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This Performance Timeline defines an unified interface to store and retrieve performance metric data but does not cover individual performance metric interfaces. Instead, it defines PerformanceEntry.entryType to describes the type of the interface represented by this PerformanceEntry object, which represents performance measurements.

If a vendor-specific proprietary user agent extension is needed to create experimental PerformanceEntry objects, vendors MUST return a DOMString that uses the convention [vendorprefix]-[name] (all ASCII).

This page lists the known values for PerformanceEntry.entryType.

entryType value Interface name Specification Remarks
"navigation" PerformanceNavigationTiming Navigation Timing 2
"resource" PerformanceResourceTiming Resource Timing
"mark" PerformanceMark User Timing
"measure" PerformanceMeasure User Timing

Please contact/inform public-web-perf@w3.org when adding new values to this page.