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Printing MathML Character Entities alphabetically

Based on ISO 9573-13 extended with aliases

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Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Aacgr                           isogrk2       902 0386 =capital Alpha, accent, Greek 
aacgr                           isogrk2       940 03AC =small alpha, accent, Greek 
Aacute                          isolat1       193 00C1 =capital A, acute accent 
aacute                          isolat1       225 00E1 =small a, acute accent 
Abreve                          isolat2       258 0102 =capital A, breve 
abreve                          isolat2       259 0103 =small a, breve 
ac                              isoamsb     57863 E207 most positive 
acd                             isotech     58278 E3A6 ac current 
acE                             isoamsb     58000 E290 most positive, two lines below 
Acirc                           isolat1       194 00C2 =capital A, circumflex accent 

acirc                           isolat1       226 00E2 =small a, circumflex accent 
acute                           isodia        180 00B4 =acute accent 
Acy                             isocyr1      1040 0410 =capital A, Cyrillic 
acy                             isocyr1      1072 0430 =small a, Cyrillic 
AElig                           isolat1       198 00C6 =capital AE diphthong (ligature) 
aelig                           isolat1       230 00E6 =small ae diphthong (ligature) 
af                              mmlextra    59552 E8A0 short form of ⁡ 
Afr                             isomfrk     58720 E560 /frak A, upper case a 
afr                             isomfrk     58752 E580 /frak a, lower case a 
Agr                             isogrk1       913 0391 =capital Alpha, Greek 

agr                             isogrk1       945 03B1 =small alpha, Greek 
Agrave                          isolat1       192 00C0 =capital A, grave accent 
agrave                          isolat1       224 00E0 =small a, grave accent 
aleph                           isotech      8501 2135 /aleph aleph, Hebrew 
alpha                           isogrk3       945 03B1 /alpha small alpha, Greek 
Amacr                           isolat2       256 0100 =capital A, macron 
amacr                           isolat2       257 0101 =small a, macron 
amalg                           isoamsb     57937 E251 /amalg B: amalgamation or coproduct 
amp                             isonum         38 0026 =ampersand 
And                             isotech     58228 E374 dbl logical and 

and                             isotech      8743 2227 /wedge /land B: logical and 
andand                          isotech     58222 E36E two logical and 
andd                            isotech     58260 E394 and, horizontal dash 
andslope                        isotech     58634 E50A sloping large and 
andv                            isotech     58257 E391 and with middle stem 
ang                             isoamso      8736 2220 /angle - angle 
ange                            isoamso     58070 E2D6 angle, equal 
angle                           mmlalias     8736 2220 alias ISOAMSO ang 
angmsd                          isoamso      8737 2221 /measuredangle - angle-measured 
angmsdaa                        isoamso     58073 E2D9 angle-measured, arrow, up, right 

angmsdab                        isoamso     58074 E2DA angle-measured, arrow, up, left 
angmsdac                        isoamso     58075 E2DB angle-measured, arrow, down, right 
angmsdad                        isoamso     58076 E2DC angle-measured, arrow, down, left 
angmsdae                        isoamso     58077 E2DD angle-measured, arrow, right, up 
angmsdaf                        isoamso     58078 E2DE angle-measured, arrow, left, up 
angmsdag                        isoamso     58079 E2DF angle-measured, arrow, right, down 
angmsdah                        isoamso     58080 E2E0 angle-measured, arrow, left, down 
angrt                           isotech      8735 221F right (90 degree) angle 
angrtvb                         isoamso     58392 E418 right angle-measured 
angrtvbd                        isoamso     58081 E2E1 right angle-measured, dot 

angsph                          isotech      8738 2222 /sphericalangle angle-spherical 
angst                           isotech      8491 212B Angstrom capital A, ring 
angzarr                         isoamsa     57928 E248 angle with down zig-zag arrow 
Aogon                           isolat2       260 0104 =capital A, ogonek 
aogon                           isolat2       261 0105 =small a, ogonek 
Aopf                            isomopf     58624 E500 /Bbb A, open face A 
ap                              isotech      8776 2248 /approx R: approximate 
apacir                          isotech     58252 E38C approximate, circumflex accent 
apE                             isoamsr      8778 224A approximately equal or equal to 
ape                             isoamsr      8778 224A /approxeq R: approximate, equals 

apid                            isoamsr      8779 224B approximately identical to 
apos                            isonum         39 0027 =apostrophe 
ApplyFunction                   mmlextra    59552 E8A0 character showing function application in presentation tagging 
approx                          mmlalias     8776 2248 alias ISOTECH ap 
approxeq                        mmlalias     8778 224A alias ISOAMSR ape 
Aring                           isolat1       197 00C5 =capital A, ring 
aring                           isolat1       229 00E5 =small a, ring 
Ascr                            isomscr     58656 E520 /scr A, script letter A 
ascr                            isomscr     58688 E540 /scr a, script letter a 
Assign                          mmlextra    59483 E85B assignment operator 

ast                             isonum         42 002A /ast B: =asterisk 
asymp                           isoamsr      8781 224D /asymp R: asymptotically equal to 
Atilde                          isolat1       195 00C3 =capital A, tilde 
atilde                          isolat1       227 00E3 =small a, tilde 
Auml                            isolat1       196 00C4 =capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark 
auml                            isolat1       228 00E4 =small a, dieresis or umlaut mark 
awconint                        isotech      8755 2233 contour integral, anti-clockwise 
awint                           isotech     58267 E39B anti clock-wise integration 

B   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
b.Delta                         isogrk4     59143 E707 capital delta, Greek 
b.Gamma                         isogrk4     59139 E703 capital gamma, Greek 
b.Gammad                        isogrk4     59141 E705 capital digamma, Greek 
b.Lambda                        isogrk4     59156 E714 capital lambda, Greek 
b.Omega                         isogrk4     59179 E72B capital Omega, Greek 
b.Phi                           isogrk4     59173 E725 capital Phi, Greek 
b.Pi                            isogrk4     59162 E71A capital pi, Greek 
b.Psi                           isogrk4     59177 E729 capital Psi, Greek 
b.Sigma                         isogrk4     59167 E71F capital sigma, Greek 
b.Theta                         isogrk4     59150 E70E capital theta, Greek 

b.Upsilon                       isogrk4     59171 E723 capital upsilon, Greek 
b.Xi                            isogrk4     59160 E718 capital xi, Greek 
b.alpha                         isogrk4     59136 E700 small alpha, Greek 
b.beta                          isogrk4     59137 E701 small beta, Greek 
b.chi                           isogrk4     59175 E727 small chi, Greek 
b.delta                         isogrk4     59142 E706 small delta, Greek 
b.epsi                          isogrk4     59144 E708 small epsilon, Greek 
b.epsiv                         isogrk4     59146 E709 varepsilion 
b.eta                           isogrk4     59148 E70C small eta, Greek 
b.gamma                         isogrk4     59138 E702 small gamma, Greek 

b.gammad                        isogrk4     59140 E704 digamma, Greek 
b.iota                          isogrk4     59152 E710 small iota, Greek 
b.kappa                         isogrk4     59153 E711 small kappa, Greek 
b.kappav                        isogrk4     59154 E712 var kappa, Greek 
b.lambda                        isogrk4     59155 E713 small lambda, Greek 
b.mu                            isogrk4     59157 E715 small mu, Greek 
b.nu                            isogrk4     59158 E716 small nu, Greek 
b.omega                         isogrk4     59178 E72A small omega, Greek 
b.phis                          isogrk4     59172 E724 straight phi, Greek 
b.phiv                          isogrk4     59174 E726 varphi 

b.pi                            isogrk4     59161 E719 small pi, Greek 
b.piv                           isogrk4     59163 E71B varpi 
b.psi                           isogrk4     59176 E728 small psi, Greek 
b.rho                           isogrk4     59164 E71C small rho, Greek 
b.rhov                          isogrk4     59165 E71D varrho 
b.sigma                         isogrk4     59166 E71E small sigma, Greek 
b.sigmav                        isogrk4     59168 E720 varsigma 
b.tau                           isogrk4     59169 E721 small tau, Greek 
b.thetas                        isogrk4     59149 E70D straight theta, Greek 
b.thetav                        isogrk4     59151 E70F var theta, Greek 

b.upsi                          isogrk4     59170 E722 small upsilon, Greek 
b.xi                            isogrk4     59159 E717 small xi, Greek 
b.zeta                          isogrk4     59145 E70B small zeta, Greek 
backcong                        mmlalias     8780 224C alias ISOAMSR bcong 
backepsilon                     mmlalias    59392 E800 alias ISOAMSR bepsi 
backprime                       mmlalias     8245 2035 alias ISOAMSO bprime 
backsim                         mmlalias     8765 223D alias ISOAMSR bsim 
backsimeq                       mmlalias     8909 22CD alias ISOAMSR bsime 
Backslash                       mmlalias     8726 2216 alias ISOAMSB setmn 
BadBreak                        mmlextra    59540 E894 if a linebreak is needed, try to avoid breaking here 

Barv                            isoamsr     58129 E311 vert, dbl bar (over) 
barvee                          isoamsb      8893 22BD bar, vee 
Barwed                          isoamsb      8966 2306 /doublebarwedge B: log and, dbl bar above 
barwed                          isoamsb      8892 22BC /barwedge B: logical and, bar above 
barwedge                        mmlalias     8892 22BC alias ISOAMSB barwed 
bbrk                            isoamso     58094 E2EE bottom square bracket 
bbrktbrk                        isoamso     58393 E419 bottom above top square bracket 
bcong                           isoamsr      8780 224C /backcong R: reverse congruent 
Bcy                             isocyr1      1041 0411 =capital BE, Cyrillic 
bcy                             isocyr1      1073 0431 =small be, Cyrillic 

becaus                          isotech      8757 2235 /because R: because 
Because                         mmlalias     8757 2235 alias ISOTECH becaus 
because                         mmlalias     8757 2235 alias ISOTECH becaus 
bemptyv                         isoamso     58394 E41A reversed circle, slash 
bepsi                           isoamsr     59392 E800 /backepsilon R: such that 
bernou                          isotech      8492 212C Bernoulli function (script capital B)  
beta                            isogrk3       946 03B2 /beta small beta, Greek 
beth                            isoamso      8502 2136 /beth - beth, Hebrew 
between                         mmlalias     8812 226C alias ISOAMSR twixt 
Bfr                             isomfrk     58721 E561 /frak B, upper case b 

bfr                             isomfrk     58753 E581 /frak b, lower case b 
Bgr                             isogrk1       914 0392 =capital Beta, Greek 
bgr                             isogrk1       946 03B2 =small beta, Greek 
bigcap                          mmlalias     8898 22C2 alias ISOAMSB xcap 
bigcirc                         mmlalias     9711 25EF alias ISOAMSB xcirc 
bigcup                          mmlalias     8899 22C3 alias ISOAMSB xcup 
bigodot                         mmlalias     8857 2299 alias ISOAMSB xodot 
bigoplus                        mmlalias     8853 2295 alias ISOAMSB xoplus 
bigotimes                       mmlalias     8855 2297 alias ISOAMSB xotime 
bigsqcup                        mmlalias     8852 2294 alias ISOAMSB xsqcup 

bigstar                         mmlalias     9733 2605 ISOPUB    starf  
bigtriangledown                 mmlalias     9661 25BD alias ISOAMSB xdtri 
bigtriangleup                   mmlalias     9651 25B3 alias ISOAMSB xutri 
biguplus                        mmlalias     8846 228E alias ISOAMSB xuplus 
bigvee                          mmlalias     8897 22C1 alias ISOAMSB xvee 
bigwedge                        mmlalias     8896 22C0 alias ISOAMSB xwedge 
bkarow                          mmlalias    58373 E405 alias ISOAMSA rbarr 
blacklozenge                    mmlalias    59403 E80B alias ISOPUB lozf 
blacksquare                     mmlalias     9642 25AA ISOTECH  squarf  
blacktriangle                   mmlalias     9652 25B4 alias ISOPUB utrif 

blacktriangledown               mmlalias     9662 25BE alias ISOPUB dtrif 
blacktriangleleft               mmlalias     9666 25C2 alias ISOPUB ltrif 
blacktriangleright              mmlalias     9656 25B8 alias ISOPUB rtrif 
blank                           isopub       9251 2423 =significant blank symbol 
blk12                           isopub       9618 2592 =50% shaded block 
blk14                           isopub       9617 2591 =25% shaded block 
blk34                           isopub       9619 2593 =75% shaded block 
block                           isopub       9608 2588 =full block 
bne                             isotech     58248 E388 reverse not equal 
bnequiv                         isotech     58247 E387 reverse not equivalent 

bNot                            isotech     58285 E3AD reverse not with two horizontal strokes 
bnot                            isotech      8976 2310 reverse not 
Bopf                            isomopf     58625 E501 /Bbb B, open face B 
bot                             mmlalias     8869 22A5 alias ISOTECH bottom 
bottom                          isotech      8869 22A5 /bot bottom 
bowtie                          isoamsr      8904 22C8 /bowtie R: 
boxbox                          isoamso     58086 E2E6 two joined squares 
boxDL                           isobox       9559 2557 lower left quadrant 
boxDl                           isobox       9558 2556 lower left quadrant 
boxdL                           isobox       9557 2555 lower left quadrant 

boxdl                           isobox       9488 2510 lower left quadrant 
boxDR                           isobox       9556 2554 lower right quadrant 
boxDr                           isobox       9555 2553 lower right quadrant 
boxdR                           isobox       9554 2552 lower right quadrant 
boxdr                           isobox       9484 250C lower right quadrant 
boxH                            isobox       9552 2550 horizontal line 
boxh                            isobox       9472 2500 horizontal line  
boxHD                           isobox       9574 2566 lower left and right quadrants 
boxHd                           isobox       9572 2564 lower left and right quadrants 
boxhD                           isobox       9573 2565 lower left and right quadrants 

boxhd                           isobox       9516 252C lower left and right quadrants 
boxHU                           isobox       9577 2569 upper left and right quadrants 
boxHu                           isobox       9575 2567 upper left and right quadrants 
boxhU                           isobox       9576 2568 upper left and right quadrants 
boxhu                           isobox       9524 2534 upper left and right quadrants 
boxminus                        mmlalias     8863 229F alias ISOAMSB minusb 
boxplus                         mmlalias     8862 229E alias ISOAMSB plusb 
boxtimes                        mmlalias     8864 22A0 alias ISOAMSB timesb 
boxUL                           isobox       9565 255D upper left quadrant 
boxUl                           isobox       9564 255C upper left quadrant 

boxuL                           isobox       9563 255B upper left quadrant 
boxul                           isobox       9496 2518 upper left quadrant 
boxUR                           isobox       9562 255A upper right quadrant 
boxUr                           isobox       9561 2559 upper right quadrant 
boxuR                           isobox       9560 2558 upper right quadrant 
boxur                           isobox       9492 2514 upper right quadrant 
boxV                            isobox       9553 2551 vertical line 
boxv                            isobox       9474 2502 vertical line 
boxVH                           isobox       9580 256C all four quadrants 
boxVh                           isobox       9579 256B all four quadrants 

boxvH                           isobox       9578 256A all four quadrants 
boxvh                           isobox       9532 253C all four quadrants 
boxVL                           isobox       9571 2563 upper and lower left quadrants 
boxVl                           isobox       9570 2562 upper and lower left quadrants 
boxvL                           isobox       9569 2561 upper and lower left quadrants 
boxvl                           isobox       9508 2524 upper and lower left quadrants 
boxVR                           isobox       9568 2560 upper and lower right quadrants 
boxVr                           isobox       9567 255F upper and lower right quadrants 
boxvR                           isobox       9566 255E upper and lower right quadrants 
boxvr                           isobox       9500 251C upper and lower right quadrants 

bprime                          isoamso      8245 2035 /backprime - reverse prime 
Breve                           mmlalias      728 02D8 alias ISODIA breve 
breve                           isodia        728 02D8 =breve 
brvbar                          isonum        166 00A6 =broken (vertical) bar 
Bscr                            isomscr      8492 212C /scr B, script letter B 
bscr                            isomscr     58689 E541 /scr b, script letter b 
bsemi                           isoamso     58093 E2ED reverse semi-colon 
bsim                            isoamsr      8765 223D /backsim R: reverse similar 
bsime                           isoamsr      8909 22CD /backsimeq R: reverse similar, eq 
bsol                            isonum         92 005C /backslash =reverse solidus 

bsolb                           isoamsb     57984 E280 reverse solidus in square 
bsolhsub                        isoamsr     58189 E34D reverse solidus, subset 
bull                            isopub       8226 2022 /bullet B: =round bullet, filled 
bullet                          mmlalias     8226 2022 alias ISOPUB bull 
bump                            isoamsr      8782 224E /Bumpeq R: bumpy equals 
bumpE                           isoamsr     58134 E316 bump, equals 
bumpe                           isoamsr      8783 224F /bumpeq R: bumpy equals, equals 
Bumpeq                          mmlalias     8782 224E alias ISOAMSR bump 
bumpeq                          mmlalias     8783 224F alias ISOAMSR bumpe 

C   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Cacute                          isolat2       262 0106 =capital C, acute accent 
cacute                          isolat2       263 0107 =small c, acute accent 
Cap                             isoamsb      8914 22D2 /Cap /doublecap B: dbl intersection 
cap                             isotech      8745 2229 /cap B: intersection 
capand                          isoamsb     57985 E281 intersection, and 
capbrcup                        isoamsb     57969 E271 intersection, bar, union 
capcap                          isoamsb     57971 E273 intersection, intersection, joined 
capcup                          isoamsb     57967 E26F intersection above union 
capdot                          isoamsb     57953 E261 intersection, with dot 
CapitalDifferentialD            mmlextra    63307 F74B D for use in differentials, e.g., within integrals 

caps                            isoamsb     57973 E275 intersection, serifs 
caret                           isopub       8257 2041 =caret (insertion mark) 
caron                           isodia        711 02C7 =caron 
ccaps                           isoamsb     57977 E279 closed intersection, serifs 
Ccaron                          isolat2       268 010C =capital C, caron 
ccaron                          isolat2       269 010D =small c, caron 
Ccedil                          isolat1       199 00C7 =capital C, cedilla 
ccedil                          isolat1       231 00E7 =small c, cedilla 
Ccirc                           isolat2       264 0108 =capital C, circumflex accent 
ccirc                           isolat2       265 0109 =small c, circumflex accent 

Cconint                         isotech      8752 2230 triple contour integral operator 
ccups                           isoamsb     57976 E278 closed union, serifs 
ccupssm                         isoamsb     57978 E27A closed union, serifs, smash product 
Cdot                            isolat2       266 010A =capital C, dot above 
cdot                            isolat2       267 010B =small c, dot above 
cedil                           isodia        184 00B8 =cedilla 
Cedilla                         mmlalias      184 00B8 alias ISODIA cedil 
cemptyv                         isoamso     58088 E2E8 circle, slash, small circle above 
cent                            isonum        162 00A2 =cent sign 
CenterDot                       mmlalias      183 00B7 alias ISONUM middot 

centerdot                       mmlalias      183 00B7 alias ISONUM middot 
Cfr                             isomfrk     58722 E562 /frak C, upper case c 
cfr                             isomfrk     58754 E582 /frak c, lower case c 
CHcy                            isocyr1      1063 0427 =capital CHE, Cyrillic 
chcy                            isocyr1      1095 0447 =small che, Cyrillic 
check                           isopub      10003 2713 /checkmark =tick, check mark 
checkmark                       mmlalias    10003 2713 alias ISOPUB check 
chi                             isogrk3       967 03C7 /chi small chi, Greek 
cir                             isopub       9675 25CB /circ B: =circle, open 
circ                            isodia         94 005E circumflex accent 

circeq                          mmlalias     8791 2257 alias ISOAMSR cire 
circlearrowleft                 mmlalias     8634 21BA alias ISOAMSA olarr 
circlearrowright                mmlalias     8635 21BB alias ISOAMSA orarr 
circledast                      mmlalias     8859 229B alias ISOAMSB oast 
circledcirc                     mmlalias     8858 229A alias ISOAMSB ocir 
circleddash                     mmlalias     8861 229D alias ISOAMSB odash 
CircleDot                       mmlalias     8857 2299 alias ISOAMSB odot 
circledR                        mmlalias      174 00AE alias ISONUM reg 
circledS                        mmlalias     9416 24C8 alias ISOAMSO oS 
CircleMinus                     mmlalias     8854 2296 alias ISOAMSB ominus 

CirclePlus                      mmlalias     8853 2295 alias ISOAMSB oplus 
CircleTimes                     mmlalias     8855 2297 alias ISOAMSB otimes 
cirE                            isoamso     58395 E41B circle, two horizontal stroked to the right 
cire                            isoamsr      8791 2257 /circeq R: circle, equals 
cirfnint                        isotech     58261 E395 circulation function 
cirmid                          isoamsa     57936 E250 circle, mid below 
cirscir                         isoamso     58396 E41C circle, small circle to the right 
ClockwiseContourIntegral        mmlalias     8754 2232 alias ISOTECH cwconint 
CloseCurlyDoubleQuote           mmlalias     8221 201D alias ISONUM rdquo 
CloseCurlyQuote                 mmlalias     8217 2019 alias ISONUM rsquo 

clubs                           isopub       9827 2663 /clubsuit =club suit symbol  
clubsuit                        mmlalias     9827 2663 ISOPUB    clubs  
Colon                           isoamsr      8759 2237 /Colon, two colons 
colon                           isonum         58 003A /colon P: 
Colone                          isoamsr     58126 E30E double colon, equals 
colone                          isoamsr      8788 2254 /coloneq R: colon, equals 
coloneq                         mmlalias     8788 2254 alias ISOAMSR colone 
comma                           isonum         44 002C P: =comma 
commat                          isonum         64 0040 =commercial at 
comp                            isoamso      8705 2201 /complement - complement sign 

compfn                          isotech      8728 2218 /circ B: composite function (small circle) 
complement                      mmlalias     8705 2201 alias ISOAMSO comp 
cong                            isotech      8773 2245 /cong R: congruent with 
congdot                         isoamsr     58132 E314 congruent, dot 
Congruent                       mmlalias     8801 2261 alias ISOTECH equiv 
Conint                          isotech      8751 222F double contour integral operator 
conint                          isotech      8750 222E /oint L: contour integral operator 
ContourIntegral                 mmlalias     8750 222E alias ISOTECH conint 
Copf                            isomopf      8450 2102 /Bbb C, open face C 
coprod                          isoamsb      8720 2210 /coprod L: coproduct operator 

Coproduct                       mmlalias     8720 2210 alias ISOAMSB coprod 
copy                            isonum        169 00A9 =copyright sign 
copysr                          isopub       8471 2117 =sound recording copyright sign 
CounterClockwiseContourIntegral mmlalias     8755 2233 alias ISOTECH awconint 
Cross                           mmlextra    58905 E619 cross or vector product 
cross                           isopub      10007 2717 =ballot cross 
Cscr                            isomscr     58658 E522 /scr C, script letter C 
cscr                            isomscr     58690 E542 /scr c, script letter c 
csub                            isoamsr     58193 E351 subset, closed 
csube                           isoamsr     58195 E353 subset, closed, equals 

csup                            isoamsr     58194 E352 superset, closed 
csupe                           isoamsr     58196 E354 superset, closed, equals 
ctdot                           isotech      8943 22EF /cdots, three dots, centered 
cudarrl                         isoamsa     57918 E23E left, curved, down arrow 
cudarrr                         isoamsa     58368 E400 right, curved, down arrow 
cuepr                           isoamsr      8926 22DE /curlyeqprec R: curly eq, precedes 
cuesc                           isoamsr      8927 22DF /curlyeqsucc R: curly eq, succeeds 
cularr                          isoamsa      8630 21B6 /curvearrowleft A: left curved arrow 
cularrp                         isoamsa     57930 E24A curved left arrow with plus 
Cup                             isoamsb      8915 22D3 /Cup /doublecup B: dbl union 

cup                             isotech      8746 222A /cup B: union or logical sum 
cupbrcap                        isoamsb     57968 E270 union, bar, intersection 
CupCap                          mmlalias     8781 224D alias ISOAMSR asymp 
cupcap                          isoamsb     57966 E26E union above intersection 
cupcup                          isoamsb     57970 E272 union, union, joined 
cupdot                          isoamsb      8845 228D union, with dot 
cupor                           isoamsb     57986 E282 union, or 
cups                            isoamsb     57972 E274 union, serifs 
curarr                          isoamsa      8631 21B7 /curvearrowright A: rt curved arrow 
curarrm                         isoamsa     57929 E249 curved right arrow with minus 

curlyeqprec                     mmlalias     8926 22DE alias ISOAMSR cuepr 
curlyeqsucc                     mmlalias     8927 22DF alias ISOAMSR cuesc 
curlyvee                        mmlalias     8910 22CE alias ISOAMSB cuvee 
curlywedge                      mmlalias     8911 22CF alias ISOAMSB cuwed 
curren                          isonum        164 00A4 =general currency sign 
curvearrowleft                  mmlalias     8630 21B6 alias ISOAMSA cularr 
curvearrowright                 mmlalias     8631 21B7 alias ISOAMSA curarr 
cuvee                           isoamsb      8910 22CE /curlyvee B: curly logical or 
cuwed                           isoamsb      8911 22CF /curlywedge B: curly logical and 
cwconint                        isotech      8754 2232 contour integral, clockwise 

cwint                           isotech      8753 2231 clockwise integral 
cylcty                          isotech      9005 232D cylindricity 

D   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Dagger                          isoamsb      8225 2021 /ddagger B: double dagger relation 
Dagger                          isopub       8225 2021 /ddagger B: =double dagger 
dagger                          isoamsb      8224 2020 /dagger B: dagger relation 
dagger                          isopub       8224 2020 /dagger B: =dagger 
daleth                          isoamso      8504 2138 /daleth - daleth, Hebrew 
Darr                            isoamsa      8609 21A1 down two-headed arrow 
dArr                            isoamsa      8659 21D3 /Downarrow A: down dbl arrow 
darr                            isonum       8595 2193 /downarrow A: =downward arrow 
dash                            isopub       8208 2010 =hyphen (true graphic) 
Dashv                           isoamsr     58127 E30F dbl dash, vertical 

dashv                           isoamsr      8867 22A3 /dashv R: dash, vertical 
dbkarow                         mmlalias    57863 E207 alias ISOAMSA rBarr 
dblac                           isodia        733 02DD =double acute accent 
Dcaron                          isolat2       270 010E =capital D, caron 
dcaron                          isolat2       271 010F =small d, caron 
Dcy                             isocyr1      1044 0414 =capital DE, Cyrillic 
dcy                             isocyr1      1076 0434 =small de, Cyrillic 
DD                              mmlextra    63307 F74B short form of CapitalDifferentialD 
dd                              mmlextra    63308 F74C short form of ⅆ 
ddagger                         mmlalias     8225 2021 alias ISOPUB Dagger 

ddarr                           isoamsa      8650 21CA /downdownarrows A: two down arrows 
DDotrahd                        isoamsa     57912 E238 right arrow with dotted stem 
ddotseq                         mmlalias    58121 E309 alias ISOAMSR eDDot 
deg                             isonum        176 00B0 =degree sign 
Del                             mmlalias     8711 2207 alias ISOTECH nabla 
Delta                           isogrk3       916 0394 /Delta capital Delta, Greek 
delta                           isogrk3       948 03B4 /delta small delta, Greek 
demptyv                         isoamso     58087 E2E7 circle, slash, bar above 
dfisht                          isoamsa     57932 E24C down fish tail 
Dfr                             isomfrk     58723 E563 /frak D, upper case d 

dfr                             isomfrk     58755 E583 /frak d, lower case d 
Dgr                             isogrk1       916 0394 =capital Delta, Greek 
dgr                             isogrk1       948 03B4 =small delta, Greek 
dHar                            isoamsa     57895 E227 down harpoon-left, down harpoon-right 
dharl                           isoamsa      8643 21C3 /downharpoonleft A: dn harpoon-left 
dharr                           isoamsa      8642 21C2 /downharpoonright A: down harpoon-rt 
DiacriticalAcute                mmlalias      180 00B4 alias ISODIA acute 
DiacriticalDot                  mmlalias      729 02D9 alias ISODIA dot 
DiacriticalDoubleAcute          mmlalias      733 02DD alias ISODIA dblac 
DiacriticalGrave                mmlalias       96 0060 alias ISODIA grave 

DiacriticalTilde                mmlalias      732 02DC alias ISODIA tilde 
diam                            isoamsb      8900 22C4 /diamond B: open diamond 
Diamond                         mmlalias     8900 22C4 alias ISOAMSB diam 
diamond                         mmlalias     8900 22C4 alias ISOAMSB diam 
diamondsuit                     mmlalias     9830 2666 ISOPUB    diams  
diams                           isopub       9830 2666 /diamondsuit =diamond suit symbol  
die                             isodia        168 00A8 =dieresis 
DifferentialD                   mmlextra    63308 F74C d for use in differentials, e.g., within integrals 
digamma                         mmlalias      988 03DC alias ISOGRK3 gammad 
disin                           isotech     58272 E3A0 set membership, long horizontal stroke 

div                             mmlalias      247 00F7 alias ISONUM divide 
divide                          isonum        247 00F7 /div B: =divide sign 
divideontimes                   mmlalias     8903 22C7 alias ISOAMSB divonx 
divonx                          isoamsb      8903 22C7 /divideontimes B: division on times 
DJcy                            isocyr2      1026 0402 =capital DJE, Serbian 
djcy                            isocyr2      1106 0452 =small dje, Serbian 
dlcorn                          isoamsc      8990 231E /llcorner O: lower left corner 
dlcrop                          isopub       8973 230D downward left crop mark  
dollar                          isonum         36 0024 =dollar sign 
Dopf                            isomopf     58627 E503 /Bbb D, open face D 

Dot                             isotech       168 00A8 dieresis or umlaut mark 
dot                             isodia        729 02D9 =dot above 
DotDot                          isotech      8412 20DC four dots above 
doteq                           mmlalias     8784 2250 alias ISOAMSR esdot 
doteqdot                        mmlalias     8785 2251 alias ISOAMSR eDot 
DotEqual                        mmlalias     8784 2250 alias ISOAMSR esdot 
dotminus                        mmlalias     8760 2238 alias ISOAMSB minusd 
dotplus                         mmlalias     8724 2214 alias ISOAMSB plusdo 
dotsquare                       mmlalias     8865 22A1 alias ISOAMSB sdotb 
doublebarwedge                  mmlalias     8966 2306 alias ISOAMSB Barwed 

DoubleContourIntegral           mmlalias     8751 222F alias ISOTECH Conint 
DoubleDot                       mmlalias      168 00A8 alias ISODIA die 
DoubleDownArrow                 mmlalias     8659 21D3 alias ISOAMSA dArr 
DoubleLeftArrow                 mmlalias     8656 21D0 alias ISOTECH lArr 
DoubleLeftRightArrow            mmlalias     8660 21D4 alias ISOAMSA hArr 
DoubleLeftTee                   mmlalias    58127 E30F alias for  ⫤  
DoubleLongLeftArrow             mmlalias    57856 E200 alias ISOAMSA xlArr 
DoubleLongLeftRightArrow        mmlalias    57858 E202 alias ISOAMSA xhArr 
DoubleLongRightArrow            mmlalias    57860 E204 alias ISOAMSA xrArr 
DoubleRightArrow                mmlalias     8658 21D2 alias ISOTECH rArr 

DoubleRightTee                  mmlalias     8872 22A8 alias ISOAMSR vDash 
DoubleUpArrow                   mmlalias     8657 21D1 alias ISOAMSA uArr 
DoubleUpDownArrow               mmlalias     8661 21D5 alias ISOAMSA vArr 
DoubleVerticalBar               mmlalias     8741 2225 alias ISOTECH par 
DownArrow                       mmlalias     8595 2193 alias ISONUM darr 
Downarrow                       mmlalias     8659 21D3 alias ISOAMSA dArr 
downarrow                       mmlalias     8595 2193 alias ISONUM darr 
DownArrowBar                    mmlextra    62724 F504 down arrow to bar 
DownArrowUpArrow                mmlalias    57878 E216 alias ISOAMSA duarr 
DownBreve                       mmlextra      785 0311 breve, inverted (non-spacing) 

downdownarrows                  mmlalias     8650 21CA alias ISOAMSA ddarr 
downharpoonleft                 mmlalias     8643 21C3 alias ISOAMSA dharl 
downharpoonright                mmlalias     8642 21C2 alias ISOAMSA dharr 
DownLeftRightVector             mmlextra    62731 F50B left-down-right-down harpoon 
DownLeftTeeVector               mmlextra    62734 F50E left-down harpoon from bar 
DownLeftVector                  mmlalias     8637 21BD alias ISOAMSA lhard 
DownLeftVectorBar               mmlextra    62732 F50C left-down harpoon to bar 
DownRightTeeVector              mmlextra    62735 F50F right-down harpoon from bar 
DownRightVector                 mmlalias     8641 21C1 alias ISOAMSA rhard 
DownRightVectorBar              mmlextra    62733 F50D right-down harpoon to bar 

DownTee                         mmlalias     8868 22A4 alias ISOTECH top 
DownTeeArrow                    mmlextra     8615 21A7 alias for mapstodown 
drbkarow                        mmlalias    57865 E209 alias ISOAMSA RBarr 
drcorn                          isoamsc      8991 231F /lrcorner C: lower right corner 
drcrop                          isopub       8972 230C downward right crop mark  
Dscr                            isomscr     58659 E523 /scr D, script letter D 
dscr                            isomscr     58691 E543 /scr d, script letter d 
DScy                            isocyr2      1029 0405 =capital DSE, Macedonian 
dscy                            isocyr2      1109 0455 =small dse, Macedonian 
dsol                            isotech     58281 E3A9 solidus, bar above 

Dstrok                          isolat2       272 0110 =capital D, stroke 
dstrok                          isolat2       273 0111 =small d, stroke 
dtdot                           isotech      8945 22F1 /ddots, three dots, descending 
dtri                            isopub       9663 25BF /triangledown =down triangle, open 
dtrif                           isopub       9662 25BE /blacktriangledown =dn tri, filled 
duarr                           isoamsa     57878 E216 down arrow, up arrow 
duhar                           isoamsa     57879 E217 down harp, up harp 
dwangle                         isotech     58282 E3AA large downward pointing angle 
DZcy                            isocyr2      1039 040F =capital dze, Serbian 
dzcy                            isocyr2      1119 045F =small dze, Serbian 

dzigrarr                        isoamsa      8669 21DD right long zig-zag arrow 

E   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Eacgr                           isogrk2       904 0388 =capital Epsilon, accent, Greek 
eacgr                           isogrk2       941 03AD =small epsilon, accent, Greek 
Eacute                          isolat1       201 00C9 =capital E, acute accent 
eacute                          isolat1       233 00E9 =small e, acute accent 
easter                          isoamsr      8795 225B equal, asterisk above 
Ecaron                          isolat2       282 011A =capital E, caron 
ecaron                          isolat2       283 011B =small e, caron 
ecir                            isoamsr      8790 2256 /eqcirc R: circle on equals sign 
Ecirc                           isolat1       202 00CA =capital E, circumflex accent 
ecirc                           isolat1       234 00EA =small e, circumflex accent 

ecolon                          isoamsr      8789 2255 /eqcolon R: equals, colon 
Ecy                             isocyr1      1069 042D =capital E, Cyrillic 
ecy                             isocyr1      1101 044D =small e, Cyrillic 
eDDot                           isoamsr     58121 E309 /ddotseq R: equal with four dots 
Edot                            isolat2       278 0116 =capital E, dot above 
eDot                            isoamsr      8785 2251 /doteqdot /Doteq R: eq, even dots 
edot                            isolat2       279 0117 =small e, dot above 
ee                              mmlextra    63309 F74D short form of ⅇ 
EEacgr                          isogrk2       905 0389 =capital Eta, accent, Greek 
eeacgr                          isogrk2       942 03AE =small eta, accent, Greek 

EEgr                            isogrk1       919 0397 =capital Eta, Greek 
eegr                            isogrk1       951 03B7 =small eta, Greek 
efDot                           isoamsr      8786 2252 /fallingdotseq R: eq, falling dots 
Efr                             isomfrk     58724 E564 /frak E, upper case e 
efr                             isomfrk     58756 E584 /frak e, lower case e 
eg                              isoamsr     58152 E328 equal-or-greater 
Egr                             isogrk1       917 0395 =capital Epsilon, Greek 
egr                             isogrk1       949 03B5 =small epsilon, Greek 
Egrave                          isolat1       200 00C8 =capital E, grave accent 
egrave                          isolat1       232 00E8 =small e, grave accent 

egs                             isoamsr      8925 22DD /eqslantgtr R: equal-or-gtr, slanted 
egsdot                          isoamsr     58148 E324 equal-or-greater, slanted, dot inside 
el                              isoamsr     58151 E327 equal-or-less 
Element                         mmlalias     8712 2208 alias ISOTECH isinv 
elinters                        isotech     58279 E3A7 electrical intersection 
ell                             isoamso      8467 2113 /ell - cursive small l 
els                             isoamsr      8924 22DC /eqslantless R: eq-or-less, slanted 
elsdot                          isoamsr     58147 E323 equal-or-less, slanted, dot inside 
Emacr                           isolat2       274 0112 =capital E, macron 
emacr                           isolat2       275 0113 =small e, macron 

empty                           isoamso     58067 E2D3 /emptyset - zero, slash 
emptyset                        mmlalias    58067 E2D3 alias ISOAMSO empty 
EmptySmallSquare                mmlextra    62759 F527 empty small square 
emptyv                          isoamso      8709 2205 /varnothing - circle, slash 
EmptyVerySmallSquare            mmlextra    62768 F530 empty small square 
emsp                            isopub       8195 2003 =em space 
emsp13                          isopub       8196 2004 =1/3-em space 
emsp14                          isopub       8197 2005 =1/4-em space 
ENG                             isolat2       330 014A =capital ENG, Lapp 
eng                             isolat2       331 014B =small eng, Lapp 

ensp                            isopub       8194 2002 =en space (1/2-em) 
Eogon                           isolat2       280 0118 =capital E, ogonek 
eogon                           isolat2       281 0119 =small e, ogonek 
Eopf                            isomopf     58628 E504 /Bbb E, open face E 
epar                            isotech      8917 22D5 parallel, equal; equal or parallel 
eparsl                          isotech     58244 E384 parallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to 
eplus                           isoamsb     57960 E268 equal, plus 
epsi                            isogrk3       949 03B5 /straightepsilon, small epsilon, Greek 
epsiv                           isogrk3       603 025B /varepsilon 
eqcirc                          mmlalias     8790 2256 alias ISOAMSR ecir 

eqcolon                         mmlalias     8789 2255 alias ISOAMSR ecolon 
eqsim                           mmlalias     8770 2242 alias ISOAMSR esim 
eqslantgtr                      mmlalias     8925 22DD alias ISOAMSR egs 
eqslantless                     mmlalias     8924 22DC alias ISOAMSR els 
Equal                           mmlextra    62513 F431 two consecutive equal signs 
equals                          isonum         61 003D =equals sign R: 
EqualTilde                      mmlalias     8770 2242 alias ISOAMSR esim 
equest                          isoamsr      8799 225F /questeq R: equal with questionmark 
Equilibrium                     mmlalias     8652 21CC alias ISOAMSA rlhar 
equiv                           isotech      8801 2261 /equiv R: identical with 

equivDD                         isoamsr     58136 E318 equivalent, four dots above 
eqvparsl                        isotech     58246 E386 equivalent, equal; congruent and parallel 
erarr                           isoamsa     57910 E236 equal, right arrow below 
erDot                           isoamsr      8787 2253 /risingdotseq R: eq, rising dots 
Escr                            isomscr      8496 2130 /scr E, script letter E 
escr                            isomscr      8495 212F /scr e, script letter e 
esdot                           isoamsr      8784 2250 /doteq R: equals, single dot above 
Esim                            isoamsr     58135 E317 equal, similar 
esim                            isoamsr      8770 2242 /esim R: equals, similar 
eta                             isogrk3       951 03B7 /eta small eta, Greek 

ETH                             isolat1       208 00D0 =capital Eth, Icelandic 
eth                             isolat1       240 00F0 =small eth, Icelandic 
Euml                            isolat1       203 00CB =capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark 
euml                            isolat1       235 00EB =small e, dieresis or umlaut mark 
excl                            isonum         33 0021 =exclamation mark 
exist                           isotech      8707 2203 /exists at least one exists 
Exists                          mmlalias     8707 2203 alias ISOTECH exist 
ExponentialE                    mmlextra    63309 F74D e use for the exponential base of the natural logarithms 

F   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
fallingdotseq                   mmlalias     8786 2252 alias ISOAMSR efDot 
false                           mmlextra    59559 E8A7 logical constant false 
Fcy                             isocyr1      1060 0424 =capital EF, Cyrillic 
fcy                             isocyr1      1092 0444 =small ef, Cyrillic 
female                          isopub       9792 2640 =female symbol 
ffilig                          isopub      64259 FB03 small ffi ligature 
fflig                           isopub      64256 FB00 small ff ligature 
ffllig                          isopub      64260 FB04 small ffl ligature 
Ffr                             isomfrk     58725 E565 /frak F, upper case f 
ffr                             isomfrk     58757 E585 /frak f, lower case f 

filig                           isopub      64257 FB01 small fi ligature 
FilledSmallSquare               mmlextra    62760 F528 filled small square 
FilledVerySmallSquare           mmlextra    62761 F529 filled very small square 
fjlig                           isopub      58290 E3B2 small fj ligature 
flat                            isopub       9837 266D /flat =musical flat 
fllig                           isopub      64258 FB02 small fl ligature 
fltns                           isotech     58241 E381 flatness 
fnof                            isotech       402 0192 function of (italic small f) 
Fopf                            isomopf     58629 E505 /Bbb F, open face F 
ForAll                          mmlalias     8704 2200 alias ISOTECH forall 

forall                          isotech      8704 2200 /forall for all 
fork                            isoamsr      8916 22D4 /pitchfork R: pitchfork 
forkv                           isoamsr     58139 E31B fork, variant 
fpartint                        isotech     58262 E396 finite part integral 
frac12                          isonum        189 00BD =fraction one-half 
frac13                          isopub       8531 2153 =fraction one-third 
frac14                          isonum        188 00BC =fraction one-quarter 
frac15                          isopub       8533 2155 =fraction one-fifth 
frac16                          isopub       8537 2159 =fraction one-sixth 
frac18                          isonum       8539 215B =fraction one-eighth 

frac23                          isopub       8532 2154 =fraction two-thirds 
frac25                          isopub       8534 2156 =fraction two-fifths 
frac34                          isonum        190 00BE =fraction three-quarters 
frac35                          isopub       8535 2157 =fraction three-fifths 
frac38                          isonum       8540 215C =fraction three-eighths 
frac45                          isopub       8536 2158 =fraction four-fifths 
frac56                          isopub       8538 215A =fraction five-sixths 
frac58                          isonum       8541 215D =fraction five-eighths 
frac78                          isonum       8542 215E =fraction seven-eighths 
frown                           isoamsr      8994 2322 /frown R: down curve 

Fscr                            isomscr      8497 2131 /scr F, script letter F 
fscr                            isomscr     58693 E545 /scr f, script letter f 

G   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
gacute                          isolat2       501 01F5 =small g, acute accent 
Gamma                           isogrk3       915 0393 /Gamma capital Gamma, Greek 
gamma                           isogrk3       947 03B3 /gamma small gamma, Greek 
Gammad                          isogrk3       988 03DC capital digamma 
gammad                          isogrk3       988 03DC /digamma 
gap                             isoamsr      8819 2273 /gtrapprox R: greater, approximate 
Gbreve                          isolat2       286 011E =capital G, breve 
gbreve                          isolat2       287 011F =small g, breve 
Gcedil                          isolat2       290 0122 =capital G, cedilla 
Gcirc                           isolat2       284 011C =capital G, circumflex accent 

gcirc                           isolat2       285 011D =small g, circumflex accent 
Gcy                             isocyr1      1043 0413 =capital GHE, Cyrillic 
gcy                             isocyr1      1075 0433 =small ghe, Cyrillic 
Gdot                            isolat2       288 0120 =capital G, dot above 
gdot                            isolat2       289 0121 =small g, dot above 
gE                              isoamsr      8807 2267 /geqq R: greater, double equals 
ge                              isotech      8805 2265 /geq /ge R: greater-than-or-equal 
gEl                             isoamsr      8923 22DB /gtreqqless R: gt, dbl equals, less 
gel                             isoamsr      8923 22DB /gtreqless R: greater, equals, less 
geq                             mmlalias     8805 2265 alias ISOTECH ge 

geqq                            mmlalias     8807 2267 alias ISOAMSR gE 
geqslant                        mmlalias    58102 E2F6 alias ISOAMSR ges 
ges                             isoamsr     58102 E2F6 /geqslant R: gt-or-equal, slanted 
gescc                           isoamsr     58200 E358 greater than, closed by curve, equal, slanted 
gesdot                          isoamsr     58142 E31E greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside 
gesdoto                         isoamsr     58144 E320 greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above 
gesdotol                        isoamsr     58146 E322 greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above left 
gesl                            isoamsr     58156 E32C greater, equal, slanted, less 
gesles                          isoamsr     58162 E332 greater, equal, slanted, less, equal, slanted 
Gfr                             isomfrk     58726 E566 /frak G, upper case g 

gfr                             isomfrk     58758 E586 /frak g, lower case g 
Gg                              isoamsr      8921 22D9 /ggg /Gg /gggtr R: triple gtr-than 
gg                              mmlalias     8811 226B alias ISOAMSR Gt 
ggg                             mmlalias     8921 22D9 alias ISOAMSR Gg 
Ggr                             isogrk1       915 0393 =capital Gamma, Greek 
ggr                             isogrk1       947 03B3 =small gamma, Greek 
gimel                           isoamso      8503 2137 /gimel - gimel, Hebrew 
GJcy                            isocyr2      1027 0403 =capital GJE Macedonian 
gjcy                            isocyr2      1107 0453 =small gje, Macedonian 
gl                              isoamsr      8823 2277 /gtrless R: greater, less 

gla                             isoamsr     58160 E330 greater, less, apart 
glE                             isoamsr     58158 E32E greater, less, equal 
glj                             isoamsr     58159 E32F greater, less, overlapping 
gnap                            isoamsn     58015 E29F /gnapprox N: greater, not approximate 
gnapprox                        mmlalias    58015 E29F alias ISOAMSN gnap 
gnE                             isoamsn      8809 2269 /gneqq N: greater, not dbl equals 
gne                             isoamsn      8809 2269 /gneq N: greater, not equals 
gneq                            mmlalias     8809 2269 alias ISOAMSN gne 
gneqq                           mmlalias     8809 2269 alias ISOAMSN gnE 
gnsim                           isoamsn      8935 22E7 /gnsim N: greater, not similar 

GoodBreak                       mmlextra    59539 E893 if a linebreak is needed, here is a good spot 
Gopf                            isomopf     58630 E506 /Bbb G, open face G 
grave                           isodia         96 0060 =grave accent 
GreaterEqual                    mmlalias     8805 2265 alias ISOTECH ge 
GreaterEqualLess                mmlalias     8923 22DB alias ISOAMSR gel 
GreaterFullEqual                mmlalias     8807 2267 alias ISOAMSR gE 
GreaterGreater                  mmlextra    58103 E2F7 alias for GT 
GreaterLess                     mmlalias     8823 2277 alias ISOAMSR gl 
GreaterSlantEqual               mmlalias    58102 E2F6 alias ISOAMSR ges 
GreaterTilde                    mmlalias     8819 2273 alias ISOAMSR gsim 

Gscr                            isomscr     58662 E526 /scr G, script letter G 
gscr                            isomscr     58694 E546 /scr g, script letter g 
gsim                            isoamsr      8819 2273 /gtrsim R: greater, similar 
gsime                           isoamsr     58164 E334 greater, similar, equal 
gsiml                           isoamsr     58166 E336 greater, similar, less 
Gt                              isoamsr      8811 226B /gg R: dbl greater-than sign 
gt                              isonum         62 003E =greater-than sign R: 
gtcc                            isoamsr     58198 E356 greater than, closed by curve 
gtcir                           isoamsr     58150 E326 greater than, circle inside 
gtdot                           isoamsr      8919 22D7 /gtrdot R: greater than, with dot 

gtlPar                          isoamsc     58006 E296 dbl left parenthesis, greater 
gtquest                         isoamsr     58154 E32A greater than, questionmark above 
gtrapprox                       mmlalias     8819 2273 alias ISOAMSR gap 
gtrarr                          isoamsr     58207 E35F greater than, right arrow 
gtrdot                          mmlalias     8919 22D7 alias ISOAMSR gtdot 
gtreqless                       mmlalias     8923 22DB alias ISOAMSR gel 
gtreqqless                      mmlalias     8923 22DB alias ISOAMSR gEl 
gtrless                         mmlalias     8823 2277 alias ISOAMSR gl 
gtrsim                          mmlalias     8819 2273 alias ISOAMSR gsim 
gvertneqq                       mmlalias    58017 E2A1 alias ISOAMSN gvnE 

gvnE                            isoamsn     58017 E2A1 /gvertneqq N: gt, vert, not dbl eq 

H   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Hacek                           mmlalias      711 02C7 alias ISODIA caron 
hairsp                          isopub       8202 200A =hair space 
half                            isonum        189 00BD =fraction one-half 
hamilt                          isotech      8459 210B Hamiltonian (script capital H)  
HARDcy                          isocyr1      1066 042A =capital HARD sign, Cyrillic 
hardcy                          isocyr1      1098 044A =small hard sign, Cyrillic 
hArr                            isoamsa      8660 21D4 /Leftrightarrow A: l&r dbl arrow 
harr                            isoamsa      8596 2194 /leftrightarrow A: l&r arrow 
harrcir                         isoamsa     57920 E240 left and right arrow with a circle 
harrw                           isoamsa      8621 21AD /leftrightsquigarrow A: l&r arr-wavy 

Hat                             mmlalias      770 0302 circumflex accent (circ in ISODIA) 
hbar                            mmlalias    58069 E2D5 alias ISOAMSO plank 
Hcirc                           isolat2       292 0124 =capital H, circumflex accent 
hcirc                           isolat2       293 0125 =small h, circumflex accent 
hearts                          isopub       9825 2661 /heartsuit =heart suit symbol  
heartsuit                       mmlalias     9825 2661 ISOPUB    hearts  
hellip                          isopub       8230 2026 =ellipsis (horizontal) 
hercon                          isoamsb      8889 22B9 hermitian conjugate matrix 
Hfr                             isomfrk      8460 210C /frak H, upper case h 
hfr                             isomfrk     58759 E587 /frak h, lower case h 

hksearow                        mmlalias    57867 E20B alias ISOAMSA searhk 
hkswarow                        mmlalias    57866 E20A alias ISOAMSA swarhk 
hoarr                           isoamsa     57923 E243 horizontal open arrow 
homtht                          isoamsr      8763 223B homothetic 
hookleftarrow                   mmlalias     8617 21A9 alias ISOAMSA larrhk 
hookrightarrow                  mmlalias     8618 21AA alias ISOAMSA rarrhk 
Hopf                            isomopf     58631 E507 /Bbb H, open face H 
horbar                          isonum       8213 2015 =horizontal bar 
HorizontalLine                  mmlextra    59481 E859 short horizontal line  
Hscr                            isomscr      8459 210B /scr H, script letter H 

hscr                            isomscr     58695 E547 /scr h, script letter h 
hslash                          mmlalias     8463 210F alias ISOAMSO plankv 
Hstrok                          isolat2       294 0126 =capital H, stroke 
hstrok                          isolat2       295 0127 =small h, stroke 
HumpDownHump                    mmlalias     8782 224E alias ISOAMSR bump 
HumpEqual                       mmlalias     8783 224F alias ISOAMSR bumpe 
hybull                          isopub       8259 2043 rectangle, filled (hyphen bullet) 
hyphen                          isonum       8208 2010 =hyphen 

I   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Iacgr                           isogrk2       906 038A =capital Iota, accent, Greek 
iacgr                           isogrk2       943 03AF =small iota, accent, Greek 
Iacute                          isolat1       205 00CD =capital I, acute accent 
iacute                          isolat1       237 00ED =small i, acute accent 
ic                              mmlextra    59548 E89C short form of  ⁣ 
Icirc                           isolat1       206 00CE =capital I, circumflex accent 
icirc                           isolat1       238 00EE =small i, circumflex accent 
Icy                             isocyr1      1048 0418 =capital I, Cyrillic 
icy                             isocyr1      1080 0438 =small i, Cyrillic 
idiagr                          isogrk2       912 0390 =small iota, dieresis, accent, Greek 

Idigr                           isogrk2       938 03AA =capital Iota, dieresis, Greek 
idigr                           isogrk2       970 03CA =small iota, dieresis, Greek 
Idot                            isolat2       304 0130 =capital I, dot above 
IEcy                            isocyr1      1045 0415 =capital IE, Cyrillic 
iecy                            isocyr1      1077 0435 =small ie, Cyrillic 
iexcl                           isonum        161 00A1 =inverted exclamation mark 
iff                             isotech     58213 E365 /iff if and only if  
Ifr                             isomfrk      8465 2111 /frak I, upper case i 
ifr                             isomfrk     58760 E588 /frak i, lower case i 
Igr                             isogrk1       921 0399 =capital Iota, Greek 

igr                             isogrk1       953 03B9 =small iota, Greek 
Igrave                          isolat1       204 00CC =capital I, grave accent 
igrave                          isolat1       236 00EC =small i, grave accent 
ii                              mmlextra    63310 F74E short form of ⅈ 
iiiint                          mmlalias    58232 E378 alias ISOTECH qint 
iiint                           mmlalias     8749 222D alias ISOTECH tint 
iinfin                          isotech     58226 E372 infinity sign, incomplete 
iiota                           isoamso      8489 2129 inverted iota 
IJlig                           isolat2       306 0132 =capital IJ ligature 
ijlig                           isolat2       307 0133 =small ij ligature 

Im                              mmlalias     8465 2111 ISOAMSO   image   
Imacr                           isolat2       298 012A =capital I, macron 
imacr                           isolat2       299 012B =small i, macron 
image                           isoamso      8465 2111 /Im - imaginary   
ImaginaryI                      mmlextra    63310 F74E i for use as a square root of -1 
imath                           isoamso       305 0131 /imath - small i, no dot 
imof                            isoamsa      8887 22B7 image of 
imped                           isotech     58635 E50B impedance 
Implies                         mmlalias     8658 21D2 alias ISOTECH rArr 
in                              mmlalias     8712 2208 ISOTECH   isin  

incare                          isopub       8453 2105 =in-care-of symbol 
IndentingNewLine                mmlextra    59537 E891 force a line break and indent appropriately on next line 
infin                           isotech      8734 221E /infty infinity 
infintie                        isotech     58636 E50C tie, infinity 
inodot                          isolat2       305 0131 =small i without dot 
Int                             isotech      8748 222C double integral operator 
int                             isotech      8747 222B /int L: integral operator 
intcal                          isoamsb      8890 22BA /intercal B: intercal 
Integral                        mmlalias     8747 222B alias ISOTECH int 
intercal                        mmlalias     8890 22BA alias ISOAMSB intcal 

Intersection                    mmlalias     8898 22C2 alias ISOAMSB xcap 
intlarhk                        isotech     58266 E39A integral, left arrow with hook 
intprod                         mmlalias    57945 E259 alias ISOAMSB iprod 
InvisibleComma                  mmlextra    59548 E89C used as a separator, e.g., in indices 
InvisibleTimes                  mmlextra    59550 E89E marks multiplication when it is understood without a mark 
IOcy                            isocyr1      1025 0401 =capital IO, Russian 
iocy                            isocyr1      1105 0451 =small io, Russian 
Iogon                           isolat2       302 012E =capital I, ogonek 
iogon                           isolat2       303 012F =small i, ogonek 
Iopf                            isomopf     58632 E508 /Bbb I, open face I 

iota                            isogrk3       953 03B9 /iota small iota, Greek 
iprod                           isoamsb     57945 E259 /intprod 
iquest                          isonum        191 00BF =inverted question mark 
Iscr                            isomscr      8464 2110 /scr I, script letter I 
iscr                            isomscr     58696 E548 /scr i, script letter i 
isin                            isotech      8712 2208 /in R: set membership  
isindot                         isotech     58268 E39C set membership, dot above 
isinE                           isotech     58270 E39E set membership, two horizontal strokes 
isins                           isotech     58276 E3A4 set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
isinsv                          isotech     58274 E3A2 large set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 

isinv                           isotech      8712 2208 set membership, variant 
it                              mmlextra    59550 E89E short form of ⁢ 
Itilde                          isolat2       296 0128 =capital I, tilde 
itilde                          isolat2       297 0129 =small i, tilde 
Iukcy                           isocyr2      1030 0406 =capital I, Ukrainian 
iukcy                           isocyr2      1110 0456 =small i, Ukrainian 
Iuml                            isolat1       207 00CF =capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark 
iuml                            isolat1       239 00EF =small i, dieresis or umlaut mark 

J   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Jcirc                           isolat2       308 0134 =capital J, circumflex accent 
jcirc                           isolat2       309 0135 =small j, circumflex accent 
Jcy                             isocyr1      1049 0419 =capital short I, Cyrillic 
jcy                             isocyr1      1081 0439 =small short i, Cyrillic 
Jfr                             isomfrk     58729 E569 /frak J, upper case j 
jfr                             isomfrk     58761 E589 /frak j, lower case j 
jmath                           isoamso     58068 E2D4 /jmath - small j, no dot 
Jopf                            isomopf     58633 E509 /Bbb J, open face J 
Jscr                            isomscr     58665 E529 /scr J, script letter J 
jscr                            isomscr     58697 E549 /scr j, script letter j 

Jsercy                          isocyr2      1032 0408 =capital JE, Serbian 
jsercy                          isocyr2      1112 0458 =small je, Serbian 
Jukcy                           isocyr2      1028 0404 =capital JE, Ukrainian 
jukcy                           isocyr2      1108 0454 =small je, Ukrainian 

K   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
kappa                           isogrk3       954 03BA /kappa small kappa, Greek 
kappav                          isogrk3      1008 03F0 /varkappa 
Kcedil                          isolat2       310 0136 =capital K, cedilla 
kcedil                          isolat2       311 0137 =small k, cedilla 
Kcy                             isocyr1      1050 041A =capital KA, Cyrillic 
kcy                             isocyr1      1082 043A =small ka, Cyrillic 
Kfr                             isomfrk     58730 E56A /frak K, upper case k 
kfr                             isomfrk     58762 E58A /frak k, lower case k 
Kgr                             isogrk1       922 039A =capital Kappa, Greek 
kgr                             isogrk1       954 03BA =small kappa, Greek 

kgreen                          isolat2       312 0138 =small k, Greenlandic 
KHcy                            isocyr1      1061 0425 =capital HA, Cyrillic 
khcy                            isocyr1      1093 0445 =small ha, Cyrillic 
KHgr                            isogrk1       935 03A7 =capital Chi, Greek 
khgr                            isogrk1       967 03C7 =small chi, Greek 
KJcy                            isocyr2      1036 040C =capital KJE, Macedonian 
kjcy                            isocyr2      1116 045C =small kje Macedonian 
Kopf                            isomopf     58634 E50A /Bbb K, open face K  
Kscr                            isomscr     58666 E52A /scr K, script letter K 
kscr                            isomscr     58698 E54A /scr k, script letter k 

L   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
lAarr                           isoamsa      8666 21DA /Lleftarrow A: left triple arrow 
Lacute                          isolat2       313 0139 =capital L, acute accent 
lacute                          isolat2       314 013A =small l, acute accent 
laemptyv                        isoamso     58090 E2EA circle, slash, left arrow above 
lagran                          isotech      8466 2112 Lagrangian (script capital L)  
Lambda                          isogrk3       923 039B /Lambda capital Lambda, Greek 
lambda                          isogrk3       955 03BB /lambda small lambda, Greek 
Lang                            isotech     12298 300A left angle bracket, double 
lang                            isotech     12296 3008 /langle O: left angle bracket 
langd                           isoamsc     58007 E297 left angle, dot 

langle                          mmlalias    12296 3008 alias ISOTECH lang 
lap                             isoamsr      8818 2272 /lessapprox R: less, approximate 
laquo                           isonum        171 00AB =angle quotation mark, left 
Larr                            isoamsa      8606 219E /twoheadleftarrow A: 
lArr                            isotech      8656 21D0 /Leftarrow A: is implied by 
larr                            isonum       8592 2190 /leftarrow /gets A: =leftward arrow 
larrb                           mmlextra     8676 21E4 leftwards arrow to bar 
larrbfs                         isoamsa     57888 E220 left arrow-bar, filled square 
larrfs                          isoamsa     57890 E222 left arrow, filled square 
larrhk                          isoamsa      8617 21A9 /hookleftarrow A: left arrow-hooked 

larrlp                          isoamsa      8619 21AB /looparrowleft A: left arrow-looped 
larrpl                          isoamsa     57919 E23F left arrow, plus 
larrsim                         isoamsa     57934 E24E left arrow, similar 
larrtl                          isoamsa      8610 21A2 /leftarrowtail A: left arrow-tailed 
lat                             isoamsr     58170 E33A larger than 
lAtail                          isoamsa     57917 E23D left double arrow-tail 
latail                          isoamsa     57916 E23C left arrow-tail 
late                            isoamsr     58172 E33C larger than or equal 
lates                           isoamsr     58174 E33E larger than or equal, slanted 
lBarr                           isoamsa     57862 E206 left doubly broken arrow 

lbarr                           isoamsa     58370 E402 left broken arrow 
lbbrk                           isotech     12308 3014 left broken bracket 
lbrace                          mmlalias      123 007B alias ISONUM lcub 
lbrack                          mmlalias       91 005B alias ISONUM lsqb 
lbrke                           isoamsc     58009 E299 left bracket, equal 
lbrksld                         isoamsc     58013 E29D left bracket, solidus bottom corner 
lbrkslu                         isoamsc     58011 E29B left bracket, solidus top corner 
Lcaron                          isolat2       317 013D =capital L, caron 
lcaron                          isolat2       318 013E =small l, caron 
Lcedil                          isolat2       315 013B =capital L, cedilla 

lcedil                          isolat2       316 013C =small l, cedilla 
lceil                           isoamsc      8968 2308 /lceil O: left ceiling 
lcub                            isonum        123 007B /lbrace O: =left curly bracket 
Lcy                             isocyr1      1051 041B =capital EL, Cyrillic 
lcy                             isocyr1      1083 043B =small el, Cyrillic 
ldca                            isoamsa     57882 E21A left down curved arrow 
ldquo                           isonum       8220 201C =double quotation mark, left 
ldquor                          isopub       8222 201E =rising dbl quote, left (low) 
ldrdhar                         isoamsa     57900 E22C left harpoon-down over right harpoon-down 
ldrushar                        isoamsa     57896 E228 left-down-right-up harpoon 

ldsh                            isoamsa      8626 21B2 left down angled arrow 
lE                              isoamsr      8806 2266 /leqq R: less, double equals 
le                              isotech      8804 2264 /leq /le R: less-than-or-equal 
LeftAngleBracket                mmlalias    12296 3008 alias ISOTECH lang 
LeftArrow                       mmlalias     8592 2190 alias ISONUM larr 
Leftarrow                       mmlalias     8656 21D0 alias ISOTECH lArr 
leftarrow                       mmlalias     8592 2190 alias ISONUM larr 
LeftArrowBar                    mmlextra     8676 21E4 alias for larrb 
LeftArrowRightArrow             mmlalias     8646 21C6 alias ISOAMSA lrarr 
leftarrowtail                   mmlalias     8610 21A2 alias ISOAMSA larrtl 

LeftBracketingBar               mmlextra    62979 F603 left vertical delimiter 
LeftCeiling                     mmlalias     8968 2308 alias ISOAMSC lceil 
LeftDoubleBracket               mmlalias    12314 301A left double bracket delimiter 
LeftDoubleBracketingBar         mmlextra    62981 F605 left double vertical delimiter 
LeftDownTeeVector               mmlextra    62745 F519 down-left harpoon from bar 
LeftDownVector                  mmlalias     8643 21C3 alias ISOAMSA dharl 
LeftDownVectorBar               mmlextra    62743 F517 down-left harpoon to bar 
LeftFloor                       mmlalias     8970 230A alias ISOAMSC lfloor 
leftharpoondown                 mmlalias     8637 21BD alias ISOAMSA lhard 
leftharpoonup                   mmlalias     8636 21BC alias ISOAMSA lharu 

leftleftarrows                  mmlalias     8647 21C7 alias ISOAMSA llarr 
LeftRightArrow                  mmlalias     8596 2194 alias ISOAMSA harr 
Leftrightarrow                  mmlalias     8660 21D4 alias ISOAMSA hArr 
leftrightarrow                  mmlalias     8596 2194 alias ISOAMSA harr 
leftrightarrows                 mmlalias     8646 21C6 alias ISOAMSA lrarr 
leftrightharpoons               mmlalias     8651 21CB alias ISOAMSA lrhar 
leftrightsquigarrow             mmlalias     8621 21AD alias ISOAMSA harrw 
LeftRightVector                 mmlextra    62725 F505 left-up-right-up harpoon 
LeftSkeleton                    mmlextra    59472 E850 start of missing information 
LeftTee                         mmlalias     8867 22A3 alias ISOAMSR dashv 

LeftTeeArrow                    mmlextra     8612 21A4 alias for mapstoleft 
LeftTeeVector                   mmlextra    62729 F509 left-up harpoon from bar 
leftthreetimes                  mmlalias     8907 22CB alias ISOAMSB lthree 
LeftTriangle                    mmlalias     8882 22B2 alias ISOAMSR vltri 
LeftTriangleBar                 mmlextra    62480 F410 not left triangle, vertical bar 
LeftTriangleEqual               mmlalias     8884 22B4 alias ISOAMSR ltrie 
LeftUpDownVector                mmlextra    62741 F515 up-left-down-left harpoon 
LeftUpTeeVector                 mmlextra    62744 F518 up-left harpoon from bar 
LeftUpVector                    mmlalias     8639 21BF alias ISOAMSA uharl 
LeftUpVectorBar                 mmlextra    62742 F516 up-left harpoon to bar 

LeftVector                      mmlalias     8636 21BC alias ISOAMSA lharu 
LeftVectorBar                   mmlextra    62727 F507 left-up harpoon to bar 
lEg                             isoamsr      8922 22DA /lesseqqgtr R: less, dbl eq, greater 
leg                             isoamsr      8922 22DA /lesseqgtr R: less, eq, greater 
leq                             mmlalias     8804 2264 alias ISOTECH le 
leqq                            mmlalias     8806 2266 alias ISOAMSR lE 
leqslant                        mmlalias    58106 E2FA alias ISOAMSR les 
les                             isoamsr     58106 E2FA /leqslant R: less-than-or-eq, slant 
lescc                           isoamsr     58199 E357 less than, closed by curve, equal, slanted 
lesdot                          isoamsr     58141 E31D less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside 

lesdoto                         isoamsr     58143 E31F less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above 
lesdotor                        isoamsr     58145 E321 less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above right 
lesg                            isoamsr     58155 E32B less, equal, slanted, greater 
lesges                          isoamsr     58161 E331 less, equal, slanted, greater, equal, slanted 
lessapprox                      mmlalias     8818 2272 alias ISOAMSR lap 
lessdot                         mmlalias     8918 22D6 alias ISOAMSR ltdot 
lesseqgtr                       mmlalias     8922 22DA alias ISOAMSR leg 
lesseqqgtr                      mmlalias     8922 22DA alias ISOAMSR lEg 
LessEqualGreater                mmlalias     8922 22DA alias ISOAMSR leg 
LessFullEqual                   mmlalias     8806 2266 alias ISOAMSR lE 

LessGreater                     mmlalias     8822 2276 alias ISOAMSR lg 
lessgtr                         mmlalias     8822 2276 alias ISOAMSR lg 
LessLess                        mmlextra    58107 E2FB alias for Lt 
lesssim                         mmlalias     8818 2272 alias ISOAMSR lsim 
LessSlantEqual                  mmlalias    58106 E2FA alias ISOAMSR les 
LessTilde                       mmlalias     8818 2272 alias ISOAMSR lsim 
lfisht                          isoamsa     57876 E214 left fish tail 
lfloor                          isoamsc      8970 230A /lfloor O: left floor 
Lfr                             isomfrk     58731 E56B /frak L, upper case l 
lfr                             isomfrk     58763 E58B /frak l, lower case l 

lg                              isoamsr      8822 2276 /lessgtr R: less, greater 
lgE                             isoamsr     58157 E32D less, greater, equal 
Lgr                             isogrk1       923 039B =capital Lambda, Greek 
lgr                             isogrk1       955 03BB =small lambda, Greek 
lHar                            isoamsa     57893 E225 left harpoon-up over left harpoon-down 
lhard                           isoamsa      8637 21BD /leftharpoondown A: l harpoon-down 
lharu                           isoamsa      8636 21BC /leftharpoonup A: left harpoon-up 
lharul                          isoamsa     57902 E22E left harpoon-up over long dash 
lhblk                           isopub       9604 2584 =lower half block 
LJcy                            isocyr2      1033 0409 =capital LJE, Serbian 

ljcy                            isocyr2      1113 0459 =small lje, Serbian 
Ll                              isoamsr      8920 22D8 /Ll /lll /llless R: triple less-than 
ll                              mmlalias     8810 226A alias ISOAMSR Lt 
llarr                           isoamsa      8647 21C7 /leftleftarrows A: two left arrows 
llcorner                        mmlalias     8990 231E alias ISOAMSC dlcorn 
Lleftarrow                      mmlalias     8666 21DA alias ISOAMSA lAarr 
llhard                          isoamsa     57905 E231 left harpoon-down below long dash 
lltri                           isoamso     58085 E2E5 lower left triangle 
Lmidot                          isolat2       319 013F =capital L, middle dot 
lmidot                          isolat2       320 0140 =small l, middle dot 

lmoust                          isoamsc     58004 E294 /lmoustache 
lmoustache                      mmlalias    58004 E294 alias ISOAMSC lmoust 
lnap                            isoamsn     58018 E2A2 /lnapprox N: less, not approximate 
lnapprox                        mmlalias    58018 E2A2 alias ISOAMSN lnap 
lnE                             isoamsn      8808 2268 /lneqq N: less, not double equals 
lne                             isoamsn      8808 2268 /lneq N: less, not equals 
lneq                            mmlalias     8808 2268 alias ISOAMSN lne 
lneqq                           mmlalias     8808 2268 alias ISOAMSN lnE 
lnsim                           isoamsn      8934 22E6 /lnsim N: less, not similar 
loang                           isotech     12312 3018 left open angular bracket 

loarr                           isoamsa     57922 E242 left open arrow 
lobrk                           isotech     12314 301A left open bracket 
LongLeftArrow                   mmlalias    57857 E201 alias ISOAMSA xlarr 
Longleftarrow                   mmlalias    57856 E200 alias ISOAMSA xlArr 
longleftarrow                   mmlalias    57857 E201 alias ISOAMSA xlarr 
LongLeftRightArrow              mmlalias    57859 E203 alias ISOAMSA xharr 
Longleftrightarrow              mmlalias    57858 E202 alias ISOAMSA xhArr 
longleftrightarrow              mmlalias    57859 E203 alias ISOAMSA xharr 
longmapsto                      mmlalias    57864 E208 alias ISOAMSA xmap 
LongRightArrow                  mmlalias    57861 E205 alias ISOAMSA xrarr 

Longrightarrow                  mmlalias    57860 E204 alias ISOAMSA xrArr 
longrightarrow                  mmlalias    57861 E205 alias ISOAMSA xrarr 
looparrowleft                   mmlalias     8619 21AB alias ISOAMSA larrlp 
looparrowright                  mmlalias     8620 21AC alias ISOAMSA rarrlp 
lopar                           isotech     58233 E379 left open parenthesis 
Lopf                            isomopf     58635 E50B /Bbb L, open face L  
loplus                          isoamsb     57948 E25C plus sign in left half circle 
lotimes                         isoamsb     57950 E25E multiply sign in left half circle  
lowast                          isotech      8727 2217 low asterisk 
lowbar                          isonum         95 005F =low line 

LowerLeftArrow                  mmlalias     8601 2199 alias ISOAMSA swarr 
LowerRightArrow                 mmlalias     8600 2198 alias ISOAMSA searr 
loz                             isopub       9674 25CA /lozenge - lozenge or total mark 
lozenge                         mmlalias     9674 25CA alias ISOPUB loz 
lozf                            isopub      59403 E80B /blacklozenge - lozenge, filled 
lpar                            isonum         40 0028 O: =left parenthesis 
lparlt                          isoamsc     58002 E292 O: left parenthesis, lt 
lrarr                           isoamsa      8646 21C6 /leftrightarrows A: l arr over r arr 
lrcorner                        mmlalias     8991 231F alias ISOAMSC drcorn 
lrhar                           isoamsa      8651 21CB /leftrightharpoons A: l harp over r 

lrhard                          isoamsa     57903 E22F right harpoon-down below long dash 
lrtri                           isoamso     58083 E2E3 lower right triangle 
Lscr                            isomscr      8466 2112 /scr L, script letter L 
lscr                            isomscr     58699 E54B /scr l, script letter l 
Lsh                             mmlalias     8624 21B0 alias ISOAMSA lsh 
lsh                             isoamsa      8624 21B0 /Lsh A: 
lsim                            isoamsr      8818 2272 /lesssim R: less, similar 
lsime                           isoamsr     58163 E333 less, similar, equal 
lsimg                           isoamsr     58165 E335 less, similar, greater 
lsqb                            isonum         91 005B /lbrack O: =left square bracket 

lsquo                           isonum       8216 2018 =single quotation mark, left 
lsquor                          isopub       8218 201A =rising single quote, left (low) 
Lstrok                          isolat2       321 0141 =capital L, stroke 
lstrok                          isolat2       322 0142 =small l, stroke 
Lt                              isoamsr      8810 226A /ll R: double less-than sign 
lt                              isonum         60 003C =less-than sign R: 
ltcc                            isoamsr     58197 E355 less than, closed by curve 
ltcir                           isoamsr     58149 E325 less than, circle inside 
ltdot                           isoamsr      8918 22D6 /lessdot R: less than, with dot 
lthree                          isoamsb      8907 22CB /leftthreetimes B: 

ltimes                          isoamsb      8905 22C9 /ltimes B: times sign, left closed 
ltlarr                          isoamsr     58206 E35E less than, left arrow 
ltquest                         isoamsr     58153 E329 less than, questionmark above 
ltri                            isopub       9667 25C3 /triangleleft B: l triangle, open 
ltrie                           isoamsr      8884 22B4 /trianglelefteq R: left triangle, eq 
ltrif                           isopub       9666 25C2 /blacktriangleleft R: =l tri, filled 
ltrPar                          isoamsc     58005 E295 dbl right parenthesis, less 
lurdshar                        isoamsa     57897 E229 left-up-right-down harpoon 
luruhar                         isoamsa     57899 E22B left harpoon-up over right harpoon-up 
lvertneqq                       mmlalias    58020 E2A4 alias ISOAMSN lvnE 

lvnE                            isoamsn     58020 E2A4 /lvertneqq N: less, vert, not dbl eq 

M   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
macr                            isodia        175 00AF =macron 
male                            isopub       9794 2642 =male symbol 
malt                            isopub      10016 2720 /maltese =maltese cross 
maltese                         mmlalias    10016 2720 alias ISOPUB malt 
Map                             isoamsa     57874 E212 twoheaded mapsto 
map                             isoamsa      8614 21A6 /mapsto A: 
mapsto                          mmlalias     8614 21A6 alias ISOAMSA map 
mapstodown                      mmlextra     8615 21A7 downwards arrow from bar 
mapstoleft                      mmlextra     8612 21A4 leftwards arrow from bar 
mapstoup                        mmlextra     8613 21A5 upwards arrow from bar 

marker                          isopub       9646 25AE =histogram marker 
mcomma                          isoamsr     58138 E31A minus, comma above 
Mcy                             isocyr1      1052 041C =capital EM, Cyrillic 
mcy                             isocyr1      1084 043C =small em, Cyrillic 
mdash                           isopub       8212 2014 =em dash  
mDDot                           isoamsr      8762 223A minus with four dots, geometric properties 
measuredangle                   mmlalias     8737 2221 alias ISOAMSO angmsd 
Mfr                             isomfrk     58732 E56C /frak M, upper case m 
mfr                             isomfrk     58764 E58C /frak m, lower case m 
Mgr                             isogrk1       924 039C =capital Mu, Greek 

mgr                             isogrk1       956 03BC =small mu, Greek 
mho                             isoamso      8487 2127 /mho - conductance 
micro                           isonum        181 00B5 =micro sign 
mid                             isoamsr      8739 2223 /mid R: 
midast                          isoamsb        42 002A /ast B: asterisk 
midcir                          isoamsa     57935 E24F mid, circle below  
middot                          isonum        183 00B7 /centerdot B: =middle dot 
minus                           isotech      8722 2212 B: minus sign 
minusb                          isoamsb      8863 229F /boxminus B: minus sign in box 
minusd                          isoamsb      8760 2238 /dotminus B: minus sign, dot above 

minusdu                         isoamsb     57947 E25B minus sign, dot below 
MinusPlus                       mmlalias     8723 2213 alias ISOTECH mnplus 
mlcp                            isoamsr     58122 E30A /mlcp 
mldr                            isopub       8230 2026 em leader 
mnplus                          isotech      8723 2213 /mp B: minus-or-plus sign 
models                          isoamsr      8871 22A7 /models R: 
Mopf                            isomopf     58636 E50C /Bbb M, open face M  
mp                              mmlalias     8723 2213 alias ISOTECH mnplus 
Mscr                            isomscr      8499 2133 /scr M, script letter M 
mscr                            isomscr     58700 E54C /scr m, script letter m 

mstpos                          isoamsr      8766 223E most positive 
mu                              isogrk3       956 03BC /mu small mu, Greek 
multimap                        mmlalias     8888 22B8 alias ISOAMSA mumap 
mumap                           isoamsa      8888 22B8 /multimap A: 

N   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
nabla                           isotech      8711 2207 /nabla del, Hamilton operator 
Nacute                          isolat2       323 0143 =capital N, acute accent 
nacute                          isolat2       324 0144 =small n, acute accent 
nang                            isoamso     58072 E2D8 not, vert, angle 
nap                             isoamsn      8777 2249 /napprox N: not approximate 
napE                            isoamsn     58055 E2C7 not approximately equal or equal to 
napid                           isoamsn     58044 E2BC not approximately identical to 
napos                           isolat2       329 0149 =small n, apostrophe 
napprox                         mmlalias     8777 2249 alias ISOAMSN nap 
natur                           isopub       9838 266E /natural - music natural 

natural                         mmlalias     9838 266E alias ISOPUB natur 
nbsp                            isonum        160 00A0 =no break (required) space 
nbump                           mmlextra    58902 E616 not bumpy equals 
nbumpe                          mmlextra    59469 E84D not bumpy single equals 
ncap                            isoamsb     57988 E284 bar, intersection 
Ncaron                          isolat2       327 0147 =capital N, caron 
ncaron                          isolat2       328 0148 =small n, caron 
Ncedil                          isolat2       325 0145 =capital N, cedilla 
ncedil                          isolat2       326 0146 =small n, cedilla 
ncong                           isoamsn      8775 2247 /ncong N: not congruent with 

ncongdot                        isoamsn     58053 E2C5 not congruent, dot 
ncup                            isoamsb     57987 E283 bar, union 
Ncy                             isocyr1      1053 041D =capital EN, Cyrillic 
ncy                             isocyr1      1085 043D =small en, Cyrillic 
ndash                           isopub       8211 2013 =en dash 
ne                              isotech      8800 2260 /ne /neq R: not equal 
nearhk                          isoamsa     57869 E20D NE arrow-hooked 
neArr                           isoamsa      8663 21D7 NE pointing dbl arrow 
nearr                           isoamsa      8599 2197 /nearrow A: NE pointing arrow 
nearrow                         mmlalias     8599 2197 alias ISOAMSA nearr 

nedot                           isotech     58250 E38A not equal, dot 
NegativeMediumSpace             mmlextra    59546 E89A space of width -4/18 em 
NegativeThickSpace              mmlextra    59547 E89B space of width -5/18 em 
NegativeThinSpace               mmlextra    59545 E899 space of width -3/18 em 
NegativeVeryThinSpace           mmlextra    59544 E898 space of width -1/18 em 
nequiv                          isoamsn      8802 2262 /nequiv N: not identical with 
nesear                          isoamsa     57870 E20E /toea A: NE & SE arrows 
nesim                           mmlextra    59470 E84E not equal or similar 
NestedGreaterGreater            mmlalias     8811 226B alias ISOAMSR Gt 
NestedLessLess                  mmlalias     8810 226A alias ISOAMSR Lt 

NewLine                         mmlextra       10 000A force a line break; line feed 
nexist                          isoamso      8708 2204 /nexists - negated exists 
nexists                         mmlalias     8708 2204 alias ISOAMSO nexist 
Nfr                             isomfrk     58733 E56D /frak N, upper case n 
nfr                             isomfrk     58765 E58D /frak n, lower case n 
ngE                             isoamsn      8817 2271 /ngeqq N: not greater, dbl equals 
nge                             isoamsn     58022 E2A6 /ngeq N: not greater-than-or-equal 
ngeq                            mmlalias    58022 E2A6 alias ISOAMSN nge 
ngeqq                           mmlalias     8817 2271 alias ISOAMSN ngE 
ngeqslant                       mmlalias     8817 2271 alias ISOAMSN nges 

nges                            isoamsn      8817 2271 /ngeqslant N: not gt-or-eq, slanted 
nGg                             isoamsn     58062 E2CE not triple greater than 
Ngr                             isogrk1       925 039D =capital Nu, Greek 
ngr                             isogrk1       957 03BD =small nu, Greek 
ngsim                           isoamsn      8821 2275 not greater, similar 
nGt                             isoamsn     58058 E2CA not, vert, much greater than 
ngt                             isoamsn      8815 226F /ngtr N: not greater-than 
ngtr                            mmlalias     8815 226F alias ISOAMSN ngt 
nGtv                            isoamsn     58060 E2CC not much greater than, variant 
nhArr                           isoamsa      8654 21CE /nLeftrightarrow A: not l&r dbl arr 

nharr                           isoamsa      8622 21AE /nleftrightarrow A: not l&r arrow 
nhpar                           isotech     58253 E38D not, horizontal, parallel 
ni                              isotech      8715 220B /ni /owns R: contains 
nis                             isotech     58277 E3A5 contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
nisd                            isotech     58273 E3A1 contains, long horizontal stroke 
niv                             isotech      8715 220B contains, variant 
NJcy                            isocyr2      1034 040A =capital NJE, Serbian 
njcy                            isocyr2      1114 045A =small nje, Serbian 
nlArr                           isoamsa      8653 21CD /nLeftarrow A: not implied by 
nlarr                           isoamsa      8602 219A /nleftarrow A: not left arrow 

nldr                            isopub       8229 2025 =double baseline dot (en leader) 
nlE                             isoamsn      8816 2270 /nleqq N: not less, dbl equals 
nle                             isoamsn     58023 E2A7 /nleq N: not less-than-or-equal 
nLeftarrow                      mmlalias     8653 21CD alias ISOAMSA nlArr 
nleftarrow                      mmlalias     8602 219A alias ISOAMSA nlarr 
nLeftrightarrow                 mmlalias     8654 21CE alias ISOAMSA nhArr 
nleftrightarrow                 mmlalias     8622 21AE alias ISOAMSA nharr 
nleq                            mmlalias    58023 E2A7 alias ISOAMSN nle 
nleqq                           mmlalias     8816 2270 alias ISOAMSN nlE 
nleqslant                       mmlalias     8816 2270 alias ISOAMSN nles 

nles                            isoamsn      8816 2270 /nleqslant N: not less-or-eq, slant 
nless                           mmlalias     8814 226E alias ISOAMSN nlt 
nLl                             isoamsn     58061 E2CD not triple less than 
nlsim                           isoamsn      8820 2274 not less, similar 
nLt                             isoamsn     58057 E2C9 not, vert, much less than 
nlt                             isoamsn      8814 226E /nless N: not less-than 
nltri                           isoamsn      8938 22EA /ntriangleleft N: not left triangle 
nltrie                          isoamsn      8940 22EC /ntrianglelefteq N: not l tri, eq 
nLtv                            isoamsn     58059 E2CB not much less than, variant 
nmid                            isoamsn      8740 2224 /nmid 

NoBreak                         mmlextra    59538 E892 never break line here 
Nopf                            isomopf      8469 2115 /Bbb N, open face N 
Not                             isotech     58284 E3AC not with two horizontal strokes 
not                             isonum        172 00AC /neg /lnot =not sign 
NotANumber                      mmlextra    59562 E8AA  used in MML 
NotCongruent                    mmlalias     8802 2262 alias ISOAMSN nequiv 
NotCupCap                       mmlextra     8813 226D alias for &nasymp; 
NotDoubleVerticalBar            mmlalias     8742 2226 alias ISOAMSN npar 
NotElement                      mmlalias     8713 2209 alias ISOTECH notin 
NotEqual                        mmlalias     8800 2260 alias ISOTECH ne 

NotEqualTilde                   mmlextra    59470 E84E alias for  ≂̸ 
NotExists                       mmlalias     8708 2204 alias ISOAMSO nexist 
NotGreater                      mmlalias     8815 226F alias ISOAMSN ngt 
NotGreaterEqual                 mmlalias    58022 E2A6 alias ISOAMSN nge 
NotGreaterFullEqual             mmlalias     8816 2270 alias ISOAMSN nlE 
NotGreaterGreater               mmlalias    58060 E2CC alias ISOAMSN nGtv 
NotGreaterLess                  mmlalias     8825 2279 alias ISOAMSN ntvgl 
NotGreaterSlantEqual            mmlalias     8817 2271 alias ISOAMSN nges 
NotGreaterTilde                 mmlalias     8821 2275 alias ISOAMSN ngsim 
NotHumpDownHump                 mmlextra    58902 E616 alias for ≎̸ 

NotHumpEqual                    mmlextra    59469 E84D alias for ≏̸ 
notin                           isotech      8713 2209 /notin N: negated set membership 
notindot                        isotech     58269 E39D negated set membership, dot above 
notinE                          isotech     58637 E50D negated set membership, two horizontal strokes 
notinva                         isotech     58224 E370 negated set membership, variant 
notinvb                         isotech     58235 E37B negated set membership, variant 
notinvc                         isotech     58236 E37C negated set membership, variant 
NotLeftTriangle                 mmlalias     8938 22EA alias ISOAMSN nltri 
NotLeftTriangleBar              mmlextra    62482 F412 not left triangle, vertical bar 
NotLeftTriangleEqual            mmlalias     8940 22EC alias ISOAMSN nltrie 

NotLess                         mmlalias     8814 226E alias ISOAMSN nlt 
NotLessEqual                    mmlalias    58023 E2A7 alias ISOAMSN nle 
NotLessGreater                  mmlalias     8824 2278 alias ISOAMSN ntvlg 
NotLessLess                     mmlalias    58059 E2CB alias ISOAMSN nLtv 
NotLessSlantEqual               mmlalias     8816 2270 alias ISOAMSN nles 
NotLessTilde                    mmlalias     8820 2274 alias ISOAMSN nlsim 
NotNestedGreaterGreater         mmlextra    62504 F428 not double greater-than sign 
NotNestedLessLess               mmlextra    62499 F423 not double less-than sign 
notni                           isotech      8716 220C negated contains 
notniva                         isotech      8716 220C negated contains, variant 

notnivb                         isotech     58237 E37D contains, variant 
notnivc                         isotech     58238 E37E contains, variant 
NotPrecedes                     mmlalias     8832 2280 alias ISOAMSN npr 
NotPrecedesEqual                mmlalias    58844 E5DC alias ISOAMSN npre 
NotPrecedesSlantEqual           mmlalias     8928 22E0 alias ISOAMSN nprcue 
NotReverseElement               mmlalias     8716 220C alias ISOTECH notniva 
NotRightTriangle                mmlalias     8939 22EB alias ISOAMSN nrtri 
NotRightTriangleBar             mmlextra    62483 F413 not vertical bar, right triangle 
NotRightTriangleEqual           mmlalias     8941 22ED alias ISOAMSN nrtrie 
NotSquareSubset                 mmlextra    58884 E604 square not subset 

NotSquareSubsetEqual            mmlalias     8930 22E2 alias ISOAMSN nsqsube 
NotSquareSuperset               mmlextra    58901 E615 negated set-like partial order operator 
NotSquareSupersetEqual          mmlalias     8931 22E3 alias ISOAMSN nsqsupe 
NotSubset                       mmlalias     8836 2284 alias ISOAMSN vnsub 
NotSubsetEqual                  mmlalias     8840 2288 alias ISOAMSN nsube 
NotSucceeds                     mmlalias     8833 2281 alias ISOAMSN nsc 
NotSucceedsEqual                mmlalias    58865 E5F1 alias ISOAMSN nsce 
NotSucceedsSlantEqual           mmlalias     8929 22E1 alias ISOAMSN nsccue 
NotSucceedsTilde                mmlextra    59447 E837 not succeeds or similar 
NotSuperset                     mmlalias     8837 2285 alias ISOAMSN vnsup 

NotSupersetEqual                mmlalias     8841 2289 alias ISOAMSN nsupe 
NotTilde                        mmlalias     8769 2241 alias ISOAMSN nsim 
NotTildeEqual                   mmlalias     8772 2244 alias ISOAMSN nsime 
NotTildeFullEqual               mmlalias     8775 2247 alias ISOAMSN ncong 
NotTildeTilde                   mmlalias     8777 2249 alias ISOAMSN nap 
NotVerticalBar                  mmlalias     8740 2224 alias ISOAMSN nmid 
npar                            isoamsn      8742 2226 /nparallel N: not parallel 
nparallel                       mmlalias     8742 2226 alias ISOAMSN npar 
nparsl                          isotech     58249 E389 not parallel, slanted 
npart                           isotech     58256 E390 not partial differential 

npolint                         isotech     58265 E399 line integration, not including the pole 
npr                             isoamsn      8832 2280 /nprec N: not precedes 
nprcue                          isoamsn      8928 22E0 not curly precedes, eq 
npre                            isoamsn     58844 E5DC /npreceq N: not precedes, equals 
nprec                           mmlalias     8832 2280 alias ISOAMSN npr 
npreceq                         mmlalias    58844 E5DC alias ISOAMSN npre 
nrArr                           isoamsa      8655 21CF /nRightarrow A: not implies 
nrarr                           isoamsa      8603 219B /nrightarrow A: not right arrow 
nrarrc                          isoamsa     57885 E21D not right arrow-curved 
nrarrw                          isoamsa     57883 E21B not right arrow-wavy 

nRightarrow                     mmlalias     8655 21CF alias ISOAMSA nrArr 
nrightarrow                     mmlalias     8603 219B alias ISOAMSA nrarr 
nrtri                           isoamsn      8939 22EB /ntriangleright N: not rt triangle 
nrtrie                          isoamsn      8941 22ED /ntrianglerighteq N: not r tri, eq 
nsc                             isoamsn      8833 2281 /nsucc N: not succeeds 
nsccue                          isoamsn      8929 22E1 not succeeds, curly eq 
nsce                            isoamsn     58865 E5F1 /nsucceq N: not succeeds, equals 
Nscr                            isomscr     58669 E52D /scr N, script letter N 
nscr                            isomscr     58701 E54D /scr n, script letter n 
nshortmid                       mmlalias    58026 E2AA alias ISOAMSN nsmid 

nshortparallel                  mmlalias    58027 E2AB alias ISOAMSN nspar 
nsim                            isoamsn      8769 2241 /nsim N: not similar 
nsime                           isoamsn      8772 2244 /nsimeq N: not similar, equals 
nsimeq                          mmlalias     8772 2244 alias ISOAMSN nsime 
nsmid                           isoamsn     58026 E2AA /nshortmid 
nspar                           isoamsn     58027 E2AB /nshortparallel N: not short par 
nsqsube                         isoamsn      8930 22E2 not, square subset, equals 
nsqsupe                         isoamsn      8931 22E3 not, square superset, equals 
nsub                            isoamsn      8836 2284 not subset 
nsubE                           isoamsn      8840 2288 /nsubseteqq N: not subset, dbl eq 

nsube                           isoamsn      8840 2288 /nsubseteq N: not subset, equals 
nsubset                         mmlalias     8836 2284 alias ISOAMSN vnsub 
nsubseteq                       mmlalias     8840 2288 alias ISOAMSN nsube 
nsubseteqq                      mmlalias     8840 2288 alias ISOAMSN nsubE 
nsucc                           mmlalias     8833 2281 alias ISOAMSN nsc 
nsucceq                         mmlalias    58865 E5F1 alias ISOAMSN nsce 
nsup                            isoamsn      8837 2285 not superset 
nsupE                           isoamsn      8841 2289 /nsupseteqq N: not superset, dbl eq 
nsupe                           isoamsn      8841 2289 /nsupseteq N: not superset, equals 
nsupset                         mmlalias     8837 2285 alias ISOAMSN vnsup 

nsupseteq                       mmlalias     8841 2289 alias ISOAMSN nsupe 
nsupseteqq                      mmlalias     8841 2289 alias ISOAMSN nsupE 
ntgl                            isoamsn      8825 2279 not greater, less 
Ntilde                          isolat1       209 00D1 =capital N, tilde 
ntilde                          isolat1       241 00F1 =small n, tilde 
ntlg                            isoamsn      8824 2278 not less, greater 
ntriangleleft                   mmlalias     8938 22EA alias ISOAMSN nltri 
ntrianglelefteq                 mmlalias     8940 22EC alias ISOAMSN nltrie 
ntriangleright                  mmlalias     8939 22EB alias ISOAMSN nrtri 
ntrianglerighteq                mmlalias     8941 22ED alias ISOAMSN nrtrie 

nu                              isogrk3       957 03BD /nu small nu, Greek 
num                             isonum         35 0023 =number sign 
numero                          isocyr1      8470 2116 =numero sign 
numsp                           isopub       8199 2007 =digit space (width of a number) 
nvap                            isoamsn     58054 E2C6 not, vert, approximate 
nVDash                          isoamsn      8879 22AF /nVDash N: not dbl vert, dbl dash 
nVdash                          isoamsn      8878 22AE /nVdash N: not dbl vertical, dash 
nvDash                          isoamsn      8877 22AD /nvDash N: not vertical, dbl dash 
nvdash                          isoamsn      8876 22AC /nvdash N: not vertical, dash 
nvge                            isoamsn      8817 2271 not, vert, greater-than-or-equal 

nvgt                            isoamsn      8815 226F not, vert, greater-than 
nvHarr                          isoamsa      8654 21CE not, vert, left and right double arrow  
nvinfin                         isotech     58254 E38E not, vert, infinity 
nvlArr                          isoamsa      8653 21CD not, vert, left double arrow 
nvle                            isoamsn      8816 2270 not, vert, less-than-or-equal 
nvlt                            isoamsn      8814 226E not, vert, less-than 
nvltrie                         isoamsn     58064 E2D0 not, vert, left triangle, equals 
nvrArr                          isoamsa      8655 21CF not, vert, right double arrow 
nvrtrie                         isoamsn     58063 E2CF not, vert, right triangle, equals 
nvsim                           isoamsn     58389 E415 not, vert, similar 

nwarhk                          isoamsa     57868 E20C NW arrow-hooked 
nwArr                           isoamsa      8662 21D6 NW pointing dbl arrow 
nwarr                           isoamsa      8598 2196 /nwarrow A: NW pointing arrow 
nwarrow                         mmlalias     8598 2196 alias ISOAMSA nwarr 
nwnear                          isoamsa     57873 E211 NW & NE arrows 

O   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Oacgr                           isogrk2       908 038C =capital Omicron, accent, Greek 
oacgr                           isogrk2       972 03CC =small omicron, accent, Greek 
Oacute                          isolat1       211 00D3 =capital O, acute accent 
oacute                          isolat1       243 00F3 =small o, acute accent 
oast                            isoamsb      8859 229B /circledast B: asterisk in circle 
ocir                            isoamsb      8858 229A /circledcirc B: small circle in circle 
Ocirc                           isolat1       212 00D4 =capital O, circumflex accent 
ocirc                           isolat1       244 00F4 =small o, circumflex accent 
Ocy                             isocyr1      1054 041E =capital O, Cyrillic 
ocy                             isocyr1      1086 043E =small o, Cyrillic 

odash                           isoamsb      8861 229D /circleddash B: hyphen in circle 
Odblac                          isolat2       336 0150 =capital O, double acute accent 
odblac                          isolat2       337 0151 =small o, double acute accent 
odiv                            isoamsb     57989 E285 divide in circle 
odot                            isoamsb      8857 2299 /odot B: middle dot in circle 
odsold                          isoamsb     57990 E286 dot, solidus, dot in circle 
OElig                           isolat2       338 0152 =capital OE ligature 
oelig                           isolat2       339 0153 =small oe ligature 
ofcir                           isoamsb     57991 E287 filled circle in circle 
Ofr                             isomfrk     58734 E56E /frak O, upper case o 

ofr                             isomfrk     58766 E58E /frak o, lower case o 
ogon                            isodia        731 02DB =ogonek 
Ogr                             isogrk1       927 039F =capital Omicron, Greek 
ogr                             isogrk1       959 03BF =small omicron, Greek 
Ograve                          isolat1       210 00D2 =capital O, grave accent 
ograve                          isolat1       242 00F2 =small o, grave accent 
ogt                             isoamsb     57993 E289 greater-than in circle 
OHacgr                          isogrk2       911 038F =capital Omega, accent, Greek 
ohacgr                          isogrk2       974 03CE =small omega, accent, Greek 
ohbar                           isoamsb     57952 E260 circle with horizontal bar 

OHgr                            isogrk1       937 03A9 =capital Omega, Greek 
ohgr                            isogrk1       969 03C9 =small omega, Greek 
ohm                             isonum       8486 2126 =ohm sign 
oint                            mmlalias     8750 222E alias ISOTECH conint 
olarr                           isoamsa      8634 21BA /circlearrowleft A: l arr in circle 
olcir                           isoamsb     58377 E409 large circle in circle 
olcross                         isotech     58280 E3A8 circle, cross 
olt                             isoamsb     57992 E288 less-than in circle 
Omacr                           isolat2       332 014C =capital O, macron 
omacr                           isolat2       333 014D =small o, macron 

Omega                           isogrk3       937 03A9 /Omega capital Omega, Greek 
omega                           isogrk3       969 03C9 /omega small omega, Greek 
omid                            isoamsb     58378 E40A vertical bar in circle 
ominus                          isoamsb      8854 2296 /ominus B: minus sign in circle 
Oopf                            isomopf     58638 E50E /Bbb O, open face O 
opar                            isoamsb     57994 E28A parallel in circle 
OpenCurlyDoubleQuote            mmlalias     8220 201C alias ISONUM ldquo 
OpenCurlyQuote                  mmlalias     8216 2018 alias ISONUM lsquo 
operp                           isoamsb     57995 E28B perpendicular in circle 
oplus                           isoamsb      8853 2295 /oplus B: plus sign in circle 

Or                              isotech     58229 E375 dbl logical or 
or                              isotech      8744 2228 /vee /lor B: logical or 
orarr                           isoamsa      8635 21BB /circlearrowright A: r arr in circle 
ord                             isotech     58259 E393 or, horizontal dash 
order                           isotech      8500 2134 order of (script small o)  
ordf                            isonum        170 00AA =ordinal indicator, feminine 
ordm                            isonum        186 00BA =ordinal indicator, masculine 
origof                          isoamsa      8886 22B6 original of 
oror                            isotech     58223 E36F two logical or 
orslope                         isotech     58286 E3AE sloping large or 

orv                             isotech     58258 E392 or with middle stem 
oS                              isoamso      9416 24C8 /circledS - capital S in circle 
Oscr                            isomscr     58670 E52E /scr O, script letter O 
oscr                            isomscr      8500 2134 /scr o, script letter o 
Oslash                          isolat1       216 00D8 =capital O, slash 
oslash                          isolat1       248 00F8 latin small letter o with stroke 
osol                            isoamsb      8856 2298 /oslash B: solidus in circle 
Otilde                          isolat1       213 00D5 =capital O, tilde 
otilde                          isolat1       245 00F5 =small o, tilde 
Otimes                          isoamsb     57996 E28C multiply sign in double circle 

otimes                          isoamsb      8855 2297 /otimes B: multiply sign in circle 
otimesas                        isoamsb     57997 E28D multiply sign in circle, circumflex accent 
Ouml                            isolat1       214 00D6 =capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark 
ouml                            isolat1       246 00F6 =small o, dieresis or umlaut mark 
ovbar                           isoamsb     59448 E838 circle with vertical bar 
OverBar                         mmlextra      175 00AF over bar 
OverBrace                       mmlextra    62994 F612 over brace  
OverBracket                     mmlextra    62996 F614 over bracket 
OverParenthesis                 mmlextra    62992 F610 over parenthesis 

P   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
par                             isotech      8741 2225 /parallel R: parallel 
para                            isonum        182 00B6 =pilcrow (paragraph sign) 
parallel                        mmlalias     8741 2225 alias ISOTECH par 
parsim                          isoamsn     58056 E2C8 parallel, similar 
parsl                           isotech     58242 E382 parallel, slanted 
part                            isotech      8706 2202 /partial partial differential 
PartialD                        mmlalias     8706 2202 alias ISOTECH part 
Pcy                             isocyr1      1055 041F =capital PE, Cyrillic 
pcy                             isocyr1      1087 043F =small pe, Cyrillic 
percnt                          isonum         37 0025 =percent sign 

period                          isonum         46 002E =full stop, period 
permil                          isotech      8240 2030 per thousand 
perp                            isotech      8869 22A5 /perp R: perpendicular 
pertenk                         isotech      8241 2031 per 10 thousand 
Pfr                             isomfrk     58735 E56F /frak P, upper case p 
pfr                             isomfrk     58767 E58F /frak p, lower case p 
Pgr                             isogrk1       928 03A0 =capital Pi, Greek 
pgr                             isogrk1       960 03C0 =small pi, Greek 
PHgr                            isogrk1       934 03A6 =capital Phi, Greek 
phgr                            isogrk1       966 03C6 =small phi, Greek 

Phi                             isogrk3       934 03A6 /Phi capital Phi, Greek 
phi                             isogrk3       966 03C6 /straightphi - small phi, Greek 
phiv                            isogrk3       981 03D5 /varphi - curly or open phi 
phmmat                          isotech      8499 2133 physics M-matrix (script capital M)  
phone                           isopub       9742 260E =telephone symbol  
Pi                              isogrk3       928 03A0 /Pi capital Pi, Greek 
pi                              isogrk3       960 03C0 /pi small pi, Greek 
pitchfork                       mmlalias     8916 22D4 alias ISOAMSR fork 
piv                             isogrk3       982 03D6 /varpi 
plank                           isoamso     58069 E2D5 /hbar - Planck's over 2pi 

plankv                          isoamso      8463 210F /hslash - variant Planck's over 2pi 
plus                            isonum         43 002B =plus sign B: 
plusacir                        isoamsb     57962 E26A plus, circumflex accent above 
plusb                           isoamsb      8862 229E /boxplus B: plus sign in box 
pluscir                         isoamsb     57958 E266 plus, small circle above 
plusdo                          isoamsb      8724 2214 /dotplus B: plus sign, dot above 
plusdu                          isoamsb     57946 E25A plus sign, dot below 
pluse                           isoamsb     57959 E267 plus, equals 
PlusMinus                       mmlalias      177 00B1 alias ISONUM plusmn 
plusmn                          isonum        177 00B1 /pm B: =plus-or-minus sign 

plussim                         isoamsb     57964 E26C plus, similar below 
plustwo                         isoamsb     57961 E269 plus, two; Nim-addition 
pm                              mmlalias      177 00B1 alias ISONUM plusmn 
pointint                        isotech     58230 E376 integral around a point operator 
Popf                            isomopf      8473 2119 /Bbb P, open face P 
pound                           isonum        163 00A3 =pound sign 
Pr                              isoamsr     58204 E35C dbl precedes 
pr                              isoamsr      8826 227A /prec R: precedes 
prap                            isoamsr      8830 227E /precapprox R: precedes, approximate 
prcue                           isoamsr      8828 227C /preccurlyeq R: precedes, curly eq 

prE                             isoamsr     58110 E2FE precedes, dbl equals 
pre                             isoamsr     58110 E2FE /preceq R: precedes, equals 
prec                            mmlalias     8826 227A alias ISOAMSR pr 
precapprox                      mmlalias     8830 227E alias ISOAMSR prap 
preccurlyeq                     mmlalias     8828 227C alias ISOAMSR prcue 
Precedes                        mmlalias     8826 227A alias ISOAMSR pr 
PrecedesEqual                   mmlalias    58110 E2FE alias ISOAMSR pre 
PrecedesSlantEqual              mmlalias     8828 227C alias ISOAMSR prcue 
PrecedesTilde                   mmlalias     8830 227E alias ISOAMSR prsim 
preceq                          mmlalias    58110 E2FE alias ISOAMSR pre 

precnapprox                     mmlalias     8936 22E8 alias ISOAMSN prnap 
precneqq                        mmlalias    58035 E2B3 alias ISOAMSN prnE 
precnsim                        mmlalias     8936 22E8 alias ISOAMSN prnsim 
precsim                         mmlalias     8830 227E alias ISOAMSR prsim 
Prime                           isotech      8243 2033 double prime or second 
prime                           isotech      8242 2032 /prime prime or minute 
prnap                           isoamsn      8936 22E8 /precnapprox N: precedes, not approx 
prnE                            isoamsn     58035 E2B3 /precneqq N: precedes, not dbl eq 
prnsim                          isoamsn      8936 22E8 /precnsim N: precedes, not similar 
prod                            isoamsb      8719 220F /prod L: product operator 

Product                         mmlextra     8719 220F alias for &prod 
profalar                        isotech      9006 232E all-around profile 
profline                        isotech      8978 2312 profile of a line 
profsurf                        isotech      8979 2313 profile of a surface 
prop                            isotech      8733 221D /propto R: is proportional to 
Proportion                      mmlalias     8759 2237 alias ISOAMSR Colon 
Proportional                    mmlalias     8733 221D alias ISOTECH prop 
propto                          mmlalias     8733 221D alias ISOTECH prop 
prsim                           isoamsr      8830 227E /precsim R: precedes, similar 
prurel                          isoamsr      8880 22B0 element precedes under relation 

Pscr                            isomscr     58671 E52F /scr P, script letter P 
pscr                            isomscr     58703 E54F /scr p, script letter p 
PSgr                            isogrk1       936 03A8 =capital Psi, Greek 
psgr                            isogrk1       968 03C8 =small psi, Greek 
Psi                             isogrk3       936 03A8 /Psi capital Psi, Greek 
psi                             isogrk3       968 03C8 /psi small psi, Greek 
puncsp                          isopub       8200 2008 =punctuation space (width of comma) 

Q   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Qfr                             isomfrk     58736 E570 /frak Q, upper case q 
qfr                             isomfrk     58768 E590 /frak q, lower case q 
qint                            isotech     58232 E378 /iiiint quadruple integral operator 
Qopf                            isomopf      8474 211A /Bbb Q, open face Q 
qprime                          isotech     58225 E371 quadruple prime 
Qscr                            isomscr     58672 E530 /scr Q, script letter Q 
qscr                            isomscr     58704 E550 /scr q, script letter q 
quatint                         isotech     58231 E377 quaternion integral operator 
quest                           isonum         63 003F =question mark 
questeq                         mmlalias     8799 225F alias ISOAMSR equest 

quot                            isonum         34 0022 =quotation mark 

R   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
rAarr                           isoamsa      8667 21DB /Rrightarrow A: right triple arrow 
race                            isoamsb     58380 E40C reverse most positive, line below 
Racute                          isolat2       340 0154 =capital R, acute accent 
racute                          isolat2       341 0155 =small r, acute accent 
radic                           isotech      8730 221A /surd radical 
raemptyv                        isoamso     58089 E2E9 circle, slash, right arrow above 
Rang                            isotech     12299 300B right angle bracket, double 
rang                            isotech     12297 3009 /rangle C: right angle bracket 
rangd                           isoamsc     58008 E298 right angle, dot 
range                           isoamso     58071 E2D7 reverse angle, equal 

rangle                          mmlalias    12297 3009 alias ISOTECH rang 
raquo                           isonum        187 00BB =angle quotation mark, right 
Rarr                            isoamsa      8608 21A0 /twoheadrightarrow A: 
rArr                            isotech      8658 21D2 /Rightarrow A: implies 
rarr                            isonum       8594 2192 /rightarrow /to A: =rightward arrow 
rarrap                          isoamsa     57909 E235 approximate, right arrow above 
rarrb                           mmlextra     8677 21E5 leftwards arrow to bar 
rarrbfs                         isoamsa     57889 E221 right arrow-bar, filled square 
rarrc                           isoamsa     57884 E21C right arrow-curved 
rarrfs                          isoamsa     57891 E223 right arrow, filled square 

rarrhk                          isoamsa      8618 21AA /hookrightarrow A: rt arrow-hooked 
rarrlp                          isoamsa      8620 21AC /looparrowright A: rt arrow-looped 
rarrpl                          isoamsa     57886 E21E right arrow, plus 
rarrsim                         isoamsa     57933 E24D right arrow, similar 
Rarrtl                          isoamsa     57913 E239 right two-headed arrow with tail 
rarrtl                          isoamsa      8611 21A3 /rightarrowtail A: rt arrow-tailed 
rarrw                           isoamsa      8669 21DD /rightsquigarrow A: rt arrow-wavy 
rAtail                          isoamsa     57915 E23B right double arrow-tail 
ratail                          isoamsa      8611 21A3 right arrow-tail 
ratio                           isoamsr      8758 2236 /ratio 

RBarr                           isoamsa     57865 E209 /drbkarow A: twoheaded right broken arrow 
rBarr                           isoamsa     57863 E207 /dbkarow A: right doubly broken arrow 
rbarr                           isoamsa     58373 E405 /bkarow A: right broken arrow 
rbbrk                           isotech     12309 3015 right broken bracket 
rbrace                          mmlalias      125 007D alias ISONUM rcub 
rbrack                          mmlalias       93 005D alias ISONUM rsqb 
rbrke                           isoamsc     58010 E29A right bracket, equal 
rbrksld                         isoamsc     58012 E29C right bracket, solidus bottom corner 
rbrkslu                         isoamsc     58014 E29E right bracket, solidus top corner 
Rcaron                          isolat2       344 0158 =capital R, caron 

rcaron                          isolat2       345 0159 =small r, caron 
Rcedil                          isolat2       342 0156 =capital R, cedilla 
rcedil                          isolat2       343 0157 =small r, cedilla 
rceil                           isoamsc      8969 2309 /rceil C: right ceiling 
rcub                            isonum        125 007D /rbrace C: =right curly bracket 
Rcy                             isocyr1      1056 0420 =capital ER, Cyrillic 
rcy                             isocyr1      1088 0440 =small er, Cyrillic 
rdca                            isoamsa     57881 E219 right down curved arrow 
rdldhar                         isoamsa     57901 E22D right harpoon-down over left harpoon-down 
rdquo                           isonum       8221 201D =double quotation mark, right 

rdquor                          isopub       8221 201D rising dbl quote, right (high) 
rdsh                            isoamsa      8627 21B3 right down angled arrow 
Re                              mmlalias     8476 211C ISOAMSO   real 
real                            isoamso      8476 211C /Re - real 
rect                            isopub       9645 25AD =rectangle, open 
reg                             isonum        174 00AE /circledR =registered sign 
ReverseElement                  mmlalias     8715 220B alias ISOTECH niv 
ReverseEquilibrium              mmlalias     8651 21CB alias ISOAMSA lrhar 
ReverseUpEquilibrium            mmlalias    57879 E217 alias ISOAMSA duhar 
rfisht                          isoamsa     57877 E215 right fish tail 

rfloor                          isoamsc      8971 230B /rfloor C: right floor 
Rfr                             isomfrk      8476 211C /frak R, upper case r 
rfr                             isomfrk     58769 E591 /frak r, lower case r 
Rgr                             isogrk1       929 03A1 =capital Rho, Greek 
rgr                             isogrk1       961 03C1 =small rho, Greek 
rHar                            isoamsa     57892 E224 right harpoon-up over right harpoon-down 
rhard                           isoamsa      8641 21C1 /rightharpoondown A: rt harpoon-down 
rharu                           isoamsa      8640 21C0 /rightharpoonup A: rt harpoon-up 
rharul                          isoamsa     57904 E230 right harpoon-up over long dash 
rho                             isogrk3       961 03C1 /rho small rho, Greek 

rhov                            isogrk3      1009 03F1 /varrho 
RightAngleBracket               mmlalias    12297 3009 alias ISOTECH rang 
RightArrow                      mmlalias     8594 2192 alias ISONUM rarr 
Rightarrow                      mmlalias     8658 21D2 alias ISOTECH rArr 
rightarrow                      mmlalias     8594 2192 alias ISONUM rarr 
RightArrowBar                   mmlextra     8677 21E5 alias for rarrb 
RightArrowLeftArrow             mmlalias     8644 21C4 alias ISOAMSA rlarr 
rightarrowtail                  mmlalias     8611 21A3 alias ISOAMSA rarrtl 
RightBracketingBar              mmlextra    62980 F604 right vertical delimiter 
RightCeiling                    mmlalias     8969 2309 alias ISOAMSC rceil 

RightDoubleBracket              mmlalias    12315 301B right double bracket delimiter 
RightDoubleBracketingBar        mmlextra    62982 F606 right double vertical delimiter 
RightDownTeeVector              mmlextra    62740 F514 down-right harpoon from bar 
RightDownVector                 mmlalias     8642 21C2 alias ISOAMSA dharr 
RightDownVectorBar              mmlextra    62738 F512 down-right harpoon to bar 
RightFloor                      mmlalias     8971 230B alias ISOAMSC rfloor 
rightharpoondown                mmlalias     8641 21C1 alias ISOAMSA rhard 
rightharpoonup                  mmlalias     8640 21C0 alias ISOAMSA rharu 
rightleftarrows                 mmlalias     8644 21C4 alias ISOAMSA rlarr 
rightleftharpoons               mmlalias     8652 21CC alias ISOAMSA rlhar 

rightrightarrows                mmlalias     8649 21C9 alias ISOAMSA rrarr 
RightSkeleton                   mmlextra    59473 E851 end of missing information 
rightsquigarrow                 mmlalias     8669 21DD alias ISOAMSA rarrw 
RightTee                        mmlalias     8866 22A2 alias ISOAMSR vdash 
RightTeeArrow                   mmlalias     8614 21A6 alias ISOAMSA map 
RightTeeVector                  mmlextra    62730 F50A right-up harpoon from bar 
rightthreetimes                 mmlalias     8908 22CC alias ISOAMSB rthree 
RightTriangle                   mmlalias     8883 22B3 alias ISOAMSR vrtri 
RightTriangleBar                mmlextra    62481 F411 vertical bar, right triangle 
RightTriangleEqual              mmlalias     8885 22B5 alias ISOAMSR rtrie 

RightUpDownVector               mmlextra    62736 F510 up-right-down-right harpoon 
RightUpTeeVector                mmlextra    62739 F513 up-right harpoon from bar 
RightUpVector                   mmlalias     8638 21BE alias ISOAMSA uharr 
RightUpVectorBar                mmlextra    62737 F511 up-right harpoon to bar 
RightVector                     mmlalias     8640 21C0 alias ISOAMSA rharu 
RightVectorBar                  mmlextra    62728 F508 up-right harpoon to bar 
ring                            isodia        730 02DA =ring 
risingdotseq                    mmlalias     8787 2253 alias ISOAMSR erDot 
rlarr                           isoamsa      8644 21C4 /rightleftarrows A: r arr over l arr 
rlhar                           isoamsa      8652 21CC /rightleftharpoons A: r harp over l 

rmoust                          isoamsc     58003 E293 /rmoustache 
rmoustache                      mmlalias    58003 E293 alias ISOAMSC rmoust 
rnmid                           isoamsn     58065 E2D1 reverse /nmid 
roang                           isotech     12313 3019 right open angular bracket 
roarr                           isoamsa     57921 E241 right open arrow 
robrk                           isotech     12315 301B right open bracket 
ropar                           isotech     58234 E37A right open parenthesis 
Ropf                            isomopf      8477 211D /Bbb R, open face R 
roplus                          isoamsb     57949 E25D plus sign in right half circle 
rotimes                         isoamsb     57951 E25F multiply sign in right half circle 

RoundImplies                    mmlextra    62756 F524 round implies 
rpar                            isonum         41 0029 C: =right parenthesis 
rpargt                          isoamsc     58001 E291 C: right paren, gt 
rppolint                        isotech     58263 E397 line integration, rectangular path around pole 
rrarr                           isoamsa      8649 21C9 /rightrightarrows A: two rt arrows 
Rrightarrow                     mmlalias     8667 21DB alias ISOAMSA rAarr 
Rscr                            isomscr     58673 E531 /scr R, script letter R 
rscr                            isomscr     58705 E551 /scr r, script letter r 
Rsh                             mmlalias     8625 21B1 alias ISOAMSA rsh 
rsh                             isoamsa      8625 21B1 /Rsh A: 

rsqb                            isonum         93 005D /rbrack C: =right square bracket 
rsquo                           isonum       8217 2019 =single quotation mark, right 
rsquor                          isopub       8217 2019 rising single quote, right (high) 
rthree                          isoamsb      8908 22CC /rightthreetimes B: 
rtimes                          isoamsb      8906 22CA /rtimes B: times sign, right closed 
rtri                            isopub       9657 25B9 /triangleright B: r triangle, open 
rtrie                           isoamsr      8885 22B5 /trianglerighteq R: right tri, eq 
rtrif                           isopub       9656 25B8 /blacktriangleright R: =r tri, filled 
rtriltri                        isoamsr     58201 E359 right triangle above left triangle 
RuleDelayed                     mmlextra    62751 F51F rule-delayed (colon right arrow) 

ruluhar                         isoamsa     57898 E22A right harpoon-up over left harpoon-up 
rx                              isopub       8478 211E pharmaceutical prescription (Rx) 

S   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Sacute                          isolat2       346 015A =capital S, acute accent 
sacute                          isolat2       347 015B =small s, acute accent 
Sc                              isoamsr     58205 E35D dbl succeeds 
sc                              isoamsr      8827 227B /succ R: succeeds 
scap                            isoamsr      8831 227F /succapprox R: succeeds, approximate 
Scaron                          isolat2       352 0160 =capital S, caron 
scaron                          isolat2       353 0161 =small s, caron 
sccue                           isoamsr      8829 227D /succcurlyeq R: succeeds, curly eq 
scE                             isoamsr      8830 227E succeeds, dbl equals 
sce                             isoamsr      8829 227D /succeq R: succeeds, equals 

Scedil                          isolat2       350 015E =capital S, cedilla 
scedil                          isolat2       351 015F =small s, cedilla 
Scirc                           isolat2       348 015C =capital S, circumflex accent 
scirc                           isolat2       349 015D =small s, circumflex accent 
scnap                           isoamsn      8937 22E9 /succnapprox N: succeeds, not approx 
scnE                            isoamsn     58037 E2B5 /succneqq N: succeeds, not dbl eq 
scnsim                          isoamsn      8937 22E9 /succnsim N: succeeds, not similar 
scpolint                        isotech     58264 E398 line integration, semi-circular path around pole 
scsim                           isoamsr      8831 227F /succsim R: succeeds, similar 
Scy                             isocyr1      1057 0421 =capital ES, Cyrillic 

scy                             isocyr1      1089 0441 =small es, Cyrillic 
sdot                            isoamsb      8901 22C5 /cdot B: small middle dot 
sdotb                           isoamsb      8865 22A1 /dotsquare /boxdot B: small dot in box 
sdote                           isoamsr     58137 E319 equal, dot below 
searhk                          isoamsa     57867 E20B /hksearow A: SE arrow-hooken 
seArr                           isoamsa      8664 21D8 SE pointing dbl arrow 
searr                           isoamsa      8600 2198 /searrow A: SE pointing arrow 
searrow                         mmlalias     8600 2198 alias ISOAMSA searr 
sect                            isonum        167 00A7 =section sign 
semi                            isonum         59 003B =semicolon P: 

seswar                          isoamsa     57871 E20F /tosa A: SE & SW arrows 
setminus                        mmlalias     8726 2216 alias ISOAMSB setmn 
setmn                           isoamsb      8726 2216 /setminus B: reverse solidus 
sext                            isopub      10038 2736 sextile (6-pointed star) 
sfgr                            isogrk1       962 03C2 =final small sigma, Greek 
Sfr                             isomfrk     58738 E572 /frak S, upper case s 
sfr                             isomfrk     58770 E592 /frak s, lower case s 
Sgr                             isogrk1       931 03A3 =capital Sigma, Greek 
sgr                             isogrk1       963 03C3 =small sigma, Greek 
sharp                           isopub       9839 266F /sharp =musical sharp 

SHCHcy                          isocyr1      1065 0429 =capital SHCHA, Cyrillic 
shchcy                          isocyr1      1097 0449 =small shcha, Cyrillic 
SHcy                            isocyr1      1064 0428 =capital SHA, Cyrillic 
shcy                            isocyr1      1096 0448 =small sha, Cyrillic 
ShortDownArrow                  mmlextra    59519 E87F short down arrow 
ShortLeftArrow                  mmlalias    57907 E233 alias ISOAMSA slarr 
shortmid                        mmlalias    58113 E301 alias ISOAMSR smid 
shortparallel                   mmlalias    58114 E302 alias ISOAMSR spar 
ShortRightArrow                 mmlalias    57906 E232 alias ISOAMSA srarr 
ShortUpArrow                    mmlextra    59520 E880 sort up arrow  

shy                             isonum        173 00AD =soft hyphen 
Sigma                           isogrk3       931 03A3 /Sigma capital Sigma, Greek 
sigma                           isogrk3       963 03C3 /sigma small sigma, Greek 
sigmav                          isogrk3       962 03C2 /varsigma 
sim                             isotech      8764 223C /sim R: similar 
simdot                          isotech     58251 E38B similar, dot 
sime                            isotech      8771 2243 /simeq R: similar, equals 
simeq                           mmlalias     8771 2243 alias ISOTECH sime 
simg                            isoamsr     58124 E30C similar, greater 
simgE                           isoamsr     58168 E338 similar, greater, equal 

siml                            isoamsr     58123 E30B similar, less 
simlE                           isoamsr     58167 E337 similar, less, equal 
simne                           isoamsn      8774 2246 similar, not equals 
simplus                         isoamsb     57963 E26B plus, similar above 
simrarr                         isoamsa     57908 E234 similar, right arrow below 
slarr                           isoamsa     57907 E233 short left arrow 
SmallCircle                     mmlalias     8728 2218 alias ISOTECH compfn 
smallsetminus                   mmlalias    59460 E844 alias ISOAMSB ssetmn 
smashp                          isoamsb     57956 E264 smash product 
smeparsl                        isotech     58245 E385 similar, parallel, slanted, equal 

smid                            isoamsr     58113 E301 /shortmid R: 
smile                           isoamsr      8995 2323 /smile R: up curve 
smt                             isoamsr     58169 E339 smaller than 
smte                            isoamsr     58171 E33B smaller than or equal 
smtes                           isoamsr     58173 E33D smaller than or equal, slanted 
SOFTcy                          isocyr1      1068 042C =capital SOFT sign, Cyrillic 
softcy                          isocyr1      1100 044C =small soft sign, Cyrillic 
sol                             isonum         47 002F =solidus 
solb                            isoamsb     57983 E27F solidus in square 
solbar                          isoamsn     58390 E416 solidus, bar through 

Sopf                            isomopf     58642 E512 /Bbb S, open face S 
spades                          isopub       9824 2660 /spadesuit =spades suit symbol  
spadesuit                       mmlalias     9824 2660 ISOPUB    spades  
spar                            isoamsr     58114 E302 /shortparallel R: short parallel 
sqcap                           isoamsb      8851 2293 /sqcap B: square intersection 
sqcaps                          isoamsb     57975 E277 square intersection, serifs 
sqcup                           isoamsb      8852 2294 /sqcup B: square union 
sqcups                          isoamsb     57974 E276 square union, serifs 
Sqrt                            mmlalias     8730 221A alias ISOTECH radic 
sqsub                           isoamsr      8847 228F /sqsubset R: square subset 

sqsube                          isoamsr      8849 2291 /sqsubseteq R: square subset, equals 
sqsubset                        mmlalias     8847 228F alias ISOAMSR sqsub 
sqsubseteq                      mmlalias     8849 2291 alias ISOAMSR sqsube 
sqsup                           isoamsr      8848 2290 /sqsupset R: square superset 
sqsupe                          isoamsr      8850 2292 /sqsupseteq R: square superset, eq 
sqsupset                        mmlalias     8848 2290 alias ISOAMSR sqsup 
sqsupseteq                      mmlalias     8850 2292 alias ISOAMSR sqsupe 
squ                             isopub       9633 25A1 =square, open 
Square                          mmlalias     9633 25A1 alias for square 
square                          isotech      9633 25A1 /square, square 

SquareIntersection              mmlalias     8851 2293 alias ISOAMSB sqcap 
SquareSubset                    mmlalias     8847 228F alias ISOAMSR sqsub 
SquareSubsetEqual               mmlalias     8849 2291 alias ISOAMSR sqsube 
SquareSuperset                  mmlalias     8848 2290 alias ISOAMSR sqsup 
SquareSupersetEqual             mmlalias     8850 2292 alias ISOAMSR sqsupe 
SquareUnion                     mmlalias     8852 2294 alias ISOAMSB sqcup 
squarf                          isotech      9642 25AA /blacksquare, square, filled  
squf                            isopub       9642 25AA /blacksquare =sq bullet, filled 
srarr                           isoamsa     57906 E232 short right arrow 
Sscr                            isomscr     58674 E532 /scr S, script letter S 

sscr                            isomscr     58706 E552 /scr s, script letter s 
ssetmn                          isoamsb     59460 E844 /smallsetminus B: sm reverse solidus 
sstarf                          isoamsb      8902 22C6 /star B: small star, filled 
Star                            mmlalias     8902 22C6 alias ISOAMSB sstarf 
star                            isopub       8902 22C6 =star, open 
starf                           isopub       9733 2605 /bigstar - star, filled  
straightepsilon                 mmlalias      949 03B5 alias ISOGRK3 epsi 
straightphi                     mmlalias      966 03C6 alias ISOGRK3 phi 
strns                           isotech     58240 E380 straightness 
Sub                             isoamsr      8912 22D0 /Subset R: double subset 

sub                             isotech      8834 2282 /subset R: subset or is implied by 
subdot                          isoamsb     57954 E262 subset, with dot 
subE                            isoamsr      8838 2286 /subseteqq R: subset, dbl equals 
sube                            isotech      8838 2286 /subseteq R: subset, equals 
subedot                         isoamsr     58191 E34F subset, equals, dot 
submult                         isoamsr     58179 E343 subset, multiply 
subnE                           isoamsn      8842 228A /subsetneqq N: subset, not dbl eq 
subne                           isoamsn      8842 228A /subsetneq N: subset, not equals 
subplus                         isoamsr     58177 E341 subset, plus 
subrarr                         isoamsr     58175 E33F subset, right arrow 

Subset                          mmlalias     8912 22D0 alias ISOAMSR Sub 
subset                          mmlalias     8834 2282 alias ISOTECH sub 
subseteq                        mmlalias     8838 2286 alias ISOTECH sube 
subseteqq                       mmlalias     8838 2286 alias ISOAMSR subE 
SubsetEqual                     mmlalias     8838 2286 alias ISOTECH sube 
subsetneq                       mmlalias     8842 228A alias ISOAMSN subne 
subsetneqq                      mmlalias     8842 228A alias ISOAMSN subnE 
subsim                          isoamsr     58181 E345 subset, similar 
subsub                          isoamsr     58185 E349 subset above subset 
subsup                          isoamsr     58183 E347 subset above superset 

succ                            mmlalias     8827 227B alias ISOAMSR sc 
succapprox                      mmlalias     8831 227F alias ISOAMSR scap 
succcurlyeq                     mmlalias     8829 227D alias ISOAMSR sccue 
Succeeds                        mmlalias     8827 227B alias ISOAMSR sc 
SucceedsEqual                   mmlalias     8829 227D alias ISOAMSR sce 
SucceedsSlantEqual              mmlalias     8829 227D alias ISOAMSR sccue 
SucceedsTilde                   mmlalias     8831 227F alias ISOAMSR scsim 
succeq                          mmlalias     8829 227D alias ISOAMSR sce 
succnapprox                     mmlalias     8937 22E9 alias ISOAMSN scnap 
succneqq                        mmlalias    58037 E2B5 alias ISOAMSN scnE 

succnsim                        mmlalias     8937 22E9 alias ISOAMSN scnsim 
succsim                         mmlalias     8831 227F alias ISOAMSR scsim 
SuchThat                        mmlalias     8715 220B ISOTECH  ni 
Sum                             mmlalias     8721 2211 alias ISOAMSB sum 
sum                             isoamsb      8721 2211 /sum L: summation operator 
sung                            isonum       9834 266A =music note (sung text sign) 
Sup                             isoamsr      8913 22D1 /Supset R: dbl superset 
sup                             isotech      8835 2283 /supset R: superset or implies 
sup1                            isonum        185 00B9 =superscript one 
sup2                            isonum        178 00B2 =superscript two 

sup3                            isonum        179 00B3 =superscript three 
supdot                          isoamsb     57955 E263 superset, with dot 
supdsub                         isoamsr     58188 E34C superset, subset, dash joining them 
supE                            isoamsr      8839 2287 /supseteqq R: superset, dbl equals 
supe                            isotech      8839 2287 /supseteq R: superset, equals 
supedot                         isoamsr     58192 E350 superset, equals, dot 
Superset                        mmlalias     8835 2283 alias ISOTECH sup 
SupersetEqual                   mmlalias     8839 2287 alias ISOTECH supe 
suphsol                         isoamsr     58190 E34E superset, solidus 
suphsub                         isoamsr     58187 E34B superset, subset 

suplarr                         isoamsr     58176 E340 superset, left arrow 
supmult                         isoamsr     58180 E344 superset, multiply 
supnE                           isoamsn      8843 228B /supsetneqq N: superset, not dbl eq 
supne                           isoamsn      8843 228B /supsetneq N: superset, not equals 
supplus                         isoamsr     58178 E342 superset, plus 
Supset                          mmlalias     8913 22D1 alias ISOAMSR Sup 
supset                          mmlalias     8835 2283 alias ISOTECH sup 
supseteq                        mmlalias     8839 2287 alias ISOTECH supe 
supseteqq                       mmlalias     8839 2287 alias ISOAMSR supE 
supsetneq                       mmlalias     8843 228B alias ISOAMSN supne 

supsetneqq                      mmlalias     8843 228B alias ISOAMSN supnE 
supsim                          isoamsr     58182 E346 superset, similar 
supsub                          isoamsr     58184 E348 superset above subset 
supsup                          isoamsr     58186 E34A superset above superset 
swarhk                          isoamsa     57866 E20A /hkswarow A: SW arrow-hooked 
swArr                           isoamsa      8665 21D9 SW pointing dbl arrow 
swarr                           isoamsa      8601 2199 /swarrow A: SW pointing arrow 
swarrow                         mmlalias     8601 2199 alias ISOAMSA swarr 
swnwar                          isoamsa     57872 E210 SW & NW arrows 
szlig                           isolat1       223 00DF =small sharp s, German (sz ligature) 

T   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Tab                             mmlextra        9 0009 tabulator stop; horizontal tabulation 
target                          isopub       8982 2316 register mark or target 
tau                             isogrk3       964 03C4 /tau small tau, Greek 
tbrk                            isoamso     58095 E2EF top square bracket 
Tcaron                          isolat2       356 0164 =capital T, caron 
tcaron                          isolat2       357 0165 =small t, caron 
Tcedil                          isolat2       354 0162 =capital T, cedilla 
tcedil                          isolat2       355 0163 =small t, cedilla 
Tcy                             isocyr1      1058 0422 =capital TE, Cyrillic 
tcy                             isocyr1      1090 0442 =small te, Cyrillic 

tdot                            isotech      8411 20DB three dots above 
telrec                          isopub       8981 2315 =telephone recorder symbol 
Tfr                             isomfrk     58739 E573 /frak T, upper case t 
tfr                             isomfrk     58771 E593 /frak t, lower case t 
Tgr                             isogrk1       932 03A4 =capital Tau, Greek 
tgr                             isogrk1       964 03C4 =small tau, Greek 
there4                          isotech      8756 2234 /therefore R: therefore 
Therefore                       mmlalias     8756 2234 alias ISOTECH there4 
therefore                       mmlalias     8756 2234 alias ISOTECH there4 
Theta                           isogrk3       920 0398 /Theta capital Theta, Greek 

theta                           isogrk3       952 03B8 /theta straight theta, small theta, Greek 
thetav                          isogrk3       977 03D1 /vartheta - curly or open theta 
THgr                            isogrk1       920 0398 =capital Theta, Greek 
thgr                            isogrk1       952 03B8 =small theta, Greek 
thickapprox                     mmlalias    58118 E306 ISOAMSR   thkap  
thicksim                        mmlalias    58409 E429 ISOAMSR   thksim 
ThickSpace                      mmlextra    59543 E897 space of width 5/18 em 
thinsp                          isopub       8201 2009 =thin space (1/6-em) 
ThinSpace                       mmlalias     8201 2009 space of width 3/18 em alias ISOPUB thinsp 
thkap                           isoamsr     58118 E306 /thickapprox R: thick approximate 

thksim                          isoamsr     58409 E429 /thicksim R: thick similar 
THORN                           isolat1       222 00DE =capital THORN, Icelandic 
thorn                           isolat1       254 00FE =small thorn, Icelandic 
Tilde                           mmlalias     8764 223C alias ISOTECH sim 
tilde                           isodia        732 02DC =tilde 
TildeEqual                      mmlalias     8771 2243 alias ISOTECH sime 
TildeFullEqual                  mmlalias     8773 2245 alias ISOTECH cong 
TildeTilde                      mmlalias     8776 2248 alias ISOTECH ap 
times                           isonum        215 00D7 /times B: =multiply sign 
timesb                          isoamsb      8864 22A0 /boxtimes B: multiply sign in box 

timesbar                        isoamsb     57998 E28E multiply sign, bar below 
timesd                          isoamsb     57965 E26D times, dot 
tint                            isotech      8749 222D /iiint triple integral operator 
toea                            mmlalias    57870 E20E alias ISOAMSA nesear 
top                             isotech      8868 22A4 /top top 
topbot                          isotech      9014 2336 top and bottom 
topcir                          isotech     58243 E383 top, circle below 
Topf                            isomopf     58643 E513 /Bbb T, open face T 
topfork                         isoamsr     58140 E31C fork with top 
tosa                            mmlalias    57871 E20F alias ISOAMSA seswar 

tprime                          isotech      8244 2034 triple prime 
trade                           isonum       8482 2122 =trade mark sign 
triangle                        mmlalias     9653 25B5 alias ISOPUB utri 
triangledown                    mmlalias     9663 25BF alias ISOPUB dtri 
triangleleft                    mmlalias     9667 25C3 alias ISOPUB ltri 
trianglelefteq                  mmlalias     8884 22B4 alias ISOAMSR ltrie 
triangleq                       mmlalias     8796 225C alias ISOAMSR trie 
triangleright                   mmlalias     9657 25B9 alias ISOPUB rtri 
trianglerighteq                 mmlalias     8885 22B5 alias ISOAMSR rtrie 
tridot                          isoamsb      9708 25EC dot in triangle 

trie                            isoamsr      8796 225C /triangleq R: triangle, equals 
triminus                        isoamsb     57980 E27C minus in triangle 
TripleDot                       mmlalias     8411 20DB alias ISOTECH tdot 
triplus                         isoamsb     57979 E27B plus in triangle 
trisb                           isoamsb     57982 E27E triangle, serifs at bottom 
tritime                         isoamsb     57981 E27D multiply in triangle 
trpezium                        isoamso     58092 E2EC trapezium 
true                            mmlextra    59563 E8AB logical constant true 
Tscr                            isomscr     58675 E533 /scr T, script letter T 
tscr                            isomscr     58707 E553 /scr t, script letter t 

TScy                            isocyr1      1062 0426 =capital TSE, Cyrillic 
tscy                            isocyr1      1094 0446 =small tse, Cyrillic 
TSHcy                           isocyr2      1035 040B =capital TSHE, Serbian 
tshcy                           isocyr2      1115 045B =small tshe, Serbian 
Tstrok                          isolat2       358 0166 =capital T, stroke 
tstrok                          isolat2       359 0167 =small t, stroke 
twixt                           isoamsr      8812 226C /between R: between 
twoheadleftarrow                mmlalias     8606 219E alias ISOAMSA Larr 
twoheadrightarrow               mmlalias     8608 21A0 alias ISOAMSA Rarr 

U   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Uacgr                           isogrk2       910 038E =capital Upsilon, accent, Greek 
uacgr                           isogrk2       973 03CD =small upsilon, accent, Greek 
Uacute                          isolat1       218 00DA =capital U, acute accent 
uacute                          isolat1       250 00FA =small u, acute accent 
Uarr                            isoamsa      8607 219F up two-headed arrow 
uArr                            isoamsa      8657 21D1 /Uparrow A: up dbl arrow 
uarr                            isonum       8593 2191 /uparrow A: =upward arrow 
Uarrocir                        isoamsa     57911 E237 up two-headed arrow above circle 
Ubrcy                           isocyr2      1038 040E =capital U, Byelorussian 
ubrcy                           isocyr2      1118 045E =small u, Byelorussian 

Ubreve                          isolat2       364 016C =capital U, breve 
ubreve                          isolat2       365 016D =small u, breve 
Ucirc                           isolat1       219 00DB =capital U, circumflex accent 
ucirc                           isolat1       251 00FB =small u, circumflex accent 
Ucy                             isocyr1      1059 0423 =capital U, Cyrillic 
ucy                             isocyr1      1091 0443 =small u, Cyrillic 
udarr                           isoamsa      8645 21C5 up arrow, down arrow 
Udblac                          isolat2       368 0170 =capital U, double acute accent 
udblac                          isolat2       369 0171 =small u, double acute accent 
udhar                           isoamsa     57880 E218 up harp, down harp 

udiagr                          isogrk2       944 03B0 =small upsilon, dieresis, accent, Greek 
Udigr                           isogrk2       939 03AB =capital Upsilon, dieresis, Greek 
udigr                           isogrk2       971 03CB =small upsilon, dieresis, Greek 
ufisht                          isoamsa     57931 E24B up fish tail 
Ufr                             isomfrk     58740 E574 /frak U, upper case u 
ufr                             isomfrk     58772 E594 /frak u, lower case u 
Ugr                             isogrk1       933 03A5 =capital Upsilon, Greek 
ugr                             isogrk1       965 03C5 =small upsilon, Greek 
Ugrave                          isolat1       217 00D9 =capital U, grave accent 
ugrave                          isolat1       249 00F9 =small u, grave accent 

uHar                            isoamsa     57894 E226 up harpoon-left, up harpoon-right 
uharl                           isoamsa      8639 21BF /upharpoonleft A: up harpoon-left 
uharr                           isoamsa      8638 21BE /upharpoonright /restriction A: up harp-r 
uhblk                           isopub       9600 2580 =upper half block 
ulcorn                          isoamsc      8988 231C /ulcorner O: upper left corner 
ulcorner                        mmlalias     8988 231C alias ISOAMSC ulcorn 
ulcrop                          isopub       8975 230F upward left crop mark  
ultri                           isoamso     58084 E2E4 upper left triangle 
Umacr                           isolat2       362 016A =capital U, macron 
umacr                           isolat2       363 016B =small u, macron 

uml                             isodia        168 00A8 =umlaut mark 
UnderBar                        mmlextra      818 0332 combining low line 
UnderBrace                      mmlextra    62995 F613 under brace  
UnderBracket                    mmlextra    62997 F615 under bracket 
UnderParenthesis                mmlextra    62993 F611 under parenthesis 
Union                           mmlalias     8899 22C3 alias ISOAMSB xcup 
UnionPlus                       mmlalias     8846 228E alias ISOAMSB uplus 
Uogon                           isolat2       370 0172 =capital U, ogonek 
uogon                           isolat2       371 0173 =small u, ogonek 
Uopf                            isomopf     58644 E514 /Bbb U, open face U 

UpArrow                         mmlalias     8593 2191 alias ISONUM uarr 
Uparrow                         mmlalias     8657 21D1 alias ISOAMSA uArr 
uparrow                         mmlalias     8593 2191 alias ISONUM uarr 
UpArrowBar                      mmlextra    62723 F503 up arrow to bar 
UpArrowDownArrow                mmlalias     8645 21C5 alias ISOAMSA udarr 
UpDownArrow                     mmlalias     8597 2195 alias ISOAMSA varr 
Updownarrow                     mmlalias     8661 21D5 alias ISOAMSA vArr 
updownarrow                     mmlalias     8597 2195 alias ISOAMSA varr 
UpEquilibrium                   mmlalias    57880 E218 alias ISOAMSA udhar 
upharpoonleft                   mmlalias     8639 21BF alias ISOAMSA uharl 

upharpoonright                  mmlalias     8638 21BE alias ISOAMSA uharr 
uplus                           isoamsb      8846 228E /uplus B: plus sign in union 
UpperLeftArrow                  mmlalias     8598 2196 alias ISOAMSA nwarr 
UpperRightArrow                 mmlalias     8599 2197 alias ISOAMSA nearr 
Upsi                            isogrk3       978 03D2 /Upsilon capital Upsilon, Greek 
upsi                            isogrk3       965 03C5 /upsilon small upsilon, Greek 
Upsilon                         mmlalias      978 03D2 alias ISOGRK3 Upsi 
upsilon                         mmlalias      965 03C5 alias ISOGRK3 upsi 
UpTee                           mmlalias     8869 22A5 alias ISOTECH perp 
UpTeeArrow                      mmlextra     8613 21A5 Alias mapstoup 

upuparrows                      mmlalias     8648 21C8 alias ISOAMSA uuarr 
urcorn                          isoamsc      8989 231D /urcorner C: upper right corner 
urcorner                        mmlalias     8989 231D alias ISOAMSC urcorn 
urcrop                          isopub       8974 230E upward right crop mark  
Uring                           isolat2       366 016E =capital U, ring 
uring                           isolat2       367 016F =small u, ring 
urtri                           isoamso     58082 E2E2 upper right triangle 
Uscr                            isomscr     58676 E534 /scr U, script letter U 
uscr                            isomscr     58708 E554 /scr u, script letter u 
utdot                           isotech      8944 22F0 three dots, ascending 

Utilde                          isolat2       360 0168 =capital U, tilde 
utilde                          isolat2       361 0169 =small u, tilde 
utri                            isopub       9653 25B5 /triangle =up triangle, open 
utrif                           isopub       9652 25B4 /blacktriangle =up tri, filled 
uuarr                           isoamsa      8648 21C8 /upuparrows A: two up arrows 
Uuml                            isolat1       220 00DC =capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark 
uuml                            isolat1       252 00FC =small u, dieresis or umlaut mark 
uwangle                         isotech     58283 E3AB large upward pointing angle 

V   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
vangrt                          isotech      8894 22BE right angle, variant 
varepsilon                      mmlalias      603 025B alias ISOGRK3 epsiv 
varkappa                        mmlalias     1008 03F0 alias ISOGRK3 kappav 
varnothing                      mmlalias     8709 2205 alias ISOAMSO emptyv 
varphi                          mmlalias      981 03D5 alias ISOGRK3 phiv 
varpi                           mmlalias      982 03D6 alias ISOGRK3 piv 
varpropto                       mmlalias     8733 221D alias ISOAMSR vprop 
vArr                            isoamsa      8661 21D5 /Updownarrow A: up&down dbl arrow 
varr                            isoamsa      8597 2195 /updownarrow A: up&down arrow 
varrho                          mmlalias     1009 03F1 alias ISOGRK3 rhov 

varsigma                        mmlalias      962 03C2 alias ISOGRK3 sigmav 
varsubsetneq                    mmlalias    58041 E2B9 alias ISOAMSN vsubne 
varsubsetneqq                   mmlalias    58040 E2B8 alias ISOAMSN vsubnE 
varsupsetneq                    mmlalias    58042 E2BA alias ISOAMSN vsupne 
varsupsetneqq                   mmlalias    58043 E2BB alias ISOAMSN vsupnE 
vartheta                        mmlalias      977 03D1 alias ISOGRK3 thetav 
vartriangleleft                 mmlalias     8882 22B2 alias ISOAMSR vltri 
vartriangleright                mmlalias     8883 22B3 alias ISOAMSR vrtri 
Vbar                            isoamsr     58125 E30D dbl vert, bar (under) 
vBar                            isoamsr     58128 E310 vert, dbl bar (under) 

vBarv                           isoamsr     58130 E312 dbl bar, vert over and under 
Vcy                             isocyr1      1042 0412 =capital VE, Cyrillic 
vcy                             isocyr1      1074 0432 =small ve, Cyrillic 
VDash                           isoamsr      8875 22AB dbl vert, dbl dash 
Vdash                           isoamsr      8873 22A9 /Vdash R: dbl vertical, dash 
vDash                           isoamsr      8872 22A8 /vDash R: vertical, dbl dash 
vdash                           isoamsr      8866 22A2 /vdash R: vertical, dash 
Vdashl                          isoamsr     58131 E313 vertical, dash (long) 
Vee                             mmlalias     8897 22C1 alias ISOAMSB xvee 
vee                             mmlalias     8744 2228 alias ISOTECH or 

veebar                          isoamsb      8891 22BB /veebar B: logical or, bar below 
veeeq                           isotech      8794 225A logical or, equals 
vellip                          isopub       8942 22EE vertical ellipsis 
Verbar                          isotech      8214 2016 /Vert dbl vertical bar 
verbar                          isonum        124 007C /vert =vertical bar 
Vert                            mmlalias     8214 2016 alias ISOTECH Verbar 
vert                            mmlalias      124 007C alias ISONUM verbar 
VerticalBar                     mmlalias     8739 2223 alias ISOAMSR mid 
VerticalLine                    mmlextra    59482 E85A short vertical line  
VerticalSeparator               mmlextra    59484 E85C vertical separating operator 

VerticalTilde                   mmlalias     8768 2240 alias ISOAMSB wreath 
VeryThinSpace                   mmlalias     8202 200A space of width 1/18 em alias ISOPUB hairsp 
Vfr                             isomfrk     58741 E575 /frak V, upper case v 
vfr                             isomfrk     58773 E595 /frak v, lower case v 
vltri                           isoamsr      8882 22B2 /vartriangleleft R: l tri, open, var 
vnsub                           isoamsn      8836 2284 /nsubset N: not subset, var 
vnsup                           isoamsn      8837 2285 /nsupset N: not superset, var 
Vopf                            isomopf     58645 E515 /Bbb V, open face V 
vprop                           isoamsr      8733 221D /varpropto R: proportional, variant 
vrtri                           isoamsr      8883 22B3 /vartriangleright R: r tri, open, var 

Vscr                            isomscr     58677 E535 /scr V, script letter V 
vscr                            isomscr     58709 E555 /scr v, script letter v 
vsubnE                          isoamsn     58040 E2B8 /varsubsetneqq N: subset not dbl eq, var 
vsubne                          isoamsn     58041 E2B9 /varsubsetneq N: subset, not eq, var 
vsupnE                          isoamsn     58043 E2BB /varsupsetneqq N: super not dbl eq, var 
vsupne                          isoamsn     58042 E2BA /varsupsetneq N: superset, not eq, var 
Vvdash                          isoamsr      8874 22AA /Vvdash R: triple vertical, dash 
vzigzag                         isoamso     58091 E2EB vertical zig-zag line 

W   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Wcirc                           isolat2       372 0174 =capital W, circumflex accent 
wcirc                           isolat2       373 0175 =small w, circumflex accent 
wedbar                          isoamsb     57957 E265 wedge, bar below 
Wedge                           mmlalias     8896 22C0 alias ISOAMSB xwedge 
wedge                           mmlalias     8743 2227 alias ISOTECH and 
wedgeq                          isotech      8793 2259 /wedgeq R: corresponds to (wedge, equals) 
weierp                          isoamso      8472 2118 /wp - Weierstrass p 
Wfr                             isomfrk     58742 E576 /frak W, upper case w 
wfr                             isomfrk     58774 E596 /frak w, lower case w 
Wopf                            isomopf     58646 E516 /Bbb W, open face W 

wp                              mmlalias     8472 2118 alias ISOAMSO weierp 
wr                              mmlalias     8768 2240 alias ISOAMSB wreath 
wreath                          isoamsb      8768 2240 /wr B: wreath product 
Wscr                            isomscr     58678 E536 /scr W, script letter W 
wscr                            isomscr     58710 E556 /scr w, script letter w 

X   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
xcap                            isoamsb      8898 22C2 /bigcap L: intersection operator 
xcirc                           isoamsb      9711 25EF /bigcirc B: large circle 
xcup                            isoamsb      8899 22C3 /bigcup L: union operator 
xdtri                           isoamsb      9661 25BD /bigtriangledown B: big dn tri, open 
Xfr                             isomfrk     58743 E577 /frak X, upper case x 
xfr                             isomfrk     58775 E597 /frak x, lower case x 
Xgr                             isogrk1       926 039E =capital Xi, Greek 
xgr                             isogrk1       958 03BE =small xi, Greek 
xhArr                           isoamsa     57858 E202 /Longleftrightarrow A: long l&r dbl arr 
xharr                           isoamsa     57859 E203 /longleftrightarrow A: long l&r arr 

Xi                              isogrk3       926 039E /Xi capital Xi, Greek 
xi                              isogrk3       958 03BE /xi small xi, Greek 
xlArr                           isoamsa     57856 E200 /Longleftarrow A: long l dbl arrow 
xlarr                           isoamsa     57857 E201 /longleftarrow A: long left arrow 
xmap                            isoamsa     57864 E208 /longmapsto A: 
xnis                            isotech     58275 E3A3 large contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
xodot                           isoamsb      8857 2299 /bigodot L: circle dot operator 
Xopf                            isomopf     58647 E517 /Bbb X, open face X 
xoplus                          isoamsb      8853 2295 /bigoplus L: circle plus operator 
xotime                          isoamsb      8855 2297 /bigotimes L: circle times operator 

xrArr                           isoamsa     57860 E204 /Longrightarrow A: long rt dbl arr 
xrarr                           isoamsa     57861 E205 /longrightarrow A: long right arrow 
Xscr                            isomscr     58679 E537 /scr X, script letter X 
xscr                            isomscr     58711 E557 /scr x, script letter x 
xsqcup                          isoamsb      8852 2294 /bigsqcup L: square union operator 
xuplus                          isoamsb      8846 228E /biguplus L: 
xutri                           isoamsb      9651 25B3 /bigtriangleup B: big up tri, open 
xvee                            isoamsb      8897 22C1 /bigvee L: logical and operator 
xwedge                          isoamsb      8896 22C0 /bigwedge L: logical or operator 

Y   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Yacute                          isolat1       221 00DD =capital Y, acute accent 
yacute                          isolat1       253 00FD =small y, acute accent 
YAcy                            isocyr1      1071 042F =capital YA, Cyrillic 
yacy                            isocyr1      1103 044F =small ya, Cyrillic 
Ycirc                           isolat2       374 0176 =capital Y, circumflex accent 
ycirc                           isolat2       375 0177 =small y, circumflex accent 
Ycy                             isocyr1      1067 042B =capital YERU, Cyrillic 
ycy                             isocyr1      1099 044B =small yeru, Cyrillic 
yen                             isonum        165 00A5 /yen =yen sign 
Yfr                             isomfrk     58744 E578 /frak Y, upper case y 

yfr                             isomfrk     58776 E598 /frak y, lower case y 
YIcy                            isocyr2      1031 0407 =capital YI, Ukrainian 
yicy                            isocyr2      1111 0457 =small yi, Ukrainian 
Yopf                            isomopf     58648 E518 /Bbb Y, open face Y 
Yscr                            isomscr     58680 E538 /scr Y, script letter Y 
yscr                            isomscr     58712 E558 /scr y, script letter y 
YUcy                            isocyr1      1070 042E =capital YU, Cyrillic 
yucy                            isocyr1      1102 044E =small yu, Cyrillic 
Yuml                            isolat2       376 0178 =capital Y, dieresis or umlaut mark 
yuml                            isolat1       255 00FF =small y, dieresis or umlaut mark 

Z   A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Character Name                  Group       Code       Description                              
=========================       =========   ========== ==========================================
Zacute                          isolat2       377 0179 =capital Z, acute accent 
zacute                          isolat2       378 017A =small z, acute accent 
Zcaron                          isolat2       381 017D =capital Z, caron 
zcaron                          isolat2       382 017E =small z, caron 
Zcy                             isocyr1      1047 0417 =capital ZE, Cyrillic 
zcy                             isocyr1      1079 0437 =small ze, Cyrillic 
Zdot                            isolat2       379 017B =capital Z, dot above 
zdot                            isolat2       380 017C =small z, dot above 
ZeroWidthSpace                  mmlextra     8203 200B zero width space 
zeta                            isogrk3       950 03B6 /zeta small zeta, Greek 

Zfr                             isomfrk     58745 E579 /frak Z, upper case z  
zfr                             isomfrk     58777 E599 /frak z, lower case z 
Zgr                             isogrk1       918 0396 =capital Zeta, Greek 
zgr                             isogrk1       950 03B6 =small zeta, Greek 
ZHcy                            isocyr1      1046 0416 =capital ZHE, Cyrillic 
zhcy                            isocyr1      1078 0436 =small zhe, Cyrillic 
zigrarr                         isoamsa     57924 E244 right zig-zag arrow 
Zopf                            isomopf      8484 2124 /Bbb Z, open face Z 
Zscr                            isomscr     58681 E539 /scr Z, script letter Z 
zscr                            isomscr     58713 E559 /scr z, script letter z