United States Postal Addressing Terms

Suppose you want to produce a standard mailing label such as:

a mailing label

The following publications specify mailing labels in terms such as Mailpiece and Delivery Address.

  1. Postal Addressing Standards Publication 28, November 2000
  2. Publication 63 - Designing Flat Mail

This schema establishes URIs to correspond with the terms in those documents for use in RDF.

The perl script jobieLabels.pl consumes data that uses this vocabulary and produces standard labels using the PostScript-MailLabels-2.02 package. @@I would have thought that the one of the well-known RDDL natures/purposes would have been applicable here, but I don't see one. The label above corresponds to this bit of RDF:

The classes and properties follow, in a stylized form of RDF schema.



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