Participants in the Positive Work Environment Task Force

This is the list of people participating in the Positive Work Environment Task Force.

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Ashimura, Kazuyuki
Picture of Kazuyuki Ashimura
W3C Staff
Brewer, Judy
Picture of Judy Brewer
W3C Staff
McCathie Nevile, Charles
Picture of Charles McCathie Nevile
Olmo Titos, Antonio
Picture of Antonio Olmo Titos
W3C Staff
Rivoal, Florian
Picture of Florian Rivoal
W3C invited expert
Siegman, Tzviya
Picture of Tzviya Siegman
Swick, Ralph
Picture of Ralph Swick
W3C Staff
van der Hiel, Amy
Picture of Amy van der Hiel
W3C Staff
Zilles, Steve

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