Status of this document: this is early access to a work in progress, released in current form for feedback/comments from the RDF Interest Group. See changes log below for recent changes and the disclaimer below for more warnings, apologies etc if the demo fails in your browsing environment.

Authors: This document, examples and rdfquery.js glue code: Dan Brickley, Charles McCN; based on Javascript prolog engine by Jan Grant.

Usage: enter RDF queries using these forms. Some pre-prepared sample queries are provided. Note that a separate browser window is opened to display HTMLised results, and that this may sometimes be obscured by other windows.


This query lists all pairs of nodes connected by an 'rdf:type' arc

List all pairs of resources 'Tool','Checkpoint', where the Tool 'conform:meets' the Checkpoint'.

List all tools and checkpoints where the tool is 'okFor' that checkpoint.

List all Atools.

List all AAtools.

Query Results (textual log)

(See also HTML table view of results in separate window)

RDF Database

The data shown below is in the form {predicate} ( {subject}, {object} ). One RDF statement per line.

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