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REC-MathML-19980407; revised 19990707

ISOAMSN Characters alphabetically, with glyphs

Added Math Symbols: Negated Relations

Name Unicode Glyph Description
gnap E411 UE411 greater, not approximate
gnE 2269 U2269 greater, not double equals
gne 2269 U2269 greater, not equals
gnsim 22E7 U22E7 greater, not similar
gvnE E2A1 UE2A1 gt, vert, not double equals
lnap E2A2 UE2A2 less, not approximate
lnE 2268 U2268 less, not double equals
lne 2268 U2268 less, not equals
lnsim 22E6 U22E6 less, not similar
lvnE E2A4 UE2A4 less, vert, not double equals
nap 2249 U2249 not approximate
napE E2C7 UE2C7 not approximately equal or equal to
napid E2BC UE2BC not approximately identical to
ncong 2247 U2247 not congruent with
ncongdot E2C5 UE2C5 not congruent, dot
nequiv 2262 U2262 not identical with
ngE 2271 U2271 not greater, double equals
nge E2A6 UE2A6 not greater-than-or-equal
nges 2271 U2271 not gt-or-equals, slanted
nGg E2CE UE2CE not triple greater than
ngsim 2275 U2275 not greater, similar
nGt E2CA UE2CA not, vert, much greater than
ngt 226F U226F not greater-than
nGtv E2CC UE2CC not much greater than, variant
nlE 2270 U2270 not less, double equals
nle E2A7 UE2A7 not less-than-or-equal
nles 2270 U2270 not less-or-equals, slant
nLl E2CD UE2CD not triple less than
nlsim 2274 U2274 not less, similar
nLt E2C9 UE2C9 not, vert, much less than
nlt 226E U226E not less-than
nltri 22EA U22EA not left triangle
nltrie 22EC U22EC not left triangle, equals
nLtv E2CB UE2CB not much less than, variant
nmid 2224 U2224 negated mid
npar 2226 U2226 not parallel
npr 2280 U2280 not precedes
nprcue 22E0 U22E0 not curly precedes, equals
npre E412 UE412 not precedes, equals
nrtri 22EB U22EB not right triangle
nrtrie 22ED U22ED not right triangle, equals
nsc 2281 U2281 not succeeds
nsccue 22E1 U22E1 not succeeds, curly equals
nsce E413 UE413 not succeeds, equals
nsim 2241 U2241 not similar
nsime 2244 U2244 not similar, equals
nsmid E2AA UE2AA negated short mid
nspar E2AB UE2AB not short par
nsqsube 22E2 U22E2 not, square subset, equals
nsqsupe 22E3 U22E3 not, square superset, equals
nsub 2284 U2284 not subset
nsubE 2288 U2288 not subset, double equals
nsube 2288 U2288 not subset, equals
nsup 2285 U2285 not superset
nsupE 2289 U2289 not superset, double equals
nsupe 2289 U2289 not superset, equals
ntgl 2279 U2279 not greater, less
ntlg 2278 U2278 not less, greater
ntvgl 2279 U2279 not, vert, greater, less
ntvlg 2278 U2278 not, vert, less, greater
nvap E2C6 UE2C6 not, vert, approximate
nVDash 22AF U22AF not double vert, double dash
nVdash 22AE U22AE not double vertical, dash
nvDash 22AD U22AD not vertical, double dash
nvdash 22AC U22AC not vertical, dash
nvge 2271 U2271 not, vert, greater-than-or-equal
nvgt 226F U226F not, vert, greater-than
nvle 2270 U2270 not, vert, less-than-or-equal
nvlt 226E U226E not, vert, less-than
nvltrie E2D0 UE2D0 not, vert, left triangle, equals
nvrtrie E2CF UE2CF not, vert, right triangle, equals
nvsim E415 UE415 not, vert, similar
parsim E2C8 UE2C8 parallel, similar
prnap 22E8 U22E8 precedes, not approx
prnE E2B3 UE2B3 precedes, not double equals
prnsim 22E8 U22E8 precedes, not similar
rnmid E2D1 UE2D1 reverse nmid
scnap 22E9 U22E9 succeeds, not approx
scnE E2B5 UE2B5 succeeds, not double equals
scnsim 22E9 U22E9 succeeds, not similar
simne 2246 U2246 similar, not equals
solbar E416 UE416 solidus, bar through
subnE 228A U228A subset, not double equals
subne 228A U228A subset, not equals
supnE 228B U228B superset, not double equals
supne 228B U228B superset, not equals
vnsub 2284 U2284 not subset, variant
vnsup 2285 U2285 not superset, variant
vsubnE E2B8 UE2B8 subset not double equals, variant
vsubne E2B9 UE2B9 subset, not equals, variant
vsupnE E2BB UE2BB super not double equals, variant
vsupne E2BA UE2BA superset, not equals, variant