D.M. Sendall

Mike Sendall, my friend and supervisor at CERN, died on Thursday July 15, 1999 after a valiant struggle with cancer. His brightness and wisdom and great personal warmth gave very much to everyone he met. He was a wonderful person.

Mike was very astute, always one to spot the flaw no one else had spotted in a technical argument, but also posessed of a diplomacy when it came to pointing it out.

He was also the English gentleman. I understood that once he had arrived at Heathrow having forgotten his passport. When the immigration authorities asked him how they were to believe who he was, I can imagine him replying "Ah yes-- how indeed?" and them letting him through at once.

It was Mike who went along with my idea of getting one of the "NeXT" machines, and Mike who suggested that I could go ahead and use it to play with the idea of that global hypertext thing I had been talking about. When Robert Cailliau and I could not figure out how to run the World Wide Web project between the two different divisions we were in, Mike advised us how to continue.

I think I remember best his quiet smile and that omnipresent twinkle in his eye. I'll miss him.

Tim Berners-Lee

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