Activity Proposal: The Semantic Web Development Initiative

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member-confidential for now, but likely to be discussed with various collaborators, proposed to the W3C membership, etc.
initial draft 6 Nov by Dan Brickley danbri@w3.org
revision 11 Nov by Dan Connolly (who likes status/signature stuff at the top while something is in draft form, and intends to move it to the bottom when/if this is finished/released)
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See also: notes from 2000-10-17 discussion between Danny, Tim, and Ralph. To be incorporated herein.

Executive Summary

We propose to continue the W3C Metadata Activity as a Semantic Web Development Initiative:

  1. in general, continue the work of the RDF Interest Group, i.e. coordinating implementation and deployment of RDF.
  2. in particular, apply XML and RDF technologies to the W3C Web site to increase the level of automation of the W3C Process.

Context: Market Analysis, Related W3C Work

The Web was designed as an information space, with the goal that it should be useful not only for human-human communication, but also that machines would be able to participate and help. One of the major obstacles to this has been the fact that most information on the Web is designed for human consumption, and even if it was derived from a database with well defined meanings (in at least some terms) for its columns, that the structure of the data is not evident to a robot browsing the web. Leaving aside the artificial intelligence problem of training machines to behave like people, the Semantic Web approach instead develops languages for expressing information in a machine processable form. [@@quoted from roadmap; cite or not?]

@@other context:

W3C Work

@@XLink, Digital signatures, P3P, XSLT, XML Schema, RDF Schema

Community Context

@@Dublin Core, INDECs, DOI, ...?

Resource Description and Identification

(@@IN PROGRESS: placeholder text by danbri, 2000-04-20 to note that we want to address the URI/resource problem in this activity)

The identification and description of resources are closely related. Social and legal processes are the mechanisms that ultimately ground the identifiers and vocabulary constructs used in our machine-processable data structures. Deployment experience in the RDF Interest Group suggests that there is a need for guidance, best practice notes, and Web architecture clarifications in the area of Web identifiers (URIs). In particular, there has been considerable discussion about appropriate strategies for identifying (amongst other things) persons and organisations for Web data interchange. Rather than proposing a separate URI activity, we propose to track these issues in the context of the broader Semantic Web Activity. @@refs: URI activity draft (textual fodder?), TimBL identifying peersons design issuse paper?,

To do:

Proposal: SWDI: Practical Steps towards a Semantic Web

We propose to extend the duration of the RDF Interest Group for another two years(@@) and to concentrate and intensify our Live Early Adoption and Demonstration (LEAD) efforts to automate W3C Process, communications, and operations.

W3C Process and Operations

@@Tim, do you want to put some meat on this skeleton?

@@using XML Signatures...

Software Development: Tools and Frameworks

@@coordinationg implementation work:

@@... W3C implementation work to date:

Other implementation work:

@@Continue the discussion of an alternative XML syntax for RDF within the RDF Interest Group. When a proposal seems to be reaching a stable state, propose a Working Group to carry it to Recommendation.

@@same for logic layer?

@@propose interop meetings?

@@what to say about this list?

Applications: Libraries, Electronic Commerce, ...@@

Timeline and Resources

We propose to deploy approximately @@ person-years of effort over a two year(@@?) duration, starting approximately Feb 2000:

~Jan 2000 (T0)
propose to membership
~Feb 2000 TP+4weeks
close of member advice/review period
~Feb 2000 TP+~6weeks
director's decision
Feb/Mar 2000
XTech 2000 (announcement?)
@@other sync points? DC workshops?
Feb 2002

(@@who? Ralph, DC, DLL, Eric, Danbri, Henry?)

Acknowledgements (@@and Fodder)

@@OCLC, Nokia, HP?

Semantic Web Planning meeting of 9 Dec

sw99 (archive)