Participants in the Audio Working Group

This is the list of people participating in the Audio Working Group.

Statistics on participants.

The Member-only view of this list includes additional contact information. See also the Patent Policy status page for this group.

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Adenot, Paul
Picture of Paul Adenot
Mozilla Foundation
Akhgari, Ehsan
Mozilla Foundation
Becker, Steven
Microsoft Corporation
Borins, Myles
Picture of Myles Borins
Google, Inc.
Buffa, Michel
Picture of Michel Buffa
Nice Sophia Antipolis University
Carlson, Eric
Picture of Eric Carlson
Apple, Inc.
Choi, Hongchan
Picture of Hongchan Choi
Google, Inc.
Goode, Adam
Google, Inc.
Gregan, Matthew
Mozilla Foundation
Kostiainen, Anssi
Picture of Anssi Kostiainen
Intel Corporation
Lee, WonSuk
Picture of WonSuk Lee
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Lilley, Chris
staff contact
Picture of Chris Lilley
W3C Staff
Low, Scott
Picture of Scott Low
Microsoft Corporation
Nair, Varun
Needham, Chris
Picture of Chris Needham
British Broadcasting Corporation
Noble, Jer
Apple, Inc.
Onumonu, Anthony
British Broadcasting Corporation
Paradis, Matthew
Picture of Matthew Paradis
British Broadcasting Corporation
Raman, T.V.
Google, Inc.
Schmitz, Alexander
Picture of Alexander Schmitz
JS Foundation
Shires, Glen
Picture of Glen Shires
Google, Inc.
Toy, Raymond
Google, Inc.
Toyoshima, Takashi
Google, Inc.
Troncy, Raphaël
Picture of Raphaël Troncy
Weitnauer, Michael
IRT Institut fuer Rundfunktechnik
Wilson, Chris
Picture of Chris Wilson
Google, Inc.
Picture of Mohamed ZERGAOUI

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