WWW9 XML-protocol agenda Discussions

These are some quick notes I put together on the agenda discussion on xml-dist-app. Please respond on xml-dist-app.

whatwhocontenderssee also
common vocabularyKen MacLeod
Eric Prud'hommeaux's "facets"whoprotocol matrix
Why use XML? What alternatives are there?Larry Masinter
Are there different encodings with different advantages?Larry Masinter
Eric can't typeNoah Mendelsohn
B2B issues not addressed in SOAP
  • reliable messaging
  • one-way messaging
  • publish and subscribe
  • asynchronous and synchronous exchanges over various transports
  • multi-Gb messages
  • payloads that aren't XML
  • security
David Burdett
recognize what the total requirement is [for b2b and other arenas?]David Burdett
what layers do we need and whenDavid Burdett
separate serialization from other aspects (messaging and transport)Ken MacLeod Eric Prud'hommeaux: not yet time to separate aspects
Eric Prud'hommeaux: don't think we will separate serialization and messaging
Glen Daniels: keep it [serialization] in the discussion for now.

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