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The WebApps WG has a Charter that runs through 31 May 2014. This document contains potential charter changes to consider if/when the WG re-charters.

A draft charter that reflects the information in this document is now available.

Proposed Additions That Are NOT in Scope

This section is for proposed spec additions where the features are considered NOT in scope of the group's current charter. Currently, there are no such proposals.

Proposed Additions That are IN Scope

The following specs have been proposed as additions and the features are already considered in scope for the group's current charter. These specs are listed here as a reminder they should be explicitly included as deliverables when the group creates a new charter.

  • AppCache NG - during the group's TPAC 2012 f2f meeting, the group agreed to work on the next version of AppCache

Potential Deletions

  • Should the following specs should be deleted if there are no credible and committed resource(s) to advance the spec on the W3C's Recommendation track?
  1. Fullscreen
  2. URL
  • CORS - after CORS is published as a REC by WebApps + WebAppSec, should it be removed from WebApps' charter (and any future work done solely by WebAppSec)?
  • Widgets - WebApps published 5 widget-related Recommendations. When the group next updates the charter, should the widget specs all be removed? What about their maintenance?


Delete the following from the Deliverables list in Section 3.1:

  • DOM4 (moved to HTMLWG); (this is called DOM5 in the 2012 Charter)
  • From-Origin (published as a WG Note)
  • Selectors API Level 1 and Level 2 (moved to DOM4)
  • Web Intents (published as a WG Note)
  • Widgets URI Scheme (published as a WG Note)
  • Widget Updates (published as a WG Note)

Clarifications Needed

  • Clarify Application Manifest as an explicit deliverable.
  • Make Web Components a first-class deliverable and add the following specs already published:
  • Delete Section 3.2.1 Abandoned work
  • Delete all references to XBL2
  • Delete all references to Element Traversal since that feature is now included in DOM4
  • Streams API - this spec is part of the Group's File APIs deliverable and should be explicitly added to the charter (the spec has already been published as a Technical Report).
  • View Orientation API - change this to Screen Orientation API and add a link to the ED
  • Storage Quota API - change the name to Quota Management API and add a link to the ED
  • Update the Schedule table (Section 3.3); remove Web Storage (now a REC)
  • Add SysApps WG to the list of WG liaisons
  • Regarding specs/features that are part of the HTML5 and proposed to move to WebApps - the charter isn't clear about whether the AC review for such items requires the WG be re-chartered or not.