Web of Things Workshop Breakout Sessions

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This page is intended to collect ideas for breakout sessions at the W3C Workshop on the Web of Things, Berlin, 25-26 June 2014. For each session we would like the name of the proposer, a title, and a brief explanation. To add your suggestion, you will need to log in with your W3C user name and password. If you don't already have an account, you can get register for a new account.

Please add your suggestions!

  • Scripting in the WoT, Andreas Harth

The WoT will consist of many components that provide access to individual sensors and actuators. The topic of the breakout session is scripting languages for combining such atomic components to provide elaborate functionality.

  • Service Descriptions for the Web of Things, Dave Raggett

A lot of the value creation for the Web of Things will be provided by services that combine and transform data for use by other services or applications. This session will look at the potential for standards for describing services as a basis for an open markets of services.