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This document enumerates proposals for the name of the proposed Webizen program. Some people like the name Webizen and others don't.

For more information on the proposed Webizen program see the [ Webizen wiki].

This document is a WorkInProgress (WIP). Feedback is welcome, preferably by directly editing this document or by sending email to public-webizen@w3.org (archive) with a Subject: prefix of [Name]. We are also interested in input from non-Members i.e. The Public.

Proposed Names

Potential names:

  • Citizens
  • Citizen of the Web
  • Constituents
  • Constituent of the Web
  • Friend of the Consortium
  • W3bizen
  • W3Connector
  • Webizen

Suggestions from this Twitter thread

  • Agent
  • Collaborator
  • Community Member
  • Comrade
  • Contributor
  • Delegate
  • Friend of the Web (FoW)
  • Homo webus
  • Individual Member
  • Spider (building the Web)
  • w3c.node
  • W3mber
  • Webbee
  • Webdoer
  • Webelong
  • Webholder
  • Webien

Suggestions from June 2014 Advisory Committee Meeting

  • Friend of the W3C
  • Tim's Army
  • W3C Affiliated Professional
  • W3C Esteemed Buddy
  • W3c Esteemed International Respected Developer or Operator
  • W3C Individual Member Program (WIMP)
  • W3C Professional
  • Webbro
  • Webchamp
  • Webelo
  • Webzealot
  • Weeble
  • Zombie


  • While we strive to find a name that most like, it would also be helpful to select (or create!) a name that has some "sparkle" -- a name that will stand out and be distinctive. See, for example, the brainstorming below, seeking to imagine clever marketing phrases.
  • In finding a name, we must consider it may have a meaning and connotations in other languages/cultures.