XP book Dan read

Dan and Tim
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